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Yacht join the fast set like Beyoncé

We’re working ourselves up to the David Geffen or Diddy class and we imagine you’re the same… really, yacht join the fast set like Beyoncé.

One of the many advantages of travelling the world is getting wined and dined in exotic locations.

Where the super rich have been before.

Here’s to us; Nylon Pool, Tobago

And royalty, with Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth’s party-loving wee sis) christening the sea around Tobago on her honeymoon Nylon Pool.

As it’s so clear it resembled nylon stockings.

While we stood on that Caribbean sea bank Mags had probably done and can Geffen or Jeff Bezos or Barry Diller or Diddy.

Well, probably but we reckon if you’ve got the facilities of the world’s most expensive yacht, Geff’s $590m superyacht, you’ll stay on board.

Yacht to party with us

Stars are out: Beyoncé

Of course, you don’t have to have the keys to a super yacht to enjoy yourself.

Or be the king and queen of hip hop like Diddy and Beyoncé to enjoy a good oul’ sing song.

Because give me a captain’s hat and a boom box on the Bosphorus and they say my name, say my name.

I’ll be your driver: On your superyacht

While whether you’re Bandanaman, Joe or Joanna Public or a diva the sunset is still the same around the Maldives.

And would you get a superstar going off piste and trying to cross disputed territory between Jordan and Israel on the Red Sea?

Geff’s gaff

Ship shape: Geffen’s yacht

But because we know you want to look through the keyhole to see how the super rich play we’re jumping on board with Ritzy Charters.

RC scoped Geff’s gaff to show us 82 (count them) rooms.

The yacht can accommodate around 18 guests and 55 crew members.

With a basketball court, wine cellar and an impressive luxurious cinema.

Yacht to see the others

Furst among equals: Fursty fashion

Bezos’s tub on the sea is second most expensive at $500m and is the largest sailing yacht on the planet.

The Y721, also named Koru (Māori for strength, new life and peace) boasts a great-sized pool on its deck.

And accommodation for up to 18 guests and 40 crew members with Māori art to the fore.

Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller have a $200 million Eos super yacht rippling the waves.

Now if you’re lucky enough to be one of their 14 guests you’ll be bowled over by their glass staircase, a 14-foot world map, a jacuzzi and a figurehead of Diane.

Now for only $120m the VENUS yacht of Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell ticks all the boxes.

The superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins and 22 crew members in 14 cabins.

And eek, the vessel’s annual running cost is around $10-$15m!

The Diddy of them all

Loadsamoney: Diddy

The fifth most expensive celebrity-owned yacht is The Maraya, owned by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ and Beyoncé’s Maraya is only fifth dearest.

And guess what, he rents out the $65 million superyacht for $300,000 per week.

But you can always split that among your 12 guests at a time in six cabins.

And as you’d expect there’s all mod cons such as a sundeck jacuzzi, gym and wellness area, not to mention its very own chef.

Really, yacht join the fast set like Beyoncé.

But if you can’t make the most of what you’ve got.




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Dreamy Dromoland Castle Hotel

It’s how we all travel in our sleep, and dreamy Dromoland Castle Hotel in romantic Co. Clare, Ireland is the world’s best hotel for Zzzzs.

Now what we look for most in a hotel particularly if we’ve got jet lag but also if we’re just jaded is a good night’s sleep.

And for us the first thing we do when we get into our rooms is check the roll.

Whether it’s a one, two or three roll with, of course, a triple roll the best.

Meaning you can swivel three times before falling out of the bed or land on your partner.

All of which is underpinned by leading mattress maker King Koil.

Rolled King Koil

Let’s hit the hay: The King Koil mattresses

And Rolled King Koil as we call it will make you a merry rolled soul, all right.

So what is about King Koil that Tripadvisor reviewers fell for at dreamy Dromoland Castle Hotel?

Well, it would seem to be their deep sumptuous mattress pillow top.

Supportive, with breathable fabric and pressure-relieving memory foam for healthy comfort.

