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Dreamy Dromoland Castle Hotel

It’s how we all travel in our sleep, and dreamy Dromoland Castle Hotel in romantic Co. Clare, Ireland is the world’s best hotel for Zzzzs.

Now what we look for most in a hotel particularly if we’ve got jet lag but also if we’re just jaded is a good night’s sleep.

And for us the first thing we do when we get into our rooms is check the roll.

Whether it’s a one, two or three roll with, of course, a triple roll the best.

Meaning you can swivel three times before falling out of the bed or land on your partner.

All of which is underpinned by leading mattress maker King Koil.

Rolled King Koil

Let’s hit the hay: The King Koil mattresses

And Rolled King Koil as we call it will make you a merry rolled soul, all right.

So what is about King Koil that Tripadvisor reviewers fell for at dreamy Dromoland Castle Hotel?

Well, it would seem to be their deep sumptuous mattress pillow top.

Supportive, with breathable fabric and pressure-relieving memory foam for healthy comfort.

And here’s the science… no less than 2,000 independent pocket springs support the body and minimise partner disturbance.

While the back support and mattress edge protection, with re-inforced border encasement, ensure edge-to-edge sleeping comfort without roll-off.

King-sized offer

Red carpet treatment: The foyer

And best of all the King Koil Dromoland Castle bed comes with an added incentive.

Of a free room upgrade at Clare’s pride and joy with every purchase.

This exclusive promotion is in-store from 1 October to 31 December.

Now Drumoland have a range of offers at hand but here’s one we fell on to give Thanksgiving for for you and your partner

Best seats: In the house

With the Thanksgiving experience for €1379 offering:

•Two nights luxurious accommodation including full Irish breakfast each morning.

•Special Thanksgiving welcome amenity from Executive Head Chef, David McCann.

•Thanksgiving dinner on the Thursday night, showcasing the best of Irish produce and with an Irish twist.

•Estate activity of choice which includes genealogy or country pursuits (falconry or archery or clay target shooting).

•Or golf on the championship course.

Sleep well

Strings to your bow: And learn archery

And because we’re more, much more than a travel blog, more a template for life.

We bring you tips for a better night’s sleep.

And that means gentle exercise… steady, that’s before you get into bed!

Decaffeinating, we’re always told, helps. So go easy on the booze, coffee, fizzy drinks and chocolate.

Keep regular sleep patterns and wind down before going to bed.

Queen of the Castle: Or king, at Drumoland

Create an atmosphere by keeping the room dark, with black-out curtains or blinds.

Avoid blue light, like computer and phone screens, and keep the room cool.

While the old adage rings true that to get through life get a strong bed and good pair of shoes.

As you spend half your life in one and the other half on the others.

With mattresses to be changed every eight years.


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Ireland Iceland Island Fireland

The financial joke was that the difference was one letter and six months, but we’re not the only ones linking Ireland Iceland Island Fireland.

Although it has taken our friends at Celebrity Cruises to make it a cruise route.

Celebrity is offering 11 nights for €1,684pp, on Apex, departing Southampton for Cork (Cobh) on June 27.

Love me tender: Celebrity Apex

And taking in the pride of Iceland, Reykjavik, Isafjordur, Akureyri and making a detour to Kirkwall (Orkney Islands).

They are also offering up to 75% second guest, saving included.

Up to $200 to spend onboard and free parking in Southampton.

Navigating the waters

Now these may be uncharted waters for even the most experienced of cruisers.

But one of the most famous explorers of them all sailed this way 1,500 years ago.

Yes, only the first Westerner to reach America.

No, not that one, Christopher Columbus.

But St Brendan the Navigator who called Iceland the Land of the Smiths on account of the volcanoes.

Now Smithsland would, of course, have been a very different place.

But they’re right about something, there is a light that never goes out in the land of Ice and Fire… and the Northern Lights.

On-board luxury

Ship shape: Celebrity Bandanaman

You’ll enjoy five days at sea when hopefully you’ll get to see sharks just like Bren did back in the 6th century.

So you’ll be able to relax at the cabanas, disconnect at the art gallery.

Play Jenga on the rooftop garden, dance away at the club or pamper up at the salon.

And among the entertainment and culinary spaces we have happy memories of Eden from Celebrity Edge off Florida.

