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Heaven for Devon

It is a right royal bunfight between two English counties which the Queen has now ruled on. So sorry Cornwall, it’s heaven for DevonONE decrees it’s jam on cream.

It’s actually timely that the Queen’s pastry chefs have revealed that Her Maj is Devonian in her scone tastes.

All of which is bad news for neighbouring West Country county Cornwall where it’s cream on jam.

Knowing look: Mary Berry’s giving nothing away

And why is this centuries-old row brewing again? Well, because supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is in the eye of the storm for putting out an advert where a Cornwall scone has  the cream on first.

Creme de la creme

What we do know from living down near those parts is that Devon is the cream (we actually like Cornwall too  but for the purposes of this article…)

And Ireland’s national airline carrier knows it too, or is coming around to it now.

Aer Lingus has announced that it is launching a direct flight to historic Exeter from August 30.

With my old friends Aer Lingus

And helpfully flags up for those who don’t know the county the city’s Gothic cathedral and its quayside as well as its national parks Exmoor and Dartmoor.

And for paleontologists its Jurassic Coast in East Devon, with its 185 million years of history.

Beer on us

Devonians recommend Stuart Line Cruises to get around on your fossil hunt.

I’m here for Beer

While we were taken too among the attractions by Beer. And there’s little surprise there.

Mind you, Beer is better known for its chalk cliffs and quarry caves.

I dare say there are lovely craft beers down here but real Cornwallians and Devonians drink cider.

East Devon and the Jurassic Coast

Now don’t get us started on which is the better. Although we do know a wee old woman in Buckingham Palace who swears by one of them!

With Aer Lingus fares starting at from just €36.99 and four weekly flights on offer you’d have to be a dinosaur not to explore this magical corner of England.




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