And here’s the science… no less than 2,000 independent pocket springs support the body and minimise partner disturbance.

While the back support and mattress edge protection, with re-inforced border encasement, ensure edge-to-edge sleeping comfort without roll-off.

King-sized offer

Red carpet treatment: The foyer

And best of all the King Koil Dromoland Castle bed comes with an added incentive.

Of a free room upgrade at Clare’s pride and joy with every purchase.

This exclusive promotion is in-store from 1 October to 31 December.

Now Drumoland have a range of offers at hand but here’s one we fell on to give Thanksgiving for for you and your partner

Best seats: In the house

With the Thanksgiving experience for €1379 offering:

•Two nights luxurious accommodation including full Irish breakfast each morning.

•Special Thanksgiving welcome amenity from Executive Head Chef, David McCann.

•Thanksgiving dinner on the Thursday night, showcasing the best of Irish produce and with an Irish twist.

•Estate activity of choice which includes genealogy or country pursuits (falconry or archery or clay target shooting).

•Or golf on the championship course.

Sleep well

Strings to your bow: And learn archery

And because we’re more, much more than a travel blog, more a template for life.

We bring you tips for a better night’s sleep.

And that means gentle exercise… steady, that’s before you get into bed!

Decaffeinating, we’re always told, helps. So go easy on the booze, coffee, fizzy drinks and chocolate.

Keep regular sleep patterns and wind down before going to bed.

Queen of the Castle: Or king, at Drumoland

Create an atmosphere by keeping the room dark, with black-out curtains or blinds.

Avoid blue light, like computer and phone screens, and keep the room cool.

While the old adage rings true that to get through life get a strong bed and good pair of shoes.

As you spend half your life in one and the other half on the others.

With mattresses to be changed every eight years.


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Coladays and Don’ts on flights

We often just skip refreshments on flights because of the prices so it’s good to know when it comes to Coladays and Don’ts TUI puts U and I first.

Now maybe you reckon it’s your holiday so you deserve a ‘proper’ drink.

But what about the juniors… the cost of those sugar fixes soon build up.

Toast of the skies

U in the middle: TUI

Global luggage storage company Radical Storage did the sampling.

And they found the company that puts you in the middle has the cheapest coke in Europe at £1.63 and Pringles snack at £1.74.

Still, you want a beer so here’s our Aledays and Don’ts on flights.

Well, we have to dig deep with TUI the cheapest in Europe at £4.12.

And experience tells us they’re small cans.

Air for the beer

Flyin’ high: Ryanair

Now why our Asian friends should get better value we don’t learn.

But Air Asia is the cheapest airline in the world with a Coke £1.12, Pringles £1.49, and a beer £2.30.

Now you’ll see your own favourite airlines on the list and inevitably fall on the budget ones.

And while Jet2 wins on the soft drinks and snacks over its rivals Ryanair Michael O’Leary knows his customer.

And Ryanair’s beers are cheaper at £4.62 against Jet2’s £5.10.

While EasyJet weighs in at £5.70.

Food for thought

Tailwind: EasyJet

Now our friends at Radical Storage have done all the heavy lifting here.

And they have a section here for the most nutritious-friendly and vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and allergy-conscious fleets.

And we’ll leave you to find which box you tick.

The real thing: Cola on the plane

But I know you and you want the skinny on Coladays and Don’ts on flights.

And where to get the cheapest beers.

So drink up, we’re saving you money by telling you where the best value is in the skies.












































































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Qatar va voom

For most of us football’s winter World Cup was our introduction to this Gulf state so if that whetted your appetite why not Qatar va voom out for the motor racing?

The desert, where you can drive without checking for speed cameras and it’s camel humps rather than speed bumps.

Fly high; With Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Holidays are offering a package for the petrolheads’ festival from October 5-14.

Rev it up: The Qatar Grand Prix

Including the golden ticket of the Grand Prix on October 8.

The Geneva International Motor Show – Qatar which boasts extended test drives to automotive activities in the desert and Expo 23.

And all for €2,121 for three nights from October 5-8 for two at the Al Liwan Suites.

