Soll Mates

Clare lies at the bottom of the nursery slopes waving at me frantically as I careen headlong towards her on the first day of our week-long ski holiday.

An hour later we are in in the sauna, her thigh has swollen up and is a radiant purple.

That night I get The Talk. I’m glad now that i did otherwise I might never met the wife, Sarah.

Have skis, will unravel

This is my first ski holiday since, although Sarah and I did do some rudimentary snow ploughing in north-east Scotland 25 years ago.

It will be my signature move this week in the Austrian Tirol, that or falling.

Sound of music

But let’s start at the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start.

There’s method in the madness though, it’s all about balance.

Sarah has it, I don’t ,and she has to swerve out of my way at the last minute.

Miraculously I master some level of competency and, after breaking for lunch, I go back early.

‘Boy racer’, he says. I take it as validation. I am ready for the mountains.

Do I have to go down that?

But not the chair lift!

The trick is to pull down the bar, rest your feet and skis on it, and do the reverse when it gets to the top.

Of course Sarah knows that but I get stuck and we can’t get off, bringing the operation to a halt.

Thousands of people ride the chair lift successfully in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental. I mess with their numbers.

But there’s a bar to ski to

Best bar none

This is a bar I can handle although I am reticent when a regular wields a hammer next to me.

I wouldn’t recommend it though in some of the hostelries I know back home.

But exhilarating…?

I took huge gulps of Alpine air in and snow into my already white beard on the way down and have rarely felt so alive.

I convince myself that I have earned a day off the slopes in Salzburg, an hour and a half up the road.

Out of the frying pan!

We want to channel our musical sides, so I listen on the city coach to the audio tape of the real story of the remarkable Von Trapp family,

Mozart is on the other channel… philistine that I am, it always is.

The hills are alive

We stop to allow me to throw my arms around wildly at Maria’s fountain, making up for the fact that the water’s off today.

The lake where the boat capsizes in the film and drive past SoM’s gazebo.

There are other Von Trapp landmarks too, it’s just that these are a few of my favourite things.

I’m lost somewhere out there

Steady! These are chocolate Mozart balls, much beloved by Salzburgers and chocaholics at home.

Tonight the centrepiece is a delicious pork/chicken fondue or equally mouth-watering wiener schnitzel which I pick off Sarah’s plate.

I have already made a game effort at a meaty starter and carnivores’ soup.

My only concession to vegetarianism is the ice cream though I wouldn’t be surprised if Hans hadn’t given it a hint of Bratwurst flavouring.

A sticky moment

Going to bed I feel the meat sweats coming on.

Thankfully I can defoliate in the morning in the sauna before hitting the slopes.

We’re up for it: The Black Run

I put a towel around me to protect my modesty – I needn’t have bothered.

I keep my head down too today on the slopes, it’s best not to get ahead of yourself.

And, particularly in the afternoon when everybody’s been on it, the snow can get fluffed up.

Dream of the mountains

So it’s good to see the dangers before it’s too late.

From here I can see across the whole mountain range even into Germany.

It’s thin air up here – my ears pop – but it’s the panorama that takes my breath away.

We decide that this, our penultimate full day will be our last on the slopes and I ski my little heart out.

The Hills are alive: Sakzburg Sound of Music

I awake for the highlight of the night. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in The Whisky Mühle is Alex Johnson, a husky throat-warbler.

He belts out all the great standards while the punters pour Jägermeisters down his throat..

II should be good at this considering how much time I’ve spent on my arse this week.

Something for the kids

I think of how much fun the kids would have on the witch’s run… and my mother-in-law.

Well, I have to get my fruit

Ally and Laurie would love the Alpeniglu village in Hochbrixen mountain station too.

Each year they build this dramatic village comprising 18 igloos from scratch.

Laura, our guide, takes us into the bar, always a good place to start.

I’m back trying to chisel me out a drink

Where you can order cocktails in ice glasses and chip your own miniature Jägermeister out of a block of ice.

Then there’s the ice restaurant, complete with intimate alcoves.

Through the archway is the chapel where you can pledge your troth complete with romantic adornments in ice to melt your heart.

The bridal suite and other bedrooms are across from the main igloo.

And it comes alive in summer too

Inevitably, our visit falling close to the end of the season, they will pull all this down in a couple of weeks.

The snow is melting and thoughts are already turning to spring and summer a hiking, mountain biking, swimming.

But here’s someone to keep me warm

But they will rebuild it and this endless winter adventure park again for the new season.

I have only touched on what the Wilder Kaiser has to offer.

Petra, our twenty-something guide has been skiing these mountains since she was three.

And she insists she has many, many mountains yet to ski.

I love igloo too

What is it with Austrians and child prodigies? If only they had a word for wunderkind.

Me, I will be back. To tackle a black? No, that’s a far, far way

Travel facts

Reflecting on a great trip

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*This article was first published in the Irish Daily Mail in 2015.

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