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Here we GAA with sport’s biggest rivalries

Ireland will come to a standstill today for Dublin v Kerry so here we GAA with sport’s biggest rivalries.

The two great Gaelic Football or Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) rivals have been facing off against each other since 1892.

So if you’re lucky, or you’ve planned ahead, then you’ll find yourself in Dublin on All-Ireland weekend.

When the Dubs and Kerry meet for the 14th time to decide who takes Sam home.

Sam being the iconic Sam Maguire after whom GAA’s most coveted trophy is named.

And paraded around the winning county’s clubs, filled to the brim with booze.

Croker is the real thing

Kerry gold: Kerry in action

Now seeing we live our lives by the mantra… go to where the locals pray and play we’d recommend the temple of GAA, Croke Park.

The 82,000 capacity North Dublin stadium affectionately known to locals as Croker which also houses the All-Ireland hurling final.

And Limerick’s hurlers are still in full party mode after beating their great rivals Kilkenny for their fourth title in a row.

Aussie rules

Black and white: Collingwood

Famous travellers that they are the Irish took their Gaelic football with them when they were transported to Australia.

Where the sport developed into the Aussie Rules that it is today.

And the two countries play an international compromise series.

The biggest match of them all is the Grand final with Melbourne giants Carlton v Collingwood the fiercest match-up.

And every sports fan, and even those who don’t, need to visit the iconic MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It’s a thing that they play Aussie Rules on a cricket oval which I know from watching the action at London’s Foster’s Oval.

Boston’s team party

Give it Sox: The Red Sox

And when it comes to sporting rivalries then in America old historical rivalries run deep.

And when you add the snatching of a heroic player, Babe Ruth who you build your club around.

And curse their opponents then it’s plain to see…

Why the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees built up a grudge match.

Boston, of course, is one of America’s great sporting cities.

And its basketball team, the Celtics, have built up quite the history with the LA Lakers.

And its ice hockey team, the Bruins, with the Montreal Canadiens.

While Tom Brady and the New England Patriots built up a resentment from New York, yes, but right across the States.

El Classico

Always Barca: Give us a hug, Messi

Now there are other soccer rivalries including Scotland’s Celtic and their Old Firm derby with Rangers.

But there’s only one El Classico… Barcelona v Real Madrid.

Although there are variations on that theme around the world this football classic allows you to sample the Iberian Peninsula.

And yes, you have to take sides, so full disclosure here it’s been Barcelona ever since I first helicoptered over the Camp Nou.

And got wrapped up in Messimania many years later.

Get in the hole

Teeing up: Ryder Cup in France

Now some old rivalries have enjoyed refurbs to become bigger and better than ever.

With the Ryder Cup, held for most of its history between GB & Ireland, now extended to include Europe.

All of which has meant that as well as the British and Irish heartlands.

We’ve now had Ryder Cups in Spain, France and this September in Rome.

Where we’re hoping that instead of the oft-exclaimed exhort of Fore! we’ll be hearing Forza! instead.

Back to the All-Ireland and if you’re not, or can’t be, at Croker today.

Then the big match is on RTÉ obvs but also now BBC Sport at 3pm.

It’s a good place to start as here we GAA with sport’s biggest rivalries.




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Surf travels

Gearoid has a board by the door, ready to fly off to anywhere in the world where the wave is up… surf travels buddy.

It goes without saying that Sligo surfer Gearoid is living his best life.

A life that takes him from Biarritz to Barcelona to Tahiti and all spots in between. 

Seeing the great man walk on water in Barca on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas I’d back him against anyone in the world.

Walking on water: On Oasis of the Seas

All of which hoves into view as we are reminded of the Olympics next year in Paris.

Where we are told only this week that the water in the Seine is clean enough.

For the first time in a century for competitors to dive and swim in it.

Although the waves are obviously not big enough for the surfers.

Swell stuff

Spray it again: Papenoo. Picture: Matarai Technicals

You might think that Biarritz might step in but our friends in the French Polynesia on the other end of the world have only put their hands up.

And for those of us still trying to master the board then the good news is that the season of lighter swells, October to March, is ahead of us.

On the north side of the island, visitors can find Papenoo’s wave, set on a black-sand beach.