Classics fan

Old meets new: Classic cars in Doha

Now it won’t have escaped your notice that this is Geneva in Qatar and Experience and the most influential motor show is premiering outside Switzerland for the first time.

Where you’ll get to witness 32 of the world’s most renowned marquees showcasing a ground-breaking array of new cars.

And classic automobiles… the classics.

Cream of the crop: Vintage cars

Running from 2pm-10pm daily and 10am-10pm on Saturday.

The exquisite display also highlights the automotive jewels from the Qatar Auto Museum, the Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association, and Qatari & Arabian private collections.

Off riad

Happy as a sand boy: In the desert


Of course as much as we love to look at the swankiest cars even better is to get behind the wheel.

And in Qatar that means off road, or off riad as we like to call it.

What GIMS Qatar calls where the desert meets the sea.

From 7 October you can sign up for the authentic and luxurious festival camp at Sealine.

Camel of you: This is not my first camel rodeo

And its abundance of exciting and indulging pursuits.

That’s exclusive car display, offroad circuit driving, sand boarding, camel riding, dune buggies, stunt shows and live performances.

So if you’re a petrolhead then you’ll want to Qatar va voom out to the Gulf state for a car-azy old trip.



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Revive a Espana

There’s nothing to raise the blood pressure more than golf so our suggestion is go wellness and Revive A Espana.

And if you’re with Mark Twain in thinking it’s a good walk wasted then lose the golf bit and indulge in the wellness part of the resort.

Camiral Golf & Wellness between Girona and Barcelona all about the pamper with its next wellness retreat,.

The five-day ‘Strengthen & Revive’ programme, which will take place between Monday 20th and Friday 24th November.

Well of talent

Bounce, bounce: Put your back into it

Alongside general medical consultant and integrative health expert Dr Saskia Kloppenburg.

Ably backed up by Mireia Cervera, an advisor to Barcelona restaurants Flax & Kale.

Our Catalan chums tell us that Mireia has worked closely alongside Camiral’s executive chef David Vives to devise the Wellness Centre’s nutritional programmes.

While even the University of Girona’s Professor of Wellbeing and Happiness Edgar Tarres chipping in alongside executive coach Nieves Rodriguez.

And if Pilates is your thing then instructor, Rocio Gil will put you through your paces.

Tackling goals holistically

The next course: Camiral

Jenna will present a workshop around the link between nutrition and inflammation.

While Saskia Kloppenburg will address internal inflammatory processes with one-to-one consultations and supervised intravenous infusions.

Edgar Tarrés will lead mindfulness and meditation sessions that focus on rest and breathwork.

Workshop by Nieves Rodríguez will advise on managing stress and Rocio Gill’s Pilates sessions will retune body and mind.

The immunity-boosting menu, making the most of the resort’s home-grown produce, across the five days has been drawn up by Mireia Cervera.

She will support and adapt menus for participants during the retreat.

Get some cryotherapy

The cryo game: Cryotherapy

Núria Camins’ therapists and trainers will offer treatments and classes.

So sign up for everything from cryotherapy, photo biomodulation and oxygen chamber therapy to massages and yoga.

While you get to stretch your legs through the expansive, forest-fringed landscape to the Cap de Creus peninsula.

will take things to another level. Balancing group activity with personal downtime will be factored into the programme as rest and switching off are to be embraced too.

Camiral our cup of tea

Brisk walk: At Camiral

You’ll stay at the five-star, 138-bedroom Hotel Camiral, designed by Lazaro Rosa-Violán.

If added privacy and seclusion are sought then look to the seven Camiral Suites that were unveiled in September 2022.

Designed by the Bryan O’Sullivan Studio (whose work also includes suites at Claridge’s and The Connaught) these suites are directly connected to it.

These suites allow for exercise within and come equipped with accessories such as yoga mats and gym balls.

All’s wellness that ends wellness

Lie back: And think of Catalonia

The all-inclusive ‘Strengthen & Revive’ Immunity Retreat is priced from €3,019 staying in a Superior Deluxe Room to €3,644 in a Junior Suite.

