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The paradise capers

I have certain writing rules built up over years of scribbling about Travel, one of which is never to use the cliche ‘paradise’ but every rule has an exception and that applies to Grand Cayman and the paradise capers.

The story begins, as so many do on a foreign shore.

And a Travel fair, the American IPW, when an invitation came through to visit Grand Cayman.

Which, alas, I was unable to attend because there were still parts of America I had to explore.

Lie back and think… Of the Eastern Caribbean

Fortunately though I was in a position to share the love.

And I knew exactly the person who would do such a trip to the Eastern Caribbean justice, my fellow award-winner Melanie May.

And so I went about my travels and Melanie got her passport out and scribbling pad for the Caribbean.

Come what May

Tree-mendous: Fort Lauderdale

Of course she returned with a headful of ideas, pictures and honeyed phrases to do the island justice.

And all that was left for me to do was to design it into my award-winning Travel section.

And put an eye-catching headline on it… Grand Cayman the paradise capers.

All of which I was reminded of when my old friends at Platinum Travel got in touch to promote their 10-night Eastern Caribbean cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

A seven port, three sea days trip around the fabulous Caribbean with the sumptuous ocean liner is just the sort of pick-me-up.

If you’re trying to get through the cold, dark, winter months.

So get on board Celebrity Silhouette departing from Fort Lauderdale on March 13.

And soon you’ll be lounging on Aruba‘s impeccable white-sand beaches.

Coral singing

Lapping it up: In Bonaire

And dive in the vibrant waters of Bonaire, full of pristine coral reefs.

Now, I’m sure you’re all naturals with the scuba-diving.

So you won’t make the mistake of the amateur who stands on and kills the reef in, say the Maldives.

You’ll visit Curacao too which, of course, my own Scary One has visited.

On her well-told voyage around the world from when she came back from Australia as a child.

She usually reminds me after I get the Blue Curacao out for our Saturday cocktails.

For those of you who like to tick off continents too.

Colombia is a picture

All the colours: Cartagena in Colombia

Then you’ll be pleased to know that you get time too in the cathedral city of Cartagena in Colombia.

And when you’re in the south Caribbean then the urge is to mark South America on your map.

As was the case when we visited Tobago on the doorstep of Venezuela.

Deal us in

If you’ve been saving, or if you can put it on the long finger then the 10-night cruise comes in  at from €2,6999pp including flights from Dublin, drinks, wi-fi and tips.

And $400 on board spend per person.

Now go ahead book before December 5 for up ot 75% for a second guest and up to $800 onboard credit per stateroom.

And drink in the Eastern Caribbean and Grand Cayman and the paradise capers.



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Where is the Bounty island?

It’s been a cause for desolation rather than celebration that everybody’s favourite mini-chocolate is being cut from your Christmas box, and it’s prompted us to ask where is the Bounty island of the iconic advert?

Well, unsurprisingly it was the Caribbean where the actors sizzled and sensualised to the backdrop of Try A Little Tenderness.

And all with the payoff tagline A Taste of Paradise.

It was a natural location, of course, with coconuts aplenty all across the Caribbean.

Dom rule

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that the Dominican Republic on the east of the island of Hispaniola is a relatively recent tourist discovery.

With Boris and Carrie Johnson and their brood of little blondies the latest celebs to grace the island with their presence.

Following in the sandsteps of the Bill and Hillary Clintons of this world.

But the location managers looking for the taste of paradise plumped for Saona beach from all of the idyllic options throughout the Caribbean and the world.

Now we’ve been over BoJo’s Casa de Campo retreat in these pages over the Isla Saona.

Isla Saona

Room with a view: Dom Rep

So today we’re focusing on the Bounty Island, or Bounty Isla, or Isla Saona.

Saona Beach House tell us that they have cosy houses that offer the opportunity to enjoy virgin nature.

On an almost deserted island where you will have the chance to relax on beaches just for you.

So if you want the con vista la mar, that’s seaside view to you and me, but always better in Spanish then it’s from $79 a night.

And it’ll be pure peace apart, of course, for the beautiful people posing out front.

A coconut falling from a tree. And somebody out of shot singing Try A Little Tenderness.




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Pub Creole in Saint Lucia

Who wants to go bar hopping in Novembrrrr in Brrritain when you can go on a pub Creole in Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia may be in the Windward Islands but there’s little breeze around the Pitons.

