This land is your land, this land is my land.
From the west of Glasgow, to the east of Ireland.
From South Africa’s Eastern Cape to the Caribbean waters,
This land was made for you and me.

Welcome to my world (God help you!) but this world belongs to you and me, so let’s look after it. As white water rafter par excellence Brad told me in the Colorado rapids, it’s the office, so keep it clean. 

I’ve been travelling for 54 years (I’m 53 but that wasn’t going to stop my Mum… it’s in my genes).

I’m Ireland’s Travel Editor of the year and an award-winning Travel writer, five years hotfooting it around the world for the Irish Daily Mail (and you), 12 years in all with the paper, and now reporting only to the Scary One at home (you’ll be hearing a lot more about her).

I’ve got 30 years of journalism under my belt, 15 of those in sport, so if I wander into kickball then just give me a jolt.

If you want to take me away from all this, I am available to sell myself to the highest bidder and become a company man all over again… and I’ll be great company.

I’m also a History/English nut and graduate and a culture buff when I can drag myself away from the party and the booze. 

I live and work by the mantra of Barbados Soca singing sensation King Bubba: ‘Rum is mi only medicine.’