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Oh Coral I am but a fool

Oh Coral I am but a fool but how can you keep your eyes on the ocean floor in goggles and a tube?

You see in life some of us are snorkellers while the rest, like me, are flappers.

If you’re a snorkeller you float like a jellyfish on the surface of the sea.

Reef top display

If you’re a flapper you thrash around like an extra in Jaws.

And in minutes your mind will be shouting for a rest which is when you commit the ultimate coral crime.

And stand (and) kill the life on the ocean floor off the Maldives.

We’ve been down this snorkHELL before through my misadventures in Barbados, Tobago and Jordan.

Turtle recall: I’ve seen you around

But I know, and respect, how important the coral is to us, and what the likes of the Florida Coral Rescue Center are doing for us and what lives under the sea.

SeaWorld and Disney Conservation are in board the initiative to save it.

While the coral is at risk from you and me it is also fighting off a deadly infection, stony-coral tissue loss disease.

And the Center has rescued coral from non-infected reef.

Now, I won’t blind you with their science, or the sex talk.

Only to say that the action group which runs out of Orlando is keeping true to the ethos of what the city was built on.

That all the living things who allow us to share this Earth with them come first.

SeaWorld Orlando and Disney are all about the thrills and spills.

But to preserve what we have then they, and we, know that animals and fishies are great in fluffy costumes.

And just as cool in their natural environs.


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