Strictly Jim Dancing – with Judy Murray

Start Daaaaancing… the new season of Britain’s favourite television entertainment show is back.

And already there’s a big talking point.

Jamie Laing has had to pull out after injuring his foot in the group dance which left him unable to walk.

Leaving us all wondering two things: Who will the awesome Oti now dance with?

And who the flip is Jamie Laing?

I’m reliably informed that he is a ‘star’ from the reality TV show Made In Chelsea.

We have been introduced to all the other new stars…

And a new judge, Motsi Babuse, above, who has big stilettos to fill in Darcey Busell but comes across as delightful.

And of course in best Brucie fashion we have our ‘favourites’.

Twinkle toes

Alex Scott, the bookies’ hot tip at 4-1 comes across as a right good ‘un from her stints on TV sport. And she looks great in a dress.

There are a couple of other sporty types I recognise – the former England goalkeeper, and beanpole, David James who looks ready made for some Calamity James headlines.

And rower James Cracknell who is sticking his oar in already.

Anneka Rice obviously loves a challenge, although that will be lost on viewers of a certain age.

While I recognise Catherine Tyldesley from Corrie although I haven’t watched it for yonks, probably since Reg Holdsworth.

Just some of my moves… with the Fijians in Dublin this year

My eyes lit up when I thought there would be a Spice Girl dancing only to see that it was Emma Barton who apparently was Honey Mitchell in EastEnders.

A gap in my pop culture although I hope I’ve made up for that by knowing Michelle Visage.

The perfect Visage

From RuPaul’s Drag Race, a favourite telly show of my own Little Dancing Queen.

And how did all this sneak into a Travel blog, other than it’s my blog and my rules.

Well, I did ‘dance’ with Strictly legend Judy Murray at The Campus in Quinto da Lago in Portugal and it gives me a chance to reprise the picture and story https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/06/12/sportugal/.

Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk for all your other Strictly news. And of course now that I’ve flagged up The Campus follow this website http://www.quintadolago.com.

Keeeep Dancing.

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