Also included in what we call Revive A Espana are the designated retreat activities and treatments.

All meals and access to Wellness Centre Spa facilities.

Room upgrades and extra treatments and consultations are available at a supplementary cost.

Flight transfers from Barcelona and Girona airports are not included but can be arranged upon requested.



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Ireland Iceland Island Fireland

The financial joke was that the difference was one letter and six months, but we’re not the only ones linking Ireland Iceland Island Fireland.

Although it has taken our friends at Celebrity Cruises to make it a cruise route.

Celebrity is offering 11 nights for €1,684pp, on Apex, departing Southampton for Cork (Cobh) on June 27.

Love me tender: Celebrity Apex

And taking in the pride of Iceland, Reykjavik, Isafjordur, Akureyri and making a detour to Kirkwall (Orkney Islands).

They are also offering up to 75% second guest, saving included.

Up to $200 to spend onboard and free parking in Southampton.

Navigating the waters

Now these may be uncharted waters for even the most experienced of cruisers.

But one of the most famous explorers of them all sailed this way 1,500 years ago.

Yes, only the first Westerner to reach America.

No, not that one, Christopher Columbus.

But St Brendan the Navigator who called Iceland the Land of the Smiths on account of the volcanoes.

Now Smithsland would, of course, have been a very different place.

But they’re right about something, there is a light that never goes out in the land of Ice and Fire… and the Northern Lights.

On-board luxury

Ship shape: Celebrity Bandanaman

You’ll enjoy five days at sea when hopefully you’ll get to see sharks just like Bren did back in the 6th century.

So you’ll be able to relax at the cabanas, disconnect at the art gallery.

Play Jenga on the rooftop garden, dance away at the club or pamper up at the salon.

And among the entertainment and culinary spaces we have happy memories of Eden from Celebrity Edge off Florida.

So follow in the footsteps of one of the great seaman, St Brendan the Navigator.

And make this your summer cruise next year… Ireland Iceland Island Fireland

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Seattle’s listening – 30 years of Frasier

Most TV spin-offs are forgettable but not so our fave sitcom which is why we say today Seattle’s listening – 30 years of Frasier.

It’s no exaggeration to say that American TV has been our window to the States.

And so the fact that Kojak filmed in my Uncle Petie’s bar in New York filled my childish mind.

With the dream of saving my pocket money to visit one day.

Thankfully my Dear Old Folks stumped up.

And then when we were choosing where to go on our post- university working holiday in America, we had to see Cheers in Boston.

First listening

Nervosa marveloso: The iconic cafe

Of course, all Cheersheads and Frasierphiles know the doc relocated back to Seattle.

And on this day too on September 16, 1993.

Although we had to wait in Europe until 20 April.

Frase has, of course, had some detours over the years.

And is now back in Boston with the next chapter out soon.

Couch potatoes: Marty and Daphne

But it is Seattle we are celebrating today and Kelsey Grammer’s alter ego has done as much to promote Seattle as anybody.

Whisper it because like Cheers the bulk of the set was in LA.

But aptly they filmed on location for the 1,000th show.

Frasier Crane Day

Needle work: The Space Needle

The plot, as if we need to tell you, surrounds Frasier’s accident-riddled vain attempt.

To attend Frasier Crane Day which marks his 1,000th show in 1997.

And the first we see of Seattle is of course the money shot, Seattle Space Needle.

Which is, of course, where everyone in the Frasier world takes their guests.

The pivotal scene is where Frasier and Niles walk past the Pike Place Fish Market.

And wee bro gets hit by passing seafood and spills his half-caf cappuccino with a dash of cinnamon on Frasier’s suede shoes.

Of course, Frasier’s odyssey to replace his shoes sets in course a hilarious set of events.

Including them getting mugged in a lane, of their money.

The Monorail Thing

Towering: Seattle

All of which means they rob a blind girl’s bowl in Regrade Park for money for the payphone.

