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Qatar va voom

For most of us football’s winter World Cup was our introduction to this Gulf state so if that whetted your appetite why not Qatar va voom out for the motor racing?

The desert, where you can drive without checking for speed cameras and it’s camel humps rather than speed bumps.

Fly high; With Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Holidays are offering a package for the petrolheads’ festival from October 5-14.

Rev it up: The Qatar Grand Prix

Including the golden ticket of the Grand Prix on October 8.

The Geneva International Motor Show – Qatar which boasts extended test drives to automotive activities in the desert and Expo 23.

And all for €2,121 for three nights from October 5-8 for two at the Al Liwan Suites.

Classics fan

Old meets new: Classic cars in Doha

Now it won’t have escaped your notice that this is Geneva in Qatar and Experience and the most influential motor show is premiering outside Switzerland for the first time.

Where you’ll get to witness 32 of the world’s most renowned marquees showcasing a ground-breaking array of new cars.

And classic automobiles… the classics.

Cream of the crop: Vintage cars

Running from 2pm-10pm daily and 10am-10pm on Saturday.

The exquisite display also highlights the automotive jewels from the Qatar Auto Museum, the Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association, and Qatari & Arabian private collections.

Off riad

Happy as a sand boy: In the desert


Of course as much as we love to look at the swankiest cars even better is to get behind the wheel.

And in Qatar that means off road, or off riad as we like to call it.

What GIMS Qatar calls where the desert meets the sea.

From 7 October you can sign up for the authentic and luxurious festival camp at Sealine.

Camel of you: This is not my first camel rodeo

And its abundance of exciting and indulging pursuits.

That’s exclusive car display, offroad circuit driving, sand boarding, camel riding, dune buggies, stunt shows and live performances.

So if you’re a petrolhead then you’ll want to Qatar va voom out to the Gulf state for a car-azy old trip.



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Funky Finns my latest hobby horse

Now the beauty of what we do here is getting to share our experiences, and I’ve been won over to Suomi with funky Finns my latest hobby horse.

Maybe it’s living in a land of a thousand lakes or being surrounded by 75% forests with all the sport that that offers.

Or that it’s the home of the sauna and Santa, and his reindeer live here too.

But mostly it’s because they are up for the craic (whatever that is in Finnish).

And have some of the weirdest competitions going.

Strumthing else

I’d been steered to Suomi by my old columnist Mal Rodgers who flagged up the extravaganza that is the World Air Guitar Championships.

If only I’d known about that when I was channeling my inner Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend as a teen heavy rock fan.

They’ve been strumming the air since 1966.

And champion and hall of famer Nanami ‘Seven Seas’ Nagura and the competition will return to Oulu next year from August 21-23.

While, of course, if you’ve done your dates and have been keeping up with Suomi, or Finland.

Then you’ll know Oulu is the European Capital of Culture in its 60th year in 2026.

Everyone needs a hobby

But I found the Hobby Horse Championships all on my own.

Which is run over ten classes.

And I can’t help thinking Arthur and his knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

But there is also showjumping and the gamut of equestrian events.

Finnish fun doesn’t stop there, of course.

Suomi swamp football

And what else would our friends try as an alternative soccer than swamp (or Suomi) football in Hyrynsalmi, in its 25th year.

Pastimes come in many guises.

And who knew that you could make a sport out of mobile throwing (well, maybe Naomi Campbell).

Wife is life

Heavy lifting: Wife carrying

Or wife carrying, the world championship for which take place in Sonkajarvi every June.

The wife can be carried piggyback, fireman’s carry.

Or Estonian-style (the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around the husband’s shoulders, holding onto his waist).

And what’s best about this wacky contest is the prize.

All of which is determined by the weight of the man’s female teammate and is paid in beer.

So saddle up… funky Finns my latest hobby can be yours too.



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Mums are bigger in Texas

Listen up y’all like everything else in the Lone Star state Mums are bigger in Texas.

No, not the wrinkled stocking screeching mouse-fearing Mamma of Tom and Jerry…or Barbie Bubba from the trailer park.

Though don’t shoot me… I’ve seen all the Smokey films and Texan women are some of the prettiest in the world.

It’s just the received wisdom is that Mums come in bigger (Gawd, I’m digging a hole here) sizes.

I am, of course, not talking mothers here but the big adornments women wear for Homecomings which Texans call ‘Mums’.

