Welcome to my world (God help you!) and my office.

But this world belongs to you and me, so let’s look after it.

As white water rafter par excellence Brad told me in the Colorado rapids, it’s the office, so keep it clean. 

I’ve been travelling for 56 years (I’m 55 but that wasn’t going to stop my Wee Irish Mum… it’s in my genes).

I’m Ireland’s Travel Editor of the year and an award-winning Travel writer.

For the Record

And for the record the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail is where I’m at now.

Before this I hotfooted it around the world for the Irish Daily Mail (and you), 13 years in all with the paper.

Of course the real boss I’m reporting to is the Scary One at home (you’ll be hearing a lot more about her).

I’ve also written for the Sunday Times, The Irish Sun, The Irish Independent, The Irish Star, The Irish Mirror,The Herald in Ireland, The Sunday Post, The Sunday National and the Irish Post. And I have also supported Dreams Abroad as editor.

I’ve got 33 years of journalism under my belt, 15 of those in sport, so if I wander into kickball then just give me a jolt.


I’m not about to be taken away from all this and fear no virus.

In the clamour for my services I did sell myself to the highest bidder to become a company man all over again…

And I’m already showing myself to be great company at my new post with the Daily Record and Sunday Mail in Scotland.

And I am also under the umbrella of Reach PLC and their papers, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The Star, The Daily Express, The Sunday Express and all their Irish titles.

I’m also a History/English nut and graduate and a culture buff.

That is when I can drag myself away from the party and the booze. 

I live and work by the mantra of Barbados Soca singing sensation King Bubba:

‘Rum is mi only medicine.’

Whether it’s partying in LA and Anaheim in the Golden State, California with Natasha Bedingfield.

Dancing with Judy Murray in the Algarve.

Lying back in the Red Sea in Jordan.

Riding out in the Wild West in Colorado, or in Flanders and the Somme and the World War 1 battlefields… I’ll be there.

This is MY OFFICE but it’s a mobile unit so…


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