And get chased down First Avenue by actual girl scouts from Seattle.

Like so much in the Cranes’ life they get frustratingly close to their destination…

Ground to a halt on the Monorail, looking out onto the Space Needle.

The right tracks: The Monorail

Frasier, or at least Kelsey Grammer, did get to Frasier Crane Day, held in Seattle.

Where he sings Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs.

We’re singing it today while watching reruns and we know Seattle’s listening – 30 years of Frasier.

And dreaming of getting out to Seattle and knowing that our friends at Aer Lingus fly out there directly.

With us finding a random October 6-11 round trip from Dublin with pre-clearance from €674.42.








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Funky Finns my latest hobby horse

Now the beauty of what we do here is getting to share our experiences, and I’ve been won over to Suomi with funky Finns my latest hobby horse.

Maybe it’s living in a land of a thousand lakes or being surrounded by 75% forests with all the sport that that offers.

Or that it’s the home of the sauna and Santa, and his reindeer live here too.

But mostly it’s because they are up for the craic (whatever that is in Finnish).

And have some of the weirdest competitions going.

Strumthing else

I’d been steered to Suomi by my old columnist Mal Rodgers who flagged up the extravaganza that is the World Air Guitar Championships.

If only I’d known about that when I was channeling my inner Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend as a teen heavy rock fan.

They’ve been strumming the air since 1966.

And champion and hall of famer Nanami ‘Seven Seas’ Nagura and the competition will return to Oulu next year from August 21-23.

While, of course, if you’ve done your dates and have been keeping up with Suomi, or Finland.

Then you’ll know Oulu is the European Capital of Culture in its 60th year in 2026.

Everyone needs a hobby

But I found the Hobby Horse Championships all on my own.

Which is run over ten classes.

And I can’t help thinking Arthur and his knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

But there is also showjumping and the gamut of equestrian events.

Finnish fun doesn’t stop there, of course.

Suomi swamp football

And what else would our friends try as an alternative soccer than swamp (or Suomi) football in Hyrynsalmi, in its 25th year.

Pastimes come in many guises.

And who knew that you could make a sport out of mobile throwing (well, maybe Naomi Campbell).

Wife is life

Heavy lifting: Wife carrying

Or wife carrying, the world championship for which take place in Sonkajarvi every June.

The wife can be carried piggyback, fireman’s carry.

Or Estonian-style (the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around the husband’s shoulders, holding onto his waist).

And what’s best about this wacky contest is the prize.

All of which is determined by the weight of the man’s female teammate and is paid in beer.

So saddle up… funky Finns my latest hobby can be yours too.



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This blog on South Tirol may contain hay

My old uni pal Toothy was crippled by hay fever but also debt and signed up for my farm crew so wherever he is today a warning… this blog on South Tirol may contain hay.

The truth is that many of us are martyrs to hay fever while the rest love the smell of the farm and forest in our nostrils.

If that’s you then hey, we’ve brought the outdoors indoors.

Or more accurately Adler Lodge Ritten in and their wellness log cabins in South Tyrol in Italy have.

Of course there’s a forest path up to the two appealing saunas set under the canopy of Swiss stone pine and evergreen fir.

So that’s a Finnish sauna and hay sauna.

One of the highlights of your stay will undoubtedly be the Aufguss.

That is a unique multisensory sauna ritual that is adapted to your personal needs by the lodge’s expert Saunameister.

Now I’m no stranger to saunas or Tirol (on the horizon in Austria) so am intrigued the hay sauna, which uses the power of dried flowers and native Alpine herbs to naturally calm your mind and spirit.

Wood you believe it? The South Tirol forests

Afterwards, saunter into the relaxation pavilion where you can doze, daydream, or read a book.

And this space is where you’ll find yoga classes each morning.

Within the main lodge, you’ll find a world of restorative energies with the ADLER Revive rituals that focus on inner balance.

These include energising massages, nutritious skin packs that combine clay and algae, a South Tyrol hay bath.