More is more

Mum’s the word: Dress-up time

Which traditionally corresponds with the college football team’s first home game.

And we all know college football is as much about what happens off the pitch as on it.

Teddy Bears’ picnic: The parade

And there are big parades featuring the school’s choir, a marching band.

With most importantly the coronation of a homecoming queen (and king).

With a dance following the big game.

Now if you think less is more then just think how much more ‘more’ can be.

Be your own lone star

Love match: Texas boys and girls

So forget the subtle wrist corsages, faux chrysanthemums decorated with ribbons, go big or go home is the message from Texas.

With the Texan friends and big eads I met at the American Travel Fair in San Antonio giving us a flavour of how they do things.

The good folk of the charmingly named Grapevine are running an exhibition on all things Homecoming Mums tagged…

MUMENTOUS: Football, Glue Guns, Moms, and a Super-Sized High School Tradition Born Deep in the Heart of Texas.’

Book me in: Author Amy

The exhibit is presented in partnership with the Texas Lakes Trail Region, author and photographer Amy J. Schultz, and the Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Activities include the GHS Homecoming parade on Wednesday, October 4.

And the Homecoming football game against Polytechnic High School of Fort Worth on Friday, October 6.

An exhibition of yourself

Frills and thrills: The decorations

MUMENTOUS will be exhibited at the Grapevine Tower Gallery, 636 S. Main Street, from September 23rd-October 14.

The gallery is open Mondays through Fridays, 8am-5pm and Saturdays from 10am-5pm.

Additionally, there will be a MUMENTOUS Open House on the evening of October 4 in conjunction with the GHS Homecoming parade schedule.

Grapevine is just six miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

And we found a sample British Airways return flight from London Heathrow for the first week in October from £589 return.

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Aviva AmAerican Football

Aviva AmAerican Football and let’s throw this thing forward.

To today’s latest iteration of the Aer Lingus College Football Classic at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin (7.30pm).

Between this year the powerhouses of Notre Dame and Navy.

Throwing forward is, of course, the point of American Football… that and touching down.

All of which was news to Mrs M when we were invited to a previous match by Aer Lingus during our 13 years in Ireland.

And, more used to rugby she asked, and this is the third quarter mind, if it was OK to throw the ball forward.

The Fighting Irish

Gridiron giants: The Fighting Irish

Now anyone who has come across the phenomenon that is College Football will know their fans will travel anywhere to see their Alma Mater.

Notre Dame, or the Fighting Irish as they are celebrated, are the most famous name in college football.

Drawing crowds of tens of thousands snd even having their matches televised live on TV.

Noter Dam, as they’re pronounced, hail not from Irish New York or Boston as you might expect.

But north of South Bend, Indiana.

And they regularly draw 70,000 attendances.

The Fighting Irishmen wrap themselves up in the Oul’ Country with their leprechaun mascot and team song Band of the Fighting Irish.

In the Navy

We are sailing: Navy fans

And the Blue and Golds (surprisingly not green) walk the walk and talk the talk, having nailed 11 championships throughout their history.

And judging Notre Dame on how their alumni have fared in NFL.

Then there have only been five Super Bowls that did not feature at least one former Notre Dame player on either team’s roster.

And twelve former Notre Dame players, plus one non-player alumnus, have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall.

So that’s just four off USC (University of Southern California).

With whom they compete for the wonderfully-titled Jeweled Shillelagh.

ND’s rivalry with today’s opponents, Navy, is rather more one-sided.

Navy and Notre Dame played 93 games without interruption from 1927 to 2019 with ND enjoying a 43-game win streak.

The record only snapped by Navy’s win in 2007.

ND also hold an 82-13-1 record over Navy to date.

The Annapolis, Marylanders have a fight on their hands then to overcome the Irishmen back in the Oul Sod.

In truth though today’s game will be a celebration of the ties between Ireland and America.

Aers and Stripes

Cheerleading: Bandanaman and the Bandanettes In Denver

And a reminder of Aer Lingus’s connection with the States (and Canada).

With 16 direct routes with the latest addition to the roster Denver, the Mile High City, and home to the Broncos.

Now Maryland is clearly easier to reach than Indiana, through Washington DC.

We found an 11hr 23mins round trip through Orlando with Aer Lingus to South Bend from €945 round trip.