So follow in the footsteps of one of the great seaman, St Brendan the Navigator.

And make this your summer cruise next year… Ireland Iceland Island Fireland

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Dún Laoghaire Harbour Trailblazing

It’s Dublin’s seaside resort which has spent a lifetime reinventing itself and here again we see Dún Laoghaire Harbour Trailblazing.

Dún Laoghaire has seen a lot of changes in its 350 years from a clan fort to the gentrified coastal suburb it is today.

Not least in its name from Dun Lerroy to Dunlary to Dunleary to Kingstown to today’s nomenclature Dún Laoghaire.

Pronounced the same but ‘as Gaeilge’, or in Irish, since 1921 the early days of the embryonic Irish Free State.

Cannonball run: The DL pioneers

Which we all know has evolved into the Republic of Ireland.

The new interactive Dún Laoghaire Harbour Trail with Failte Ireland helps you to explore the changing history of the town and nation

A town very close to my heart from my 13 years in Ireland.

And celebrated even longer back in our family for hosting my Dear Old Parents’ wedding back in 1956.

Follow the trail

Mais oui Dún Laoghaire: Napoleon

The trail consists of ten key points of interest along the coast and down the east pier.

It also captures some of the best views of Dublin Bay and complements the newly launched Dublin Coastal Trail, more of which later.

The DL trail is of course more, much more, than ten touch-points, it will be 350 years of history.

So if you want to situate Ireland in the Napoleonic, Crimean wars and British royal history then this is your route.

Grandstand it: At the Bandstand

Start your journey at the entry point to Victorian Dún Laoghaire, the Pavilion… and no, not the mall it gives its name to.

Visitors have been stepping off the train to enjoy the sea air here since 1837, its then-terminus.

Before it later moved out to my old stomping ground of Greystones in Co. Wicklow.

Walk this way

On a pedestal? Old royalty

You a fan of Victoriana then the second stop-off on your trail takes you to a cool fountain.

And its owls, cranes, griffins, shields, lions, and crowns, all topped by the winged horse, Pegasus!

Right we always encourage you to share some of the load so won’t be going through all ten stops… so check out the DL site.

But as keen historians naturally pause awhile at the King George IV Monument.

And a royal visit to the town in 1821 which resulted in the changing of the name, for a time, to Kingstown.

DL (sorry, we’re being lazy here) clearly played its part in British muscular foreign policy much like today.

The route: Footsteps of history

And you can see a Russian cannon in DL which saw action in the Crimean War of the 1850s.

Look out too for the Romanov family crest of a double eagle and crown.

We naturally want to celebrate DL people more so and you can at Pioneer Point with nods to its innovators, trailblazers and rebels.

Take Rat: Bob and the Boomtown boys

And Bob Geldof and his Boomtown Rats and Ronnie Drew of The Dubliners are leading such figures.

The piers naturally stand out from the town.

And it is 2,600m to the end of the East Pier and back.

And don’t forget to tip the Battery wall at the end of the pier with your foot – a local tradition.

Dublin on the horizon

Ship comes in: In Dún Laoghaire

Of course as much as we will be looking back into DL we will obviously want to gaze around the coast.

And that is where the1960s bronze and mosaic Dublin Bay View Finder will help you.

Historic: Dún Laoghaire

As it points out landmarks all around Dublin Bay from Howth to Dalkey.

All of which will whet your appetite to explore the whole coastline as I did when I first lived there.

Stopping off at train (DART) stations to check out each individual locales and locals.

All of which has been neatly tied up through the Dublin Coastal Trail.

Our friends in DL though are obviously possessive of their own historical jewel.

And want you to embrace their Dún Laoghaire Harbour Trailblazing.



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Give Irish Country a twirl

Its roots go back to when the biggest acts skipped Ireland when the locals opted to give Irish Country a twirl.

There were outliers, of course, and the unique Johnny Cash embraced Ireland, and why wouldn’t you?

To the point that he scribed Forty Shades of Green after looking down on Ireland’s patchwork fields from a plane.

The Irish are coming

Music with that: At Harvey’s

But when Country’s grandees stayed away an Irish cottage industry of soundalikes flourished.

Tyrone’s Philomena Begley, Dublin’s own Dickie Rock and the Miami Showband.