Around 25 minutes’ drive to the west of the capital in Papeete.

Beginners are advised to stay close to the beach to catch a wave.

While those more experienced can head to the river mouth for the exhilarating breaks.

Water splash: Villa Ylangylang, Haapiti Moorea

While the Tahitians tell us that the Haapiti district of Moorea on the southwestern coast.

With its warm barrier-reef protected lagoon is for adrenaline=seekers.

You should head to the break near a reef pass or an opening in the barrier of coral which makes for safe rides into a deeper channel.

Now as a baby boarder, that’s still having to advance to standing up.

Surf boy: Now where’s that board?

We were naturally taken by Papara’s Break on the south side of Tahiti Nu.

Located close to the reef shelves that feed Teahupo’o’s legendary waves, Papara provides an all-level playground.

With its consistent break over sand and easy-to-navigate surf.

While those who snorkel and don’t swallow (guilty) then Taha’a, one of the Society Islands, will give you the chance.

To discover an array of sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins and whales.

Board and lodging

Fun on water: Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resorts, Punaauia

And no worrying about motels or flop accommodation here.

Surfers will tell you all about Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort.  It is surrounded by sweeping beaches with views of Moorea in the distance.

Located close to the beach break in Papara, visitors can make this their refuge for some relaxation and recuperation post-surf.

Verdant vista: Vanira Lodge

Or Vanira Lodge which sits within walking distance of the three main Teahupo’o surf spots.

Visitors can recline on the veranda of their lodge overlooking Tahiti’s peninsula after a day of catching waves.

Make a lodgement: Manomano

The Manomano Lodge is said to be the place for surfers who want to enjoy the all-level reefs of Papara.

Where you’ll stay under rainforest-clad peaks.

Bridge of highs: The Intercontinental

Now being an Intercontinental fan around the continents our eyes naturally fall on The Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa which is sat right on the water.

With picture-postcard views of Moorea on the horizon.

Palm sunny day: Taoahere Beach House

While if you really want to go native then visitors can fully immerse themselves.

In the culture and daily life of a Polynesia family in a family-run Tahitian Guesthouse.

And, of course, you’ll receive valuable advice on what to see, understand, feel and experience around the islands.

You’ll get a one-stop through LA round trip with Air France and Virgin Atlantic from £2,585 round trip.





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Swanning about the world

So all we do is go swanning about the world. Wrong, we let somebody else pilot the ship.

And that somebody would be Swan Hellenic who will show you the Arctic, Antarctic and rest of the world – from Brazil to Papua New Guinea, Norway to New Zealand, Australia to Africa, and Madagascar to the Mediterranean.

Swan Hellenic are introducing a new lady to the fleet for next year with SH Diana joining SH Minerva and SH Vega from the past two years.

So as with all things cruise let’s see the numbers.

There are 192 guests across 96 staterooms and suites, many with balconies.

Diana rules the waves

Ice one: And total peace

Diana’s passengers features a multifunctional room next to the observation lounge, a private dining room and two tenders.

And so the polar class 6 ice-strengthened hull plus extra-large stabilisers make the journey as smooth as silk for you to enjoy the Arctic and Antarctic.

There are new itineraries too on the roster, such as New Zealand in Depth and immerse yourself in its Maori culture and its Long White Cloud.

Dip your toe in: Luxury on board

Then there’s Papua New Guinea with its active volcano and Eclectus parrots.

For Japanophiles then you can explore the Land of the Rising Sun further than ever before.

And its Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and the forested island of Yakushima.

Of course, all these exotic destinations bill themselves as the Land of something or other.

Dance away: Maori culture

And that is no different with Iceland, the Land of Ice and Fire.

In Iceland in Depth you can cruise along the fjords, something we’d encourage anybody in the Nordic or Scandinavia, nations. 

And so to the Land of Carnival, the Spirit of Brazil will give you those rhythms, beats and buzzing cities.

But you’ll also get to see humpback whales in the Abrolhos Archipelago.

While if Africa is more your thing then you can check out their Unspoilt Wilds of Southwest Africa.

And talk to the animals… the elephants, buffalos, lowland gorillas and chimps. And you’ll feel good.