Beaming with excitement: And more wood

Or a ventilation ritual with natural aromas and a body peel as part of a traditional Turkish Bath ritual.

And yes I’m a slave to all of these, from Osterreich (that’s Austria to you and me) to Istanbul in Turkiye (Turkey). 

Float weightlessly in water in the lodge’s saltwater Infinity Panorama Pool.

So you don’t have to go to the Red Sea for the experience, though, do, no, really do. 

Adler Lodge Ritten is the ideal setting then to witness the majestic Dolomite Mountains and expansive slopes as you dip or swim.

The benefits of AI

Wined down: You’ll have earned it

Your all-inclusive benefit will allow you to fully switch off from your daily routine.

And experience seasonally inspired daily activities and locally-sourced, traditional, cuisine to whet your appetite.

The very attractive and cost-effective all-inclusive arrangement at Adler Lodge Ritten includes breakfast, lunch, and a gourmet dinner.

Along with drinks such as juices, aperitifs, wines, and cocktails which are all available throughout the day.

Refuel: And the most exotic cuisine

With the aromas of the forest, the pure water of the Dolomites.

And an expert wellness team on hand to guide you, it’s time to breathe in nature and reclaim time.

So, yes, we’ve committed to this disclaimer… this blog on South Tirol may contain hay.

No sweat, or maybe a lot of sweat but it’s all worth it.

And it’ll set you back from €1,820 for a junior suite for two for the random first weekend of October.




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We’re all spiralling headlong towards the end of the world so let’s make it fun on a Portutrail.

Our Medieval forebears thought Algarve, the south-westernmost corner of Portugal and the Old World was it for us.

Those that is who weren’t doing Celtic pagan things at the north-westernmost bit at Finesterre in Galicia post-Camino.

Now getting away from it all and out into nature is beneficial for us all.

And with experts helpguide to keep us right we’ve got a week here away from the packed beaches on a liberating Portutrail.

They recommend five minutes in nature to boost mood and self-esteem… lucky then we’ve got a whole week.

Days I’ll remember

Take it as red: Stunning sunsets

DAY ONE: Cape St. Vincent (Cabo de São Vicente) – And, of course, the end of the world should and does have a lighthouse which has been here since 1520.

Arriving at Cabo São Vicente you can image yourself in the shoes of the pilgrims who used to finish their journey at the burial place of St Vincent.

From there, hikers can either walk from the Cape all the way to Sagres.

Or to Vila do Bispo and follow the Fishermen’s Trail.

Sagres (yes, the beer is called that too) is 6 km away, while Vila do Bispo is 10 km away.

And the trail is marked with blue and green stripes on wooden poles and rocks.

Duration: Cape St. Vincent to Sagres 1hour 30 minutes / Cape St. Vincent to Vila do Bispo 2hours 30 minutes / Challenge Level: Moderate

Hang on there

Rock’n’roll: Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

DAY TWO: Seven Hanging Valleys Trail The trail passes through limestone cliffs, offers spectacular sea views.

And it leads walkers to hidden beaches and natural arches.

This 5.7-kilometer route connects Praia da Marinha to Praia de Vale Centeanes.

Although you can begin from either end, it’s more common to start at Praia da Marinha and head west.

Duration: This hike takes an average of 3hours and 30minutes to complete / Challenge Level: Generally considered a moderately challenging route

The joy of Foia 

Walk this way: And you’ll have it to yourself

DAY THREE: Foia, Monchique – One of the big draws to Serra de Monchique is the nearby mountain peak of Fóia.

And at 902m high, it’s the highest point of the Algarve.

From the top you can see incredible views of the Algarve coastline including Portimão and Lagos to the south, and Cabo de São Vicente on the west.

Discover the richness of the mountain, the forest, the water and the pure air of the Algarve.

With a guided hike by Algarvian Roots or Proactivetur.

Depending on which option you chose, this guided trek also includes an experience on a potter’s wheel, a visit to an olive mill with olive oil tasting, and a soap workshop.