And Big Tom and the Mainliners from Ireland’s Nashville in Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan.

And, of course, the Donegal O’Donnell siblings Daniel, or Wee Daniel as he’s known, and Margo.

Irish Country was the soundtrack of my youth visiting my grandparents with my Dear Old Mum in Brockagh, Co. Donegal.

Where we would rent the holiday home next to Harkin’s Bar where Country acts would belt out the acts nightly.

Through the wall and into my bedroom.

Harvey’s cream

Top billing: The Cabaret

The tradition of Irish Country continues to this day.

And drop in anywhere in the country, even on the wrong weekend, as we did in Monaghan, and you’ll learn why.

Ulster, the nine counties which includes the six of Northern Ireland, and Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan in the Republic, is a hotbed of Country music.

And 4* Harvey’s Point, near Donegal town by Lough Eske, Mecca with Irish Country great Tommy Fleming the stand-out draw in a stellar Cabaret season.

Friend to the stars

Kenny’s from heaven: Tommy’s pal

Sligo’s own has shared stages with Kenny Rogers, Phil Coulter and Elaine Page and you could get up and personal to Tommy.

In a Cabaret setting, and having experienced the strains of Van Morrison at the Europa Hotel with my tatties, I’d recommend it.

So why not give Irish Country a twirl?

Harvey’s swanky noise-insulated bedrooms will ensure that the music won’t come through the walls.

But then you’ll probably be up partying all night anyway.

Deal us in

Water place: Lough Eske

Tommy is part of the Cabaret season, performing on Saturday, January 23.

Doors open at 6.45 pm with dinner at 7.30pm sharp.

5 Course Dinner & Entertainment €70.

Two-night stay in a Palatial Suite with brekkie by the Lakeside each morning.

Executive suites from €329pps.



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Aviva AmAerican Football

Aviva AmAerican Football and let’s throw this thing forward.

To today’s latest iteration of the Aer Lingus College Football Classic at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin (7.30pm).

Between this year the powerhouses of Notre Dame and Navy.

Throwing forward is, of course, the point of American Football… that and touching down.

All of which was news to Mrs M when we were invited to a previous match by Aer Lingus during our 13 years in Ireland.

And, more used to rugby she asked, and this is the third quarter mind, if it was OK to throw the ball forward.

The Fighting Irish

Gridiron giants: The Fighting Irish

Now anyone who has come across the phenomenon that is College Football will know their fans will travel anywhere to see their Alma Mater.

Notre Dame, or the Fighting Irish as they are celebrated, are the most famous name in college football.

Drawing crowds of tens of thousands snd even having their matches televised live on TV.

Noter Dam, as they’re pronounced, hail not from Irish New York or Boston as you might expect.

But north of South Bend, Indiana.

And they regularly draw 70,000 attendances.

The Fighting Irishmen wrap themselves up in the Oul’ Country with their leprechaun mascot and team song Band of the Fighting Irish.

In the Navy

We are sailing: Navy fans

And the Blue and Golds (surprisingly not green) walk the walk and talk the talk, having nailed 11 championships throughout their history.

And judging Notre Dame on how their alumni have fared in NFL.

Then there have only been five Super Bowls that did not feature at least one former Notre Dame player on either team’s roster.

And twelve former Notre Dame players, plus one non-player alumnus, have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall.

So that’s just four off USC (University of Southern California).

With whom they compete for the wonderfully-titled Jeweled Shillelagh.

ND’s rivalry with today’s opponents, Navy, is rather more one-sided.

Navy and Notre Dame played 93 games without interruption from 1927 to 2019 with ND enjoying a 43-game win streak.

The record only snapped by Navy’s win in 2007.

ND also hold an 82-13-1 record over Navy to date.

The Annapolis, Marylanders have a fight on their hands then to overcome the Irishmen back in the Oul Sod.

In truth though today’s game will be a celebration of the ties between Ireland and America.

Aers and Stripes

Cheerleading: Bandanaman and the Bandanettes In Denver

And a reminder of Aer Lingus’s connection with the States (and Canada).

With 16 direct routes with the latest addition to the roster Denver, the Mile High City, and home to the Broncos.

Now Maryland is clearly easier to reach than Indiana, through Washington DC.