Before learning about the wonders of voodoo in Benin.

Deal us in

Antarctic explorers: Off to see  wildlife

Prices range from £2,500pps to £19,000pps depending on the length and location of the expedition cruise.

That includes return regional flights to the port of embarkation and/or disembarkation (where specified)…

Group return transfers from the airport to the cruise port, one night pre-cruise accommodation with breakfast in a four/five star hotel or onboard, all meals onboard, 24-hour room service, coffee, tea, soft drinks and selected alcoholic beverages available 24-hours per day.

There will be a lecture programmes by Swan Hellenic’s experienced expedition team and guest speakers, Wi-Fi, onboard gratuities and port taxes.

And one selected shore excursion/expedition activity per port of call, and branded Swan Hellenic expedition parkas and use of rubber boots in Polar Regions.

Phew. So get swanning about the world.


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World Cup songs

And we’re inspired by a Scottish presence at the World Cup in Qatar to visit World Cup songs.

No, not the Lochgilphead Loyal and their Saltire which suggests that they might be following the Auld Enemy England.

No, we’re reminded when Australia take the field.

Ausome: Aussie fans

Both in the three Scots-born players and the seven Aussies playing in Scotland… the Jockeroos.

And the fact that the Aussie national anthem Advance Australia Fair was written by a Scot, Peter Dodds McCormick.

The power of the anthem in a sporting match can be seen etched on the faces of those for whom playing for their national team is the ultimate.

But what about their efforts in football World Cup songs.

We’ve been scrolling through iTunes and come up with these standards.

And, as usual, we set it to a holiday location you’ll have been to… or want to.

A Spanish dream

Saltire In Tenerife

I have a dream, World Cup, Spain 1982

And maybe not the musical polish of later slick WC productions but this remains the standard by which all other Scottish songs should be judged.

Written by BA Robertson (Bang, Bang) and narrated by John Gordon Sinclair (Gregory’s Girl, it’s a dream sequence.

Where Sinclair scores a penalty winner for Scotland in the final in Spain.

Of course, Scotland, as per the norm, had a nightmare… but we still have the song.

Electric Qatar

Aussie, Aussie: With the Aussies in Munich

Down Under, Qatar, 2022: And us Scots get everywhere with the Men At Work standard and Aussie anthem again tinted with tartan.

Colin Hay’s distinctive whine owes much to his Aussie upbringing but everything to his Ayrshire birthplace.

Can you hear, can you hear the thunder?

Schland uber alles

Food for thought: Bayern eats in Munich Airport

Schland, Qatar 2022: And if this one sounds familiar it’s only because it’s a variation on Lena’s 2010 winning Eurovision song.

The lead singer of German offering Uwu Lena dons a wig and dress in homage to the singer.

Only he doesn’t say whether he ‘even painted his toenails for you, he did it the other day.’

Mexican hot

Mexican wave: Ole

Hot, hot, hot, Mexico 1986: And this takes us right back to Mexico and Maradona and Montserrat.

Yes, the theme tune to that year’s festival originated in the Caribbean island of Montserrat and Arrow.

England down the vindaloo

Off to Waterloo: Keith Allen

Vindaloo, France 1998: And in a seemless segue we give you the best World Cup song of all time.

And with honourable mentions to Ally’s Tartan Army (Argentina, 1978) and Three Lions (in all its iterations), Fat Les’s Vindaloo is the pinnacle.

With that marching quality, vid and football nonsense lyrics this England fans’ favourite even had this Tartan Army foot soldier going.

As I initiated my then-three-year-old son into the ways of the World Cup.

Complete with saucepans, wooden spoons and adapted lyrics…

‘We’re going to score one less goal than you.’


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A 94-year Mum odyssey

Happy Birthday Teasy, for you it’s been a 94-year Mum odyssey, and thank you for bringing me along for some of the journey.

I say that, but latterly I have done most of the heavy lifting…

And this Donegal Diva has fallen back on the credit she has built up over the years.

Like how she hounded me on a trip to New York when I was her plus one for my cousin Eddie’s wedding.

Teasy’s Travels

Or when I took her up to Ballybofey where my American cousin Kath and Dublin cousin Monica had also congregated.