Duration: 8 hours / Priced from €145/£123 per person depending on which additional activities are chosen / Challenge Level: Moderate /

Her name is Ria

In the pink: The flamingos will join you

DAY FOUR: Ria Formosa Natural Park Covering over 18,000 hectares, this series of saltwater lagoons and islands is a haven for bird watchers and SPORTUGAL lovers.

Where you can see flamingos and other migratory birds.

The São Lourenço Walking Trail takes you through different habitats: marshland, scrubland, and freshwater lakes.

Meanwhile, the Marim Centre of Environmental Education Walking Trail, in Olhão, can take up to two hours.

And it covers all the habitats that can be found in the Ria Formosa Nature Park as well as Roman ruins and a tide mill.

Duration: São Lourenço Walking Trail 3hours / Marim Centre of Environmental Education Walking Trail 2hours / Challenge Level: both Moderate

Fonte of all knowledge

Butterfly high: In the Algarve


DAY FIVE:Fonte da Benémola Nature ReserveOne of the lesser-known natural springs, it is surrounded by 400 hectares of land.

The protected area nearby is fed by the waters of the Ribeira da Menalva and supports a large diversity of flora and fauna.

And animals such as insects, butterflies, turtles, lizards, salamanders and many more species.

Fonte Fonte da Benémola walk is easy 2.5-mile circular track in the Loulé municipality.

Duration: Up to 2 hours / Challenge Level: Easy 

Algarviana mirabilis

Sign of the times: And the Algarve will keep you posted

DAY SIX: Via Algarviana trail – The north-eastern part of the Algarve is less frequented by visitors.

But it offers a unique blend of rolling hills, traditional villages and untouched beauty.

The Via Algarviana hike spans the entire region from Alcoutim, near the Spanish border.

All the way to Cape St. Vincent on the western coast – approximately 300 kilometres in length.

However, if you’re specifically interested in the north-eastern section, you can walk from Alcoutim to Balurcos.

And see the Guadiana River, cork oak forests, traditional villages, and rich flora and fauna.

Durations: Around 1hour 45 minutes / Challenge Level: Moderate

Guadiana of honour

Sea that: Take time to soak up the scenery

DAY SEVEN: A Window to the Guadiana – This trail begins in Azinhal, a typical village in the Baixo Guadiana, Eastern Algarve, and ends at Várzea das Almas.

Along this route, trekkers can stop at the towns and enjoy their traditional architecture and see incredible scenery.

Such as wetlands, dryland orchards of almond and carob trees and hills covered in cistus, gorse and lavender.

Along the riverbank, the salt marches take over the wide wetlands, and, looking south, walkers will be wowed.

With the bridge connecting Portugal and Spain near the mouth of the Guadiana.

Duration: This walk takes 2hours 30 minutes on average to complete / Challenge Level: Moderate

Where to stay?

Dip in: Casa Modesta

And because our friends in the Algarve are nothing but thorough they have given us chapter and verse on the best billets.

But because we trust you to browse by yourself, we will just point you in the direction of Casa Modesta.

It is a renovated family house with views of Ria Formosa and the Atlantic Ocean..

Prices: €180/£155 per night for a room with sea-view, based on two adults sharing a room.

The Grand House Algarve, a Relais Chateaux Belle Epoque hotel in the East Algarve in the historic town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

Prices: €227/£195 per night for a Small Room based on two adults sharing a room.

The best resort: Praia do Canal

The Praia do Canal Nature Resort, within the Vicentine Coast Natural Park of 74,000 hectares is the perfect midway point for many of the walks.

It is only a 45-minute ride from Cape St. Vincent, 45 minutes from Foia.

Or a 50-minute car ride from the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

Prices: approx €258/£221 per night based on two adults sharing a deluxe natural park view.

While the Pure Monchique Hotel, located in Serra de Monchique Natural Park, in the Western Algarve has the beautiful Monchique flows as its backdrop.

With modern lines and décor, this luxurious boutique hotel offers 22 rooms, a thermal spa and two outdoor swimming pools.

Prices: €113/£97 per night based on two adults sharing a Classic room.