So as we go all gridiron today and say Aviva AmAerican Football just something to throw forward.

So that you can experience a truly authentic American experience, college football.





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Vive La Republique of Cork

Attention mes amis while we witness the brave men (and women) of Munster cheer and exclaim vive la Republique of Cork.

All ahead of the Rugby World Cup, the starting gun for which has been shot with the Summer Series games across Europe.

Ireland, as the world’s No.1 side, are among the favourites with hosts France.

And proud Corkonians that they are they believe their province Munster are the true custodians of Irish rugby.

Built largely on a famous Munster victory over the world’s most successful country, New Zealand in 1978.

The 15-0 triumph over Graeme Mourie’s All Blacks.

Green machine: Ireland v Scotland at the Aviva

The first by an Irish side and a touch point for a future rugby hero Ronan O’Gara.

O’Gara, whose drop goal kick in Cardiff won Ireland their first Grand Slam in 61 years in 2009, is better placed than most.

To promote further links between Cork and World Cup hosts France.

With O’Gara, a perfect No.10 by any gauge, having gone on to forge a stellar coaching career in France.

And masterminding the development of one Jonny Sexton there.

Way to Ro

House of O’Gara: Ronan and friends at Charles Fort in Kinsale. PIc: John Allan

House of O’Gara: Ronan and friends at Charles Fort in Kinsale. PIc: John Allan

It makes sense then that Tourism Ireland approached Ronan, manager of La Rochelle, to front a new  campaign to promote Cork in France this autumn.

With the campaign going live next month to coincide with the Rugby World Cup.

The campaign will include a new video featuring O’Gara.

Visiting various locations in Kinsale and Cork city that ‘fill his heart with Ireland’.

As well as showcasing some of the many great things to see and do on a holiday in Kinsale and Cork.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage French holidaymakers to fly or sail direct to Cork during the off-season months.

It will run on Tourism Ireland’s social channels in France from early September.

A word from the sponsors

Touch of the Blarney: The Blarney Stone

Monica MacLaverty, Tourism Ireland’s Manager Southern Europe, said: ‘We are delighted to partner with Ronan O’Gara for our upcoming campaign in France.

‘It’s a great opportunity to capitalise on the excitement in the run-up to, and during, the Rugby World Cup.

‘Our aim is to highlight the many great experiences and attractions in Cork city and county.

‘As well as the ease of access from France to Cork and the warm welcome that awaits our French visitors.’

Amis across the water

Nice to meet you: The English Market

Of course, the French are no strangers to Cork and Munster, and happily helped out the Irish in their fight for freedom over the centuries.

Although any accords will naturally be put to one side should they meet in the World Cup.

Filming for the campaign took place at various locations, including Charles Fort and The Bulman in Kinsale.

As well as in Cork city at The English Market where the Queen mingled among the stallholders.

The Farmgate Café, Crawford Art Gallery, Patrick Street and Market Lane are also featured on the movie.

While the crew also captured footage of musicians from the Cork Jazz Festival and of an oyster experience in Goldie.

And all that jazz: The Cork Jazz Festival

Now the Corkonians, as well as being famous for their rugby acumen, are also known for their singy-songy voices.

And addressing all men as ‘Boy’, pronounced ‘Bahai’.

And while it can’t be absolutely verified if you do want to go truly native and talk like a Corkonian.

Then you’ll want to get dangled by your feet upside down to kiss the Blarney Stone too.

While you’ll never go wrong by greeting a Corkonian with Viva La Republique of Cork.


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Here we GAA with sport’s biggest rivalries

Ireland will come to a standstill today for Dublin v Kerry so here we GAA with sport’s biggest rivalries.

The two great Gaelic Football or Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) rivals have been facing off against each other since 1892.

So if you’re lucky, or you’ve planned ahead, then you’ll find yourself in Dublin on All-Ireland weekend.

When the Dubs and Kerry meet for the 14th time to decide who takes Sam home.

Sam being the iconic Sam Maguire after whom GAA’s most coveted trophy is named.

And paraded around the winning county’s clubs, filled to the brim with booze.

Croker is the real thing

Kerry gold: Kerry in action

Now seeing we live our lives by the mantra… go to where the locals pray and play we’d recommend the temple of GAA, Croke Park.