We found an 11hr 23mins round trip through Orlando with Aer Lingus to South Bend from €945 round trip.

So as we go all gridiron today and say Aviva AmAerican Football just something to throw forward.

So that you can experience a truly authentic American experience, college football.





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How we say goodbye

It says much about a culture how we say goodbye to our loved ones.

And as we bid farewell to our Dear Old Mum today, some thoughts on what we’ve picked up from our travels.

Now some cultures like to go big and bold and brash but we prefer simple and serene.

Teasy will announce herself on the family stone with her name and dates… and she’ll stand out.

Hers is a plot in Glenfin, Co. Donegal and you’ll know it’s Ireland by the Gaelic Football pitch backing onto the graveyard.

May you be in heaven

Water of life: With Mum at Doon Well, Donegal

The Irish, of course, have a healthy approach to death and their own funeral service website, from which Britons can learn.

With their wakes, party funeral receptions and a care for graveyards which we have forgotten on this side of the Irish Sea.

And their uplifting scripts and you may recognise this one.

‘May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.’

Sunrise and Sunset

Hearts and bones: Caribbean grave

Perhaps it’s an island thing although Britain seems to have missed that memo.

Because our Caribbean chums also have a healthy attitude to the passage from this world to the next.

Now I don’t know who Tobagonian Emily McDougall is but you’d have to think she has Scottish descent.

But her gravestone will draw visitors to stop and reflect because of the inscription.

A heart-shaped sign as you can see with a tribute which recognises nature and a sunny people.

By dating her to Sunrise and Sunset.

And because you all know that I’m an unrepentant cribber I have let it be known that I want that too when my time comes.

Wit and wisdom

Slab and tickle: Some gravestone laughs in Co. Wicklow

Of course there are those who use wit to soften the blow for those of us who are left… it’s how we say goodbye.

With Spike Milligan, of Goons fame, instructing family to insert this message to be put in his stone…

Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite which translates as ‘I told you I was ill’.

Which Billy Connolly has finessed by joking on one of his many travelogues as ‘You’re standing on my head.’

Now we all have our ways and drift off on our travels and one of my Dear Old Dad‘s was graveyards.

And it’s something we share and I seek out wherever I go.

You know find out about a place by going to where the locals play and pray.

And of course whenever I want to be with my Mum from now on I know where she’ll be, back in her heavenly home of Brockagh, Co. Donegal.




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The Rose of Tralee

‘Twas the truth in her eye ever beaming that made me love Mary, the Rose of Tralee’.. so that’s what they’re looking for.

The Irish have a thing about eyes (When Irish Eyes Are Smiling) and my own Dear Mum would remind me I have her black Irish eyes.

And Marys (Mary from Dungloe from her beloved Donegal).

So it would probably help your chances of winning the Rose of Tralee were you named after Our Lady.

Irish Rose

So, what other qualities will tonight’s newly-cr0wned Rose of Tralee possess?

Well, only the attributes relayed in the song: ‘lovely and fair’ and ‘all smiling.’

The festival  is an international celebration of world Irishism.

With cailíns from New York to New Zealand and a cousin tried to get on the roster) vying to outlovely and outfair each other.

Before going out to spread the word in the year of their reign.

Of course Ireland’s best export is their people and Tralee and Kerry’s charms are already known the world over.

But no harm to have a reprise.

Rose of Tralee Trail

All smiling: Mary and William

Now you’re not in Ireland if it hasn’t got a trail.

And we all know the well-told self-deprecating tale of the visitor who asks for directions.

And is told: ‘Sure I wouldn’t start from here.’

Of course the good folk of Tralee have more cop-on that and have their own Rose of Tralee Trail for you to trek.

It’s a gentle 10km walk which they recommend you set a couple of hours for.

You’ll set out from the Rose Hotel and make your way through Tralee Town Park, or the Green as it’s known to the locals.

With the centrepiece obviously the statue of the original Mary, Mary O’Connor, and her suitor.

All the while admiring the glorious flowers, with roses obviously the predominant bloom.

The First Rose of Tralee

Bed for a lady: The Rose Hotel

Of course the festival is the highlight of the Kerry social calendar, and further afield.

And obviously everything stops for the five days and nights of entertainment, much of which is free.