And that’s why you’ll only need your boardies or shorts when you’re downing rum on Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucians have been celebrating its Creole culture over October but, in truth, that heritage is visible all year around.

Shiny hoppy people

Here’s to Saint Lucia: The Village Gate

Since 1981, the island’s French Creole roots have been marked in a month of music, dance, cuisine and art.

All of which culminated in the celebration of Creole Day (Jounen Kweyol) across the island.

You want to know though about the best places to drink.

And I’ll give the Saint Lucia tourist board ‘Bar Creole’ for nothing.

Who needs a glass: Drinking on Saint Lucia

And they’ll point me in the direction of the Lucian Bar Hop Experience in the capital Castries.

Where you’ll be joined by your own personal party maker, bartender and marshal to keep you partying,

And take in Rodney Bay hopping from the Boardwalk Bar to the Irie Bar to the Village Gate Bar and back.

Four hours of fun starts from $86pp.

And Turbo Turtle too

Up on the boardwalk: That’s where I’ll be

You’ll only be 5km too south of our recommended 5* billet for you, the Royalton Saint Lucia.

The Autograph Collection All-Inclusive resort boasts eight different restaurant options and seven bars.

And a Diamond Club with comped hydrotherapy, butler service and premium drinks, as well as an exclusive beach and swimming pool.

You’ll be treated like a VIP, and just as well as the Royalton’s most pampered guest…

Rock’n’Creole: St Lucians

Turbo the Turtle was born right there on the beaches of the resort and is a star of the Kids Club and the adults too.

So the kids are looked after, it’s time for a pub creole in Saint Lucia.






The CaribBorisean

It’s the question on everyone’s lips which West Indian island is The CaribBorisean on?

With the king over the water planning a return to take power, editors will have dispatched journos to the Windies to get BoJo.

We know, of course, that the former PM is a big fan of the Caribbean.

And he has been known to visit St Vincent and the Grenadines and Mustique in particular.

A Scot’s Mustique

Mags to riches: Mustique fan Margaret

Mustique we know, of course, as being Princess Margaret’s favourite getaway.

And she had a Scot, entrepreneur Colin Tennant to thank, the businessman buying the island in 1958.

And turning it into a playground for the rich and famous.

Which is where Boris Johnson comes in.

And with $100,000 in his pocket from his speaking engagement in Colorado Springs in the US.

It’s where you might expect him to be now.

Mia Casa, tua Casa

No place like Dom: Casa de Campo

Only the smart money as to his whereabouts seems to be is the ‘in’ Caribbean resort Casa de Campo

The Dominican Republic resort has been the go-to destination of Presidents and politicians for years.

And if you found yourself sitting cradling a rum punch across from Bill and Hill and BoJo and Carrie you wouldn’t be surprised.

You’d maybe want the Premier Club then.

Dom from home

Life’s a pitch: Best golf on Dom Rep

Our Dom friends from the Caribbean Road Show tell us:

It is a place for guests to gather in their own exclusive bar and lounge area.

And enjoy best beverages and a unique selection of complimentary canapes and appetisers from their executive chef.

We expect, of course, that BoJo, whose childhood ambition was to be world king, would want to stay in the Presidential suite.

Feast for the senses: The best dining

A three-bedroom suite with a private office area and full kitchen.

There’s a separate staff entrance, full dining room table for up to eight and a spacious family room for his spacious family.

Located on the second floor, guests also have the option to have two additional rooms and enjoy the entire floor in privacy.

And the rooms are on sale now for arrivals from 21 December through to December 2024.

Stay where you are

Toast to Tobago: Nylon Pool, Tobago

As fans of the Caribbean ourselves and having trod on the same Nylon Beach as Princess Margaret partied in Tobago.

We can see why he would want to take off for the Windies.

And wonder why he would want to swap T-shirts and Bermuda shorts for Aran sweaters and tweed troosers on this cold, drizzly isle.

Whether Britain goes for a new old PM in Boris Johnson or A.N. Other then one thing is for sure.

The CaribBorisean won’t be a stranger to the Casa de Campo in the Dom Rep in the future.

While Rishi Sunak and his wife Ashkanta Murty (she’s disclaimed me somewhere along the line) won’t be welcome.

Despite their hundreds of millions.

Ashkanta is a non-Dom you see.



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Flower of England

The anticipation was at fever pitch ahead of The One Show announcement… no, not Eurovision but on Britain’s blooming with my Flower of England.