The 82,000 capacity North Dublin stadium affectionately known to locals as Croker which also houses the All-Ireland hurling final.

And Limerick’s hurlers are still in full party mode after beating their great rivals Kilkenny for their fourth title in a row.

Aussie rules

Black and white: Collingwood

Famous travellers that they are the Irish took their Gaelic football with them when they were transported to Australia.

Where the sport developed into the Aussie Rules that it is today.

And the two countries play an international compromise series.

The biggest match of them all is the Grand final with Melbourne giants Carlton v Collingwood the fiercest match-up.

And every sports fan, and even those who don’t, need to visit the iconic MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It’s a thing that they play Aussie Rules on a cricket oval which I know from watching the action at London’s Foster’s Oval.

Boston’s team party

Give it Sox: The Red Sox

And when it comes to sporting rivalries then in America old historical rivalries run deep.

And when you add the snatching of a heroic player, Babe Ruth who you build your club around.

And curse their opponents then it’s plain to see…

Why the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees built up a grudge match.

Boston, of course, is one of America’s great sporting cities.

And its basketball team, the Celtics, have built up quite the history with the LA Lakers.

And its ice hockey team, the Bruins, with the Montreal Canadiens.

While Tom Brady and the New England Patriots built up a resentment from New York, yes, but right across the States.

El Classico

Always Barca: Give us a hug, Messi

Now there are other soccer rivalries including Scotland’s Celtic and their Old Firm derby with Rangers.

But there’s only one El Classico… Barcelona v Real Madrid.

Although there are variations on that theme around the world this football classic allows you to sample the Iberian Peninsula.

And yes, you have to take sides, so full disclosure here it’s been Barcelona ever since I first helicoptered over the Camp Nou.

And got wrapped up in Messimania many years later.

Get in the hole

Teeing up: Ryder Cup in France

Now some old rivalries have enjoyed refurbs to become bigger and better than ever.

With the Ryder Cup, held for most of its history between GB & Ireland, now extended to include Europe.

All of which has meant that as well as the British and Irish heartlands.

We’ve now had Ryder Cups in Spain, France and this September in Rome.

Where we’re hoping that instead of the oft-exclaimed exhort of Fore! we’ll be hearing Forza! instead.

Back to the All-Ireland and if you’re not, or can’t be, at Croker today.

Then the big match is on RTÉ obvs but also now BBC Sport at 3pm.

It’s a good place to start as here we GAA with sport’s biggest rivalries.




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Dip your toe in Dublin’s Forty Foot

It’s a rite of passage if you relocate to Ireland… to dip your toe in Dublin’s Forty Foot.

Take it from me, the Sandycove bay is all part of the odyssey, like it was for James Joyce’s great creation Leopold Bloom.

The Irish as we all know are a hardy bunch and think nothing of swimming in the sea, no matter the weather.

And no matter the weather, even on the hottest day of the year, the Irish Sea is challenging.

But they’ll expect that you dip your toe in Dublin’s Forty Foot.

Better then to make an experience of it from the Anantara Marker Hotel, one of the Leading Hotels of the World, overlooking the Waterfront on Grand Canal Square.

Swim on the wild side

Making a splash: At the Forty Foot

Wild Swimming is part of the ‘Dublin Like Never Before’ menu of experiences.

They bill it as an unbeatable mix of adrenaline and tranquility.

With potential spottings of wild seals and dolphins, although in my one and only swim in the Forty Foot I only saw budgie… smugglers.

They promise too seals popping their heads up above the Craggy Rocks in Vico Bathing Place down the coast.

Where you may also catch sight of Vico’s most famous resident, the black-eyed Bono.

And we top off the adventure with a delicious breakfast or beach picnic for all to enjoy for €295 per person.

Spoon playing

Toothy smile: Dolphins in the bay

If culinary is your thing, and it should be as this is Ireland, then the Marker offers a Spice Spoons package in Howth.

With a sail around Dublin Bay on a fishing boat, seal and dolphin-spotting.

Before you stop off at Kish Fish, home to one of Ireland’s most prestigious salmon smokehouses.

And then return to the hotel to try your hand at baking Irish soda bread. €

From €1150 for two, €75 per person for additions. €150 for the cooking class alone.

One more cuppa coffee

Creme de la creme: Irish coffee

For the road… and when in Ireland learn to make an Irish coffee.