This includes live music, concert style on the Denny Street stage, the Rose Dome, and in the town’s pubs.

So what of Mary O’Connor?

Robe: And every Rose needs a beauty parlour

Well, we’re indebted to Patricia O’Reilly, who wrote The First Rose of Tralee.

And tells us that she was a shoemaker’s daughter from Brogue Lane who lived in the town in the 1840s.

She was so beautiful that William Mulchinock, the young master from the big house, fell in love with her.

And wrote the ballad which we know and is the festival’s signature tune.

Bloomin’ lovely it is too, just like our Rose of Tralee.




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Denver the Aer High City

Things are looking up, as they always do when our old friends at Aer Lingus announce a new North American route… it’s Denver the Aer High City.

Denver, in the apron of the Rockies, has one of the most spectacular vistas anywhere to fly into.

Bear with me: Denver’s Blue Bear

You could even be tempted to tarry awhile in the airport were they not an artsy party city awaiting for you.

The oft-told joke the locals will tell you about their city is that because of the altitude, with being a mile high, it’s a cheap date.

And the thin air means you only have to drink half as much to get twice as drunk.

The Milk High City

Dish of the day: Foodie Denver

The Mile High City is indeed a mind-altering experience and that’s even if you do decide to body swerve the local weed.

Nothing is as it seems when the Denver Milk Market, the cornerstone of the historic Dairy Block, is a beverage and culinary magnet.

The downtown Denver LoDo Wazee Street institution bills itself as a 16-venue space with the whole panoply of culinary delights.

This being Denver craft beer capital of America, of course you’ll never be far away from a bar.

And the Milk Market boasts Moo Bar, the Stranded Pilgrim and the Cellar.

Sign of the times: Colorful Colorado

When we visited for American Travel Fair brunch we had an Otterbox stainless steel thermal tumbler thrust into our hands.

With Welcome to Colorful Colorado branding.

And were invited to fill up the booze stations.

I wear, of course, my white Milk Market band to this day to promise myself that I’ll return.

A high old time

Fits the Bill: Buffalo Bill’s graveyard

And when I do I’ll make fun again jumping on and off the city’s free shuttle bus on the 16th Street Mall.

And take in the LoDo Historic District and the ornate Denver Union Station and maybe take in a game in this sports-mad city.

You will be on a high right through your stay.

A la carte: In Colorado

While Colorado is indeed colorful as Otterbox promised us with an array of must-see attractions out of town.

From wild west pilgrimage at Buffalo Bill’s graveyard to the natural Red Rocks auditorium.

Jocky Mountain High: With my Scots buddy Neil at Red Rocks

And then out to Golden, home of Coors beer, Steamboat Springs and its open steam baths.

To Boulder, home of Mork and Mindy and its great outdoors at Open Space and Mountain Parks.

While if you’ve the stomach for it why not ride the rapids?

Just the ticket

Cheerleaders: For the Bandanaman

You’ll truly not want to leave and have an airport that boasts an art gallery and roof putting course.

But don’t take it to my lengths where you mistime your connections.

And find yourself on an eight-hour lay-off and then miss your London link to Dublin through misreading your ticket.

No problem there with your new Dublin to Denver route, commencing on May 17 next year and operating four times weekly.

Fly the flag: For Colorado

All of which means with the reboot of Minneapolis/St Paul that’s 19 transatlantic routes on April 29.

Initially operating four times per week, before increasing to a daily service from October next year.

Why not set yourself the challenge then of getting around all the destinations starting with Denver the Aer High City.



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Farewell and travel well, Mum

Farewell and travel well, Mum.. and you’ll have got to your destination straightaway seeing I’m not navigating you.

I’ve had a lifetime of trips to her homestead of Co. Donegal.

Starting from when I was still waiting to come a-blinking out into the world.

When she would take the ferry from Glasgow to Derry, the nearest town to her hamlet of Brockagh.

Easter arising

The gang: Teasy, third from right, Ronnie, second from right

She would regale us in later life of how she wouldn’t sleep for weeks ahead at the prospect of getting back to see her family.

And then when she would take me over to Brockagh at Easters.

When my brothers would stay at home with my Dad to study.

And then when I had relocated for my 13 years in Ireland when I’d take her up on an annual trip from Greystones in Co. Wicklow.