And in this one we have skin in the game with My Green-Fingered One and her North Berwick in Bloom team in the Britain in Bloom contest.

It is NB’s good fortune that they have someone on their team who brings the English country garden with her.

My love grows where my Sadie goes

Dig her: Sadie tills the ground

My English Rose has got her hands dirty wherever I’ve taken her, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Co. Wicklow.

Where I treated her to a busman’s holiday at one of her favourite places, Powerscourt Hotel.

Tulips from Amsterdam

Flowers everywhere: At the Dylan in Amsterdam

And when we’re away too with tulips from Amsterdam from the Tulip Museum planted for the autumn and ready to spring next year.

We all have our own indulgences on our travels and you’ll know well I like to go where the locals ‘play and pray’.

Italia’s green and pleasant land

A-mazeballs: Near Padova

While My Green-Fingered One loves to dig out a gardens which meant the Villa Borghese in Rome and Villa d’Este, Tivoli.

Now I’ve oft been somewhere and thought my wee petal might enjoy the charms of a maze.

Such as the one Napoleon used to play in the Villa Pisani near Padova

Flower of Ireland: My mum in our old garden in Greystones, Co. Wicklow

The Parco Fauna Orobica in Bergamo, the lungs for the northern Italian city at the time of Covid.

And Padova is of course itself famed for its grounds, the world’s oldest academical botanical gardens, dating back to 1545.

Where the thing to do is to live it up with a sit down tux meal with full orchestra.

Bloomin’ Barbados

On the right tracks: In Barbados

Or more recently in the St Nicholas Abbey grounds in Barbados.

Where another of her passions can be indulged… there’s a steam train line there too.

And on the sea

Of course it’s not just on land that you’ll see great gardens… there’s the Eden project on Celebrity Edge too off Florida.

And Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas in Barcelona.

Although it’s sometimes best not to show her everything.

For fear that she’ll not let me away on my own again.

Now the judges only agreed with me, and North Berwick won Best Coastal award.

But I could have told them all about my Flower of England.

She’s Britain’s blooming marvel.





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Where Princess rules the waves

It’s the only place on God’s earth where we’re happy to pay royal homage… where Princess rules the waves.

We’ve come to stand in awe port-side over the years at the majesty of the ships that transport us to the four corners of the globe.

And so we are instantly drawn to the new ship on their rank, the Sun Princess.

Their biggest ever, it houses 4,300 passengers.

It’s telling too that the name ‘Sun Princess’ is returning to operation because as we all know the sun is our guiding star.

The Sun King

No place like Dome: On the Sun Princess

Just as Louis XIV was to the French of the 17th and early 18th century who called him Le Roi Soleil ‘The Sun King’.

And whisper it in the 13-hour queues in London to catch a glimpse of the unopened coffin of the queen but…

French Louis is still the longest-serving monarch in history at 72 years and 110 days.

Sun Princess will have all the majesty we’ve come to expect for the livery.

Currently under construction at the Fincantieri shipyard it’s scheduled to debut in February 2024.

And if you’ve been paying attention, again the 175,500-tonne vessel is the largest Princess ship ever constructed.

A slice of Piazza

Glass act: And plenty of Vitamin C

It embraces Italian heritage by featuring the brand-iconic Piazza and new feature ‘The Dome’.

It’s a cutting-edge entertainment space inspired by the terraces of Santorini.

Sun Princess will also feature the exclusive Princess Medallion badge, worn by the best.

It, of course, extends Princess’s leadership position in delivering exceptional personalised experiences.

Sun Princess will sail an inaugural spring/summer season of Mediterranean cruises from February 2024.

And then Western and Eastern Caribbean voyages out of Port Everglades, Florida in autumn 2024.

So let’s take you inside the palatial ship.

Where the Piazza is the centre-point, spanning three storeys with oceanside views.

An LED screen is also showcased in the centre of the Piazza that can be moved and configured to deliver live entertainment programming.

Oh, did we say there are 29 (count them) bar and dining experiences?

Dome from home

Toast of the seas: Princess

The other stand-out structure onboard Sun Princess is The Dome which is inspired by the terraces of Santorini.

The first glass-enclosed Dome on a cruise ship, here’s a multi-level covered deck.

It features an indoor/outdoor pool, and a unique water feature in a comfortable and relaxed space.

At night, the pool becomes a stage, and The Dome transforms into an entertainment venue with a South Beach vibe.