And she tactlessly complained within my earshot that she had a husband, four brothers and three sons and I was the most selfish of them all.

The thing is as My Scary One, my wife, will tell you she’s the only one who could get away with that.

Slice of heaven: With Mum in Glasgow

Teasy, or The Squeezy, as we affectionately call her, has infused me with much, not least my looks.

And a love of travel although she has a fair jump on me there with South America and the Antarctic the only continents she hasn’t visited.

And I dare say she’ll get there yet.

When she does she’ll be able to regale them of her travels around the globe after she empty-nested.

A holiday Saga

Wall, what is it good for? Great Wall of China

It was quite the Saga… the Squeezy dragging my Dear Old Dad up mountain, down dale and across ocean.

They were Ying and Yang, no, not twins on their China trip but opposites.

My mum was up for anything which meant she jumped at the chance to fly over Mount Everest.

While Dad was back in the bedroom with Delhi Belly.

Chop, chop: The Great Canyon

They also took the helicopter over the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon with me retracing her footsteps years later.

While Mum followed the pilgrims on their knees up the steps of the Catholic Cathedral in Mexico City.

Probably though it was the tequila. Dad, of course, got Montezuma’s Revenge.

The rest of the world

Got the hump: In Australia

There was Australia, South Africa, Russia and all points in between all while I was having a very different Saga experience.

Not, not early onset dementia, but working for Saga during summer holidays in Aberdeen University student halls.



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An Irish rugby conversion

As an Irish-Scot it’s when I’m at my most conflicted when it comes to international sports, but when it comes to egg-chasing mine’s is increasingly an Irish rugby conversion.

It wasn’t always so but then that’s 13 years in Ireland, and working in rugby heartland Ballsbridge in Dublin for you.

Scotland the grave

Scot the lot: Springjock Duhan van der Merwe

My own native land is Scotland of course, and let me remind you I followed them as a schoolboy through thin and thin in the late 70s and reported on them in even thinner times in the early 90s.

And now while the same can’t be said for Ireland in a football sense, in rugby the Boys in Green are actually for the most part Irish.

As opposed to a Scotland side which is filled with players who have been discarded by New Zealand, Australia and worst of all England.

In fact we’ve even coined a name for the legion of South Africans who have rebranded themselves as Scottish… Springjocks.

All of which running around aimlessly brings me to the imminent Rugby World Cup in France next year when I will more than likely be waving my Tricolour instead of my Saltire.

Now if you want to put yourself in the safest travel hands then get on board my old Irish pals Cassidy Travel‘s deals for France RWC 2023.

Deal us in

Vive La France: Les Bleus

Cassidy’s packages include return flights, return airport transfers, hotel accommodation (unless it’s a day trip) and t tickets,

So, whether you want a quick day trip, a longer 2-3-7 night option or a bespoke tailor-made sport holiday then Cassidy have you covered.

Game on

Drum up support: Romania

So without further ado here are the matches you can be at, starting with the Romania mania.

Rugby World Cup 2023 – Ireland v Romania

Day Trip Package to Bordeaux!

9th September 2023

Don’t have time to stay? No problem at all! Make it a day trip!

Ireland meet the European runners-up in Bordeaux.

Package Includes:

Return flights

Return Airport Transfers

Match tickets

All from €599pp!

Rand old team

Rainbow nation: South African support in the townships

Bok your team, if your team is Ireland, against South Africa.

Rugby World Cup 2023 – Ireland v South Africa

2 Night Package to Paris!

23rd September 2023

The perfect two-night deal for rugby fans!

Package Includes:

Return flights from Dublin or Shannon

Return Airport Transfers

2 Nights in a 3* Hotel

Match tickets

All from €1099pp!

From Bok to Jock

Split loyalties: Ireland v Scotland

And one where any Irish-Scot can’t lose.

Rugby World Cup 2023 – Ireland v Scotland

2 Night Package!

7th October 2023

Two-night deal for you to enjoy one of the best

Rugby World Cup France 2023 events.

Package Includes:

Return flights

Return Airport Transfers

2 Nights in a 3* Hotel

Match tickets

All from €899pp!

Pieces of eight

Hakademic: The All Blacks’ Haka

Rugby World Cup 2023 – Quarter Finals!