A coffee master and mixologist will talk and drink you through an immersive lesson with this Crafting an Irish Coffee class. €50 pp for Discovery Members – join here.

And there’s more

irish legend: Bono

Now, we’ve been here before  back in Bono’s backyard in Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel where we were regaled by a seanachai, or Gaelic storyteller.

In this case Derek Brennan who will introduce us to Ireland’s hidden secrets and legends in his Docklands Walking Tour €75 per person.

An Irish stud

Thoroughbreds: The Irish Stud

And no we’re not reverting back to Bono here, we’re talking pure thoroughbred racing stock at the Irish National Stud and Gardens  in Co. Kildare.

You’ll see the wonder horses in their stables or out in their paddocks and learn about their breeding and pedigrees with the help of a private guide.

Go one step further with ‘The Irish Racehorse Experience’ and become the owner, trainer and jockey in an immersive experience which offers the chance to partake in an interactive, virtual race. €250 per person.

Another kind of handicap

Irish jig: It’s golf day

And this one is for the golfer in you, at the Royal Dublin Golf Club  in Clontarf.

You’ll be chauffeured to the club and then hook up (sorry) with a professional at Ireland’s second oldest golf club, located on Bull Island in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

A whiskey tasting awaits post-game on the hotel’s picturesque 360-degree rooftop. €210 per person.

All dram good fun.

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Formula for excess

Of course the motor racing is just a diversion… the appeal of the grand prix is that it is a formula for excess.

And a chance to celebrity watch.

Bum’s rush: Lewis Hamilton

And as he’s our man then catch up with our fellow party reveller from Barbados’s Crop Over, Lewis Hamilton.

Petrolheads will, of course, dispute who is the GOAT and who the best fans are.

Take it as red

Fast cars: Monza

But it’s undeniable that the Ferrari’s red livery and prancing horse livery are the most recognisable symbols of the sport.

And that they transcend the sport as anybody who has been through airports around the world and tarried in their shops.

Particularly in Italy but the pick-up is global.

FI’s reach continues to grow and its fan base too, sparked by Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

And served on Irish shores by sports travel providers supreme Cassidy Travel.

Monza bonzer

Tifosi does it: In front of the fans

They are offering a range of F1 packages including the chance to become un tifoso ar Monza on August 31.

And eat, drink and be motory as the fast cars whizz by you on the sport’s fastest lap at 350km.

It’s a four-night package which includes a hotel and F1 ticket.

Which means a three-day grandstand ticket.

All for €839pp, based on two people sharing.

Take a pit stop

Fly the flag: Italian F1 fans

Flights are not included but can be added when purchasing with the package.

With the nearest airport Milan Linate, only 13kms away.

Though having enjoyed the charms of nearby Bergamo.

I’d advise Italianophiles to take a detour there before the racing with Ryanair flying into Milan Bergamo, 35kms away.

The Italians take their motor racing very seriously and their image.

They call it la bella fugura and you can be sure that no matter Max Verstappen’s procession to the flag all eyes will be on the Party Set.

And you can be one of them too… it’s a formula for excess.

Across the circuits

Abu Dhabi do: The Gulf

Cassidy, of course, are across all the circuits so look out too for their packages.

For Abu Dhabi, Montreal, Canada this season and Austria for next year.

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Basque in Tour de France

Someone will get their hands on the famous yellow jersey tomorrow but, in truth, we can all basque in Tour de France glory.

Le Grand Depart of the most famous cycle race in the world sets off this year around Bilbao for 182km and cycling fans will be relishing the choice.

Bilbao and the Basque Region are, of course famous as a culinary centre and a pescatarian’s dream.

With a lunch hour involving families picking away at platters of grilled prawns (other fish is available) and washing it down with txakoli wine.

While Bilbao also boasts Europe’s largest indoor market.

At over 110,000 sqft where you can browse the produce and take in the jazz.

Peck at your pintxos

Basque buffet: The pintxos

And, of course, you can’t visit Bilbao without going native and heading for the pintxos bars.

Where you can gorge yourself on the small pieces of bread topped with classic ingredients from meat and vegetables to seafood, all held together with a cocktail stick.

Probably not the best prep for today’s cyclists although tales abound.

Of their predecessors’ joie de vivre and love of cuisine and canoodles.

The riders will assemble on a hilltop above the city and loop around Bilbao.