Shweet suites

Lie back and think of… Princess Cruises

And more on the numbers… it has 2,157 total staterooms, including 50 suites and 100 connecting rooms.

The 21-deck Sun Princess features more outdoor balcony space and all balcony accommodations feature an in-room sofa.

Also launching exclusively on Sun Princess will be a new level of suite accommodations, the exclusive Signature Collection.

Club Class accommodations and all other ships, will now be called Reserve Collection, the best-located mini suite staterooms.

Within the Reserve Collection will be Reserve Collection Cabana rooms, resort-style staterooms that offer a balcony.

And private cabana, an extra-large outdoor lounge space.

These premium accommodations also include access to the Reserve Collection Restaurant.

Trips of a lifetime

Badge of honour: Medallion Man

The inaugural season begins in February 2024 with Mediterranean itineraries. The ship’s first three voyages went on sale at 00:01 on Friday, September 16.

Fares start from €2,075pp for a 10-night Grand Mediterranean voyage, departing 28 February 2024.






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Kabawe Libre in St Lucia

The beauty of the Caribbean is that they all have their own take on island life and we can put our own mark on each which is why we give you Kabawe Libre in St Lucia.

And if that sounds like Cuba Libre then that’s deliberate.

And because the St Lucians hosted me so well on their trade show in Dublin you can have that pitch for free.

Apt really because that’s what Libre is and because the rum flows liberally throughout the West Indies.

When in rum

All shapes and colours: Rum in the Caribbean

Kabawe is the Creole word for Rum Shop.

And the St Lucians value theirs just as much as the birthplace of rum just down the water in Barbados.

Which is why the exotically-named St Lucia Tourism Authority CEO Lorine Charles St Jules is promoting the Kabawe Krawl experience.

Best explained by the woman herself:

“The aim of the Kabawé Krawl is that visitors to our shores experience the unique Bar, Rum, and Culinary adventures in Saint Lucia.

“This will allow for the tourism dollar to be spread through our smaller communities and local hot spots nationally.”

She explained that there was a process.

And that all interested bars will undergo an onboarding process.

Domino dancing

Happy chappies: Dominoes in Barbados

And they will be trained in customer service and safety management.

Of course the first starting point for me would be a bunch of oul’ fellas in the back room.

Slamming down dominoes and stamping down on a floor with sand on it.

And not the type we get in my own homeland of Scotland to mop up the slops.

But authentic grains from the beach outside.

Irie Barbados: With Jevan and Donna

We know what a rum shop should look like from limin’ with the locals in Barbados earlier this year and on previous trips.

And we’re keen to explore our old pal Marc’s new Island Time Rum Tour.

While we’ve been down this trail too with Antigua and Barbuda.

They clued us in on their Beach Bar Trail at that Dubin roadshow.

Best bar none

The best greeting: The Irie Bar

We imagine then that the Kabawe Krawl will follow a similar route which checking out a map of the isle might mean:

Starting in the north at the Irie Bar it has all the features we love…

A bamboo structure with plants, flags, local crafts and fishing elements and reggae.

In the pink: The Pink Papaya

The Pink Papaya at Point Seraphine is another which sells itself on its name…

And its jerk chicken and cocktails on the patio.

A rum, a therapy: The Rum Therapy Bar and Treatment Centre

The Rum Therapy Bar and Treatment Centre echoes Soca star King Bubba’s mantra on life… rum is mi only medicine.

And we’re told that owner Nicole will encourage you to do a little number at the karaoke.

All after you’ve lubricated your throat with her spiced rums.

Now whenever I’m out in the Caribbean I’m briefed by The Scary One to pick sea shells at the seashore.

She sells Seashell: At the Seashell Beach Bar

And The Seashell Beach Bar, the still resort, has the taste of the sea about it.

Jump in (literally) but maybe before your fruits of the sea and rum cocktails.

Drink it in: St Lucia

Finish off at The Hustler’s Beach Bar, a watering hole that looks named for me.

And it has been named in places as the best hideaway ever.

Situated in a very recognisable name place too, Londonderry… and I’m sure the locals will give you its history over a cold one.


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Bajan Auld Rummie in Edinburgh

The Fringe faithful are wading through the rubbish from the strike… we though take to the water, it’s Bajan Auld Rummie in Edinburgh.

The Union Canal in the West End of Edinburgh is bathed in sunshine and the office buildings are reflecting off the water.

OK, it’s not Bridgetown.