Tickets to both matches included!

14th & 15th October 2023

Should they progress, Ireland will then meet the winners or runners-up of Pool A,

which includes France and New Zealand, at the Stade de France.

Package Includes:

Return flights

Return Airport Transfers

2 Nights in a 3* Hotel

Match tickets for Both Games

All from €1599pp!

And, of course, if Ireland beat the All Blacks (and everyone defeats them these days) they get to keep them!

So get your green out and support the Boys in France next year.

And that even includes Irish-Scots looking for a proper team to support… it’s an Irish rugby conversion.






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Visit our Neighbours

They may have left but Ramsay Street is still there and you can guarantee we’ll be back to visit our Neighbours… and other soap sets.

Everybody needs..

Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou: Lou Carpenter

Neighbours: Yes, you can tour around Vermont South (that’s the Ramsay Street neighbourhood) in Melbourne. Austraylya..

And sink a cold one in The Waterhole or Lassiter’s, or a cup of tea in Harold’s Cafe.

Who knows if you’ll see an overalled Aussie tomboy mechanic too just waiting to burst out into hotpants?

Corrie on regardless

Dance away: Roy and Norris, don’t ask

Coronation Street: If only the walls of England’s most famous pub, the Rovers Return could talk.

But the guides can, and do, and what they don’t know about the cobbled streets of Weatherfield ain’t worth knowing.

You’ll get everything you need to get you through the day in the Manchester suburb… a Weatherfield Recorder at The Kabin.

A fry-up at Roy’s Rolls before a night in the Rovers.

Dallas in wonderland

Well shot JR: Mr Ewing

Dallas: Not all soap is the same and Texas’s most famous ranch is a world apart from Newton & Ridleys and Our Kid.

And while Corrie has hotpots it has hot plots too and that it does share with the Ewings and Barneses of Dallas in Stetson Country.

What is now Southfork was once Duncan Acres ranch (yes, that Joe Duncan) near Plano, Texas, and now fittingly belongs to a dude called Rex.

You’ll get to see the gun that shot JR, Lucy’s Wedding Dress, the ‘Dallas’ Family Tree, and Jock’s Lincoln Continental.

Kilcoole for cats

Down on the farm: Glenroe in Co. Wicklow

Glenroe: From the sublime to the agricultural and Holy God it’s Glenroe.

And for people of a certain age in Ireland then Glenroe, the everyday tale of farming folk in the Garden County of Co. Wicklow, conjures up nostalgia of a more innocent time.

It also has a special resonance for those of us for whom it was the next village (real name Kilcoole) down the train line from my old stomping ground in Greystones.

Glenroe has, of course, been replaced but certainly not upgraded by the grittier Fair City which is set in fictional Carrigstown in Dublin.  

I’ll be in Scotland before you

Loch who’s talking: Take The High Road

Glendarroch: And as with everything Ireland and Scotland move pretty much in step, even with their soap names.

And so the Jocks had their Take the High Road set in Glendarroch, which is really picturesque Luss in Loch Lomond.

Before moving on to River City,set in Shieldinch in Glasgow.

And where Glenroe had the Biddy and Miley plotline Take the High Road had busybody Mrs Mack.

Much like Mrs Mangel to make a parallel with Neighbours.

And where the Aussie soap gave us Kylie, Russell, Guy and Margot, Take the High Road gave us James Cosmo.

So all you soap fans there’s something of everything to keep you going.

As we contemplate to visit our Neighbours… and other soap sets.


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The Highland Games are back

They were forced indoors to toss their cabers in lockdown, but now we can gawp at them showing off their special skills in public again… the Highland Games are back!

Ours, in North Berwick, east of Edinburgh, is on August 6.

And it corresponds with our Fringe by the Sea, our offshoot of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Highland Games have, of course, their origins in the training of the clans for warfare.

Although what use lifting a trunk and then heaving it forward is anyone’s guess.

Piping hot: Livin’ it up in Glasgow

Unless, of course, you wanted to land it on a gentrified Englishman’s slippered foot.

If some of the events look familiar from Olympic Games you’ve watched then it’s because they are those events…

The stone put, the Scottish hammer throw and the weight throw.