Funiciular fun

Right tracks: Funicular from Bergamo

For the rest of us we can ascend by funicular, and we love a funicular.

The old mountain railway has been running since the 19th century.

And shuttles visitors up and down Artxanda Mountain where you’ll get the best vistas of the city.

And we’ll be expecting running commentary on the city’s many attractions.

Bilbao wow

Flower of Basque Region: Koons’ Puppy at the Guggenheim

With, of course, the Guggenheim, 25 years old last year, garnering most attention.

With the world’s largest flower sculpture, Jeff Koons’ Puppy (or what I title Bilbao Wow) it’s frontpiece.

The Guggenheim, one of three in Europe and seven in the world is a showpiece for Basque art and loves Cubism and the experimental.

And again for the Koons, and tulips fans, among us Jeff has a signature construction of our fave flower inside.

Tulips from Bilbao: And more Koons

The churches right across Spain, and yes we know the Basque Region sees itself as separate, vies with any museum or gallery for art.

So visit Bilbao Cathedral dedicated to our favourite apostle, James or Santiago.

Built in the 15th century in both Gothic and neo-Gothic style.

Its cloisters, alters and towers, as well as the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art is the answer to many a prayer.

Show your Basque

Sebastian go: San Sebastian

As is the fact that the riders and the spectators have Le Tour for the next couple of stages.

With a 209km hilly second stage from Vitoria Gasteiz-San Sebastian.

And a a downhiller and some sprinting too in the third stage.

It’s a 187.4kmer from Amorebieta across the border to Bayonne.

On Le Tour: And at the top of Le Tour

Which again the Basque people will tell you, as we know from our wanderings from Biarritz, is part of their region.

Still, all such conversations are for a different time, the Tour de France has its own borders.

It’s just enough in the first few days to Basque in Tour de France glory before others take over.








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No yolk… the World Egg Throwing Championships

And some experiences just write themselves. No yolk… it was the World Egg Throwing Championships Sunday past, June 25.

So then the yolkers (you know me, there will be plenty of this sort of stuff) the egg-throwing has been taken off the streets and attacks on politicians and royalty.

And taken to the Swaton Vintage Day in Lincolnshire in eastern England.

Where they have a number of cracking eggy events to participate in (and who doesn’t want the chance to become a world champion).

Now the Egg Throwing Championships are a multi-discipline team and individuals event as part of the bigger community and charity day.

So without further ado let’s get cracking.

On the oval

Field of dreams: Let the best eggs win

The egg-throwing competition sees teams of two people stand ten metres apart.

And they take turns to pass a raw egg to each other without cracking it.

The distances are stretched ten metres at a time until a winning team emerges.

Catapult your egg

Prize guys: And top eggs

Now if you want a real l’oeuf then what about the egg-hurling trebuchet tournament, a human target for egg throwers.

Maximum points awarded for hitting delicate parts of the anatomy.

And the not-to-be-missed Russian Egg Roulette challenge, in which competitors choose eggs to smash against their foreheads.

One egg out of the box of six will be raw while the others are hard-boiled.

Now if your head isn’t scrambled with all this info then here’s how to get to Swaton.

Think outside the box

Roulette: Which one is raw?

It’s just outside the village on the B1394, 15 minutes from the A17 and only 5 minutes from the A52… trust your GPS.

The organisers tell us it’s within easy driving distance of Sleaford, Grantham, Boston, Newark, Peterborough and Lincoln.

And for those who like the familiarity of a big city as a reference point, it’s 138 miles north of London.

Or 94 miles east of Birmingham and 116 miles south-east of Manchester.

And just 23 miles from Lincoln, the county town with its own cathedral, castle and Magna Carta artefacts.

Of course, we all know the major attractions in England but like anywhere if you get further afield you can find some real gems.

And English country life, or village preservation societies can transport you back in time.

Stick it in the family albumen

Life’s a poach: With egg-hurling

With my own English Rose who grew up in such a village, Kintbury in West Berkshire, royal county, swears by them.

I dare say she’ll be hankering back to her childhood days when she followed the Morris Dancers.

At the May fete as she revisits next week.

So, if you’re from those English village parts or are passing through take in some folksy entertainment on the last Saturday in June.

Because no yolk.. the World Egg Chasing Championships is one to get pictures of for the family albumen.