But we’re with a true Bajan, Shane, and we’re drinking Barbados rum and cocktails.

Auld Reekie: Edinburgh

And filling ourselves with our favourite drink and filling up on Scottish links with the Bajan rum story.

All with the help of Jamie and the two-hour Summerhall Drinks Lab Rum Cruise.

Labbing it up

Stir it up: The rum mixology

Now you remember how gin had its hour with juniper (and more of that later) the tipple du jour of the Twentyteens.

Well, now that’s rum and hence why Summerhall Drinks Lab have added a rum tour to their popular gin cruise.

And why where Dark Matter in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, started pouring in 2015, a raft (well we are on a boat cruise) of rum distilleries followed.

And a shout-out here to my work colleague Michael.

His Jacobite Spirits business and their new spiced rum Charlie’s Chopper Clean Cut.

For the day and the company that’s in it we’re on the Bajan rum.

Well it is the birthplace of rom.

All roads lead to rom

Abbey days: At St Nicholas Abbey

And that means kicking off with Cockspur Old Gold which we taste.

As a sample to warm our palates and throats, a la a whisky or bourbon.

And if you’re getting that bourbon hit then it’ll be because one-use bourbon barrels get repurposed for rum.

For those who like their rum in mixers we’re treated to the daddy of them all the Mount Gay Black Barrel.

And the new kids on the block, St Nicholas Abbey and their white rum.

And a couple of sips and I’m right back.

In the verdant courtyard after our steam train journey and old plantation visit from June’s Barbados Celtic Festival trip.

Rum’s a Ting or Hing

See you Jamie: Summerhall chemistry

Jamie is a font of wisdom on Bajan rum and how Scottish craft and guile was at its heart.

And he has even adapted the staple Rum Ting cocktail.

With a Scottish version the Rum Hing with local grapefruit juice and lime.

Limin’ is of course the daily Bajan rhythm of life.

And we lime our way throughrums, samples and cocktails…

And the lychee-based beaker particularly hits the spot.

All before we arrive back at Leamington Lift Bridge and toast Shane and Jamie with a Doorly’s 14-year-old  from Foursquare rum distillery.

Juniper Mac and Cheese

Say cheese: Mac and cheese

There’s time enough in the evening to carry on the party in true Bajan style.

And we taxi to Juniper on Princes Street.

And we avoid the garbage which has revived references to the Scottish capital’s old nickname of Auld Reekie.

Juniper offers a relaxed library to lime.

With mini-saucepans of Mac and Cheese, a particular Bajan fave, my pick from its menu.

Do like the rumans do

Home of rum: Mount Gay

With Mount Gay kindly providing us with rum punch which is, of course, water to Bajans but strong water at that.

Talk, of course, turns to absent friends.

And old pal Marc who represented the island so well over eight years in the UK.

But who has understandably returned home.

And he has now set up a rum tour business with distilleries, rum shops and the magic ingredient, Bajans at hand.

We’ll meet again, and hopefully soon but for now I’m keeping my end up here…

A Bajan Auld Rummie in Edinburgh.



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Dom Rep it up

So we bought my Dear Old Dad a book of the world’s most difficult golf holes though the Teeth of the Dog where they like to Dom Rep it up wasn’t on it.

The book was, of course, a joke with tees on one mountain and the green on the other among the ‘holes from hell’.

And bless him, Dad was incredulous and slightly nervous even looking at the holes.

On account that he took a 7-iron off the tee at a particularly difficult par-5 at his local Hilton Park Golf Club, near Glasgow.

Teeth of the Dog

Water feature: Casa de Campo

The Teeth of the Dog in Casa De Campo is one of those courses which will test all those Sunday golfers, like Dad and me, but it’s for real.

Casa De Campo, which my old chum and expert on all things Caribbean (and golf) Clem Walshe, came on my radar.

When we all met up for a Caribbean Road Show in Dublin.

And the Dominican Republic resort brings news to us that it has been voted No. 1 golf resort in the Caribbean.

All of which hasn’t escaped the notice of the world’s A-listers.

Grand Slam Dunk It

In the hold: Michael Jordan

Grand Slam Dunk Michael Jordan is a fan.

As well as Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Dennis Quaid.

While Bill Clinton has even got his molars into the Teeth of the Dog.

The specs are that it was designed by Pete Dye with seven of the 18 holes on the 7,357 yards course playing right along the Caribbean Sea, 20 feet above the surf.