Because Baron Pierre de Coubertin was influenced to renew the Olympic Games after watching a Highland Games Exhibition in Paris in 1889.

The Heelan’ Games

Kilt it: The Heelan Games

The Heelan’ Games, as we Scots like to call them, are celebrated around the world.

Ours in my youth were the Luss Highland Gathering which we would regularly attend in the summers.

The Cowal Highland Gathering in Dunoon in the West is held in August.

And it is thought to have the most competitors in the world, at 3,500.

Cowal kids: The Worlds

The Americans though naturally do it bigger in terms of numbers of spectators.

We’re told the New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival is the go-to Games in North America.

New Hampshire being in our favourite New England… go figure.

Dance away

Glasgow Green: The World Piping Championships

The Cowal Games does though host the World Highland Dancing Championships.

I must give it a fling, particularly after attending the World The World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow Green back in the day.

With my wee Irish dancer herself, my Dear Old Mammy.

Now because us Jocks are a peripatetic people you’ve probably heard us coming before you even saw us in our wee skirties.

And that’s why they still have Celtic festivals around the world…

And may I recommend plenty of water when doing Eightsome Reels in the Barbados sun.

Games around the world

Braziliant: Samba Highlanders

Of course Commonwealth countries and the English-speaking (well their English) USA are obvs to the fore.

But there are Highland Games too from Rio Janeiro to Jakarta with Brazil and Indonesia both getting into the twirling and the swirling.

While Central Europeans get in on the act too.

Well where there’s beer you’ll find Czechs, our meaty stews will go down a treat with goulash-loving Hungarians.

And well the mountainous Swiss already have a head-start on us for the fells running.

The Belgians are somewhat of an outlier in Western Europe.

But there are few more Brit-loving countries in the world… and again there’s the beer.

So get your Scottish vibe on and don’t worry if you don’t know the steps.

There will always be someone there to teach you how to do a Gay Gordon’s or a Dashing White Sergeant.

Aye, the Highland Games are back.



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Car hire and higher

Off on a road trip, well it’ll cost you because it’s getting car hire and higher out there.

And nowhere more so than my spiritual home Ireland where in some counties they’re a must.

My old mum would oft refer to her homestead of Donegal in north-west Ireland as the ‘forgotten county’.

And it didn’t help when they ripped up the rail tracks in 1959.

Donegal driving

Donegal Mammy: And son at Doon Well

So now if you want to get about you need to either have a car, rent a car…

Or your hotel or B&B can get Eileen to ask Aoife who knows Niamh is passing and can get you halfway.

Where Bladhana can get you to Sorcha, but make sure you’re ready or they’ll leave without you.

By the end of it all, of course, you’ll feel one of the family.

Of course, many of us prefer our independence, but alas that comes at an increasingly greater price.

With revealing the average cost of hiring a car in 2022 rose by 267% on the previous year.

Site for sore eyes: Discover Cars

Their data highlights an average increase of 47% worldwide.

With the average cost of a one-day car hire rising from £43 to £67.

So to get on the road in Ireland you’ll shell out £155 (yes, we know they’re in the Euro), up from £42.

Now we would never let a small thing like expense put us off a destination… we’re just giving you the road manual.

On the road again

Obrigado: With the Scary One in Portugal Centro

The world’s second biggest country takes some getting around.

And that no doubt is the spiel for a spike of 264%.

Full reveal here on the third biggest mover here, Portugal-Azore Islands.

Because when we toured Hidden Portugal, Portugal Centro, we had the services of a driver/guide/historian and Coimbra’s most famous son.

Jose Madomis of Madomis Tours.

Now we’ve availed too of the services of our own fellow Britons, ninth with an 85% rise, but still cheaper than the trains.

With Katarina in Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, fifth at 131% but again with a history lesson thrown in… and Becherovka and salty age-defying water.

While Greece is tenth at 81% which may persuade you to do a Pheidippides and run the 26 miles or so from Athens to Marathon.

There’s no rhyme nor reason why the other countries on the list should have seen such hikes.

But Israel, Iceland and Albania are countries where you need wheels because donkeys correctly have rights now.

Slowly does it

By hook or by crook in Tenerife

Of course with everything on the rise sometimes the best we can hope for are small increases.