For those golfies among you Golf Digest  placed The Teeth of the Dog at No.20 in its top 100.

It was topped by Royal County Down at No.1 but with Gullane’s Muirfield.

Up the road from me here in New Berwick, at No.7.

On the Teeth of the Dog the sea is on the left on holes five through eight.

And on the right on holes 15 through 17 and every hole is unique and scenic.

The rates

Dye For: If you avoid the water

Now there are three courses at Casa de Campo in La Romana.

The geniusly-named Dye For and the more traditional The Links building the trinity with our Teeth of the Dog.

We’re told that with your all-inclusive stay you can enjoy daily golf across all three award-winning courses at a reduced daily rate.

The nightly rates per person are between $65-$95 and follow the site for other rates.

The resort also boasts eight outstanding restaurants.

And the stunning Minitas Beach Club, a Marina and an Equestrian Center featuring Polo.

There’s a shooting course too.

While there’s great shopping, and three private pristine white sand beaches.

So go on Dom Rep it up.




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Car hire and higher

Off on a road trip, well it’ll cost you because it’s getting car hire and higher out there.

And nowhere more so than my spiritual home Ireland where in some counties they’re a must.

My old mum would oft refer to her homestead of Donegal in north-west Ireland as the ‘forgotten county’.

And it didn’t help when they ripped up the rail tracks in 1959.

Donegal driving

Donegal Mammy: And son at Doon Well

So now if you want to get about you need to either have a car, rent a car…

Or your hotel or B&B can get Eileen to ask Aoife who knows Niamh is passing and can get you halfway.

Where Bladhana can get you to Sorcha, but make sure you’re ready or they’ll leave without you.

By the end of it all, of course, you’ll feel one of the family.

Of course, many of us prefer our independence, but alas that comes at an increasingly greater price.

With revealing the average cost of hiring a car in 2022 rose by 267% on the previous year.

Site for sore eyes: Discover Cars

Their data highlights an average increase of 47% worldwide.

With the average cost of a one-day car hire rising from £43 to £67.

So to get on the road in Ireland you’ll shell out £155 (yes, we know they’re in the Euro), up from £42.

Now we would never let a small thing like expense put us off a destination… we’re just giving you the road manual.

On the road again

Obrigado: With the Scary One in Portugal Centro

The world’s second biggest country takes some getting around.

And that no doubt is the spiel for a spike of 264%.

Full reveal here on the third biggest mover here, Portugal-Azore Islands.

Because when we toured Hidden Portugal, Portugal Centro, we had the services of a driver/guide/historian and Coimbra’s most famous son.

Jose Madomis of Madomis Tours.

Now we’ve availed too of the services of our own fellow Britons, ninth with an 85% rise, but still cheaper than the trains.

With Katarina in Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, fifth at 131% but again with a history lesson thrown in… and Becherovka and salty age-defying water.

While Greece is tenth at 81% which may persuade you to do a Pheidippides and run the 26 miles or so from Athens to Marathon.

There’s no rhyme nor reason why the other countries on the list should have seen such hikes.

But Israel, Iceland and Albania are countries where you need wheels because donkeys correctly have rights now.

Slowly does it

By hook or by crook in Tenerife

Of course with everything on the rise sometimes the best we can hope for are small increases.

And the Canary Islands at just 2% leads the way here.

Though if you do hire a car (at only £25 the cheapest on the list) then why not walk some of the way.

With CanariaWays where you’ll experience the many Tenerife eco-systems before refuelling at the Franco-theme Bar in Afur.

Fly drive

Love a duck: At Epcot Centre, Florida

Now for many of us getting behind the wheel of a car in a foreign country requires a deep breath.

And my only attempt, in a Fiat 500 in Cannes, and it’s dashboard gearstick, never got out of the car park.

Although I kept that quiet from the organisers of the Florida Keys road trip.

Alas, but fortunately for other road users, it got cancelled by Covid.

Cut-price cars

Rocky mountain high: Colorado Rockies baseball team

Unbowed, I’ll be back though to the Sunshine State and you will too particularly with a 23% decrease in the hire of a car.

Bookended in the top four is America’s Playground, Colorado.

That’s when you’re not roped into their abseiling, freestyle rock climbing, white water rafting or roadside skiing.

Who is squeezed in between the two, why Guadeloupe and Australia… let’s go Outback.

And let’s not be put off when we see the car hire and higher.