And the Canary Islands at just 2% leads the way here.

Though if you do hire a car (at only £25 the cheapest on the list) then why not walk some of the way.

With CanariaWays where you’ll experience the many Tenerife eco-systems before refuelling at the Franco-theme Bar in Afur.

Fly drive

Love a duck: At Epcot Centre, Florida

Now for many of us getting behind the wheel of a car in a foreign country requires a deep breath.

And my only attempt, in a Fiat 500 in Cannes, and it’s dashboard gearstick, never got out of the car park.

Although I kept that quiet from the organisers of the Florida Keys road trip.

Alas, but fortunately for other road users, it got cancelled by Covid.

Cut-price cars

Rocky mountain high: Colorado Rockies baseball team

Unbowed, I’ll be back though to the Sunshine State and you will too particularly with a 23% decrease in the hire of a car.

Bookended in the top four is America’s Playground, Colorado.

That’s when you’re not roped into their abseiling, freestyle rock climbing, white water rafting or roadside skiing.

Who is squeezed in between the two, why Guadeloupe and Australia… let’s go Outback.

And let’s not be put off when we see the car hire and higher.




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Joby Aviation lost in translation

And how those of us of a Scottish variety sniggered how Joby Aviation got lost in translation.

A jobby, as Glasgow’s second most famous son, Billy Connolly, revealed to the world is the contents of your bottom.

But there is nothing crap about the all-electric aircrafts for commercial use that are coming to Scotland.

Flying by the seat of your pants: The Joby

As we reported in the Daily Record the The Joby is a five-seat, piloted electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

And it has a maximum range of 150 miles and a quiet acoustic profile.

Now we imagine the new aircraft will be s***-hot but perhaps they should rebrand for Scottish fliers.

All of which has us reflecting on the brands which we have seen lost in translation.

C U Next Tuesday

We swear by it: Northern Territory

Northern Territory, Australia: And I’m indebted to the doyen of Irish travel writers Eoghan Corry for clueing me in on this historical brand gaffe.

Now everyone is an expert after the event and the same mistook visited an old, and much-respected, boss.

When he cropped a picture of an England flag for an old newspaper so the ‘S’ and the ‘Horpe’ got cut from sCunTthorpe.

Coors fails sniff test

Colorado cool: But they’re too hip for the Spanish

Golden, Colorado, USA: And the Golden nectar with the taste of the Rockies will slake your thirst like few other beers.

The Coloradans, as anyone who has been out there will tell you, have a lifestyle and language all of their own.

But it doesn’t always translate, and their ‘Turns it loose’ slogan means ‘you will suffer from diarrhoea. Sloppy!

Fly solo

Grounded: Braniff

Braniff International, North America: And one from the vaults here when Braniff ran routes.

Primarily in the midwestern and southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America and South America before expanding into Asia and Europe. 

They ran an advert in Spanish boasting of their leather seats and urging passengers to fly ″en cuero,″ or ″in leather.″

Only the similar ″en cueros″ means ″naked,″ and when pronounced on radio or television, the two terms sound identical.

In the Nip

Wide-eyed and innocent: Kinki Nippon

Kinki Nippon Tourist Company, Japan: Japan‘s second largest tourist agency hadn’t factored in the Western World’s less prudish attitudes.

And they began receiving requests for unusual sex tours.

Upon finding out why, the owners of Kinki Nippon Tourist Company decided to go with KNT in English-speaking countries.

Road tripped

Put the brakes on: Ford’s gaffe

Ford, Detroit, USA: Now many of us love a road trip and Henry can lay claim to changing American society with his Model T which you can see in Motor City.

Alas, again the Iberian languages caught marketers out, this time the Portuguese tongue.

Ford blundered when marketing the Pinto in Brazil, unaware that the term means male genitals in Brazilian Portuguese.

These are brand new too

Black name: The Negro licquorice

Along the road we’ve come across a Wanktunnel in Bavaria, an ISIS chocolate bar in Brussels airport and Negro licquorice in Croatia.

Share with us the brands which you’ve seen that have tickled your fancy, as it were.

Because how Joby Aviation got lost in translation is not an isolated incident.