A trip through the ages in Ireland

Life’s a beach: Travel buddies

There were many adventures along the way with me, my brothers, Dad and a swathe of Irish family.

And there was double trouble the year we took her wee sister Ronnie with us with me driving her automatic sports stars.

Of course, no quicker were we out of the driveway than my Mum started pressing random buttons on the dashboard.

Avoiding the temptation to look out at every house and field along the way the real drama started around the border.

When Teasy gave up the cry: ‘We’re in Bandit Country, Ronnie, tell him Ronnie.’

All along the border

Love ya: With Mum and Sadie

By the time we’d got past Monaghan and their country roads we were back on track and the gabby grannies were back in full voice.

And pointing out the various villages and who they knew who had lived there and passed through their lives.

There would be other journeys and stories, to our American family in New York and around Britain and to Europe.

While she enthralled everyone she met on her travels around the world with my Dear Old Dad after they had empty-nested.

Rest easy, Teasy

Home girl: Teasy and her parents

But we’ll take that final journey to the family plot in Brockagh, Co. Donegal.

And should I hear an echo of a familiar Irish voice in the car then I’ll just do what I did then and turn the radio up.

Farewell and travel well, Mum.

Teasy McNulty Murty (1928-2023), the last of the McNultys of Brockagh, Co. Donegal.



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Ich bin feminine Hamburger

All you single ladies, all you single ladies we bring you the safest cities in Europe… ich bin feminine Hamburger.

All courtesy of Kipling… no, not them but the other ones who make exceedingly good luggage.

And that party city jewel of the North Sea, Hamburg, comes top of their crop for single ladies to go a-travelling.

Power to your Elbe

Looking up: Hamburg

The Solo Female Traveller City Index tells us that Hamburg scores for group activities, attractions, accommodation and more.

They tell us the best ways to explore Hamburg is by foot or bicycle along its picturesque canals.

And if you really want to be ein Hamburger.

Then walk or bike through the Old Elbe Tunnel, the most visited attraction in Germany’s second city.

Speicherstadt is the world’s largest warehouse district and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where my own fraulein was happy to be on the other side of the lens for once.

Blankenese is recommended as a non-touristy spot.

A charming village spot to spend a few hours exploring solo.

And spotting fishermen’s houses, seaside view restaurants and outdoor theatre shows.

Munich Shefest

Cheerfest: And there were women too

Now I can vouch for the second city on the list, also German, as I set off on my own for Oktoberfest in Munich.

And was taken under der wing of a busload of Aussies and Kiwis.

Out of Oktoberfest Munich is still, probably more, an easy city to get around.

With a network of trams and buses with the average one-way trip costing £3.11.

Making it straightforward to visit the city’s iconic spots, including Munich’s iconic Nymphenburg Palace or New Town Hall.

Queen of Scots

Sky’s the limit: Edinburgh

Our own wee capital city, Edinburgh, in our own wee Scottish country is also highlighted by Kipling.

They quite rightly want you to get your walking shoes on and hike up Arthur’s Seat for stunning views.

Wandering through the UNESCO heritage site of New Town.

Or take a stroll through the world-leading Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for 72 acres of beautiful scenery.

Of course my girls, one an adopted Scot and Daddy’s Little Girl, a native Edinburgher, join me in talking up our wee home.

So Faro, so good

Jewel of Algarve: Faro

Now most of us will just see Faro in the Algarve fleetingly, zipping through the airport.

Thankfully my Portugalophile friends Surinder and Carole are always quick to remind me of Faro’s charms.

Faro promises beautiful beaches, a buzzing nightlife and historic sites to explore, including its charming Old Town.

One of Faro’s best-kept city secrets is The Capela dos Ossos, ‘the Bone Chapel’, an ancient building made from the skeletons of 1,200 monks.

Travellers wishing to learn more about Faro’s history can also explore the Municipal Museum which features a range of archaeological attractions.

For a bit of beach time, head to Praia Da Ilha Deserta for 6km of unspoiled sands.

And because all women love to shop (or is that just my Scary One?) then the Forum Algarve or Rua de Santo Antônio is the place to go.

Dublin’s femme city

Best bar none: Dublin

And we all know that it in Dublin’s femme city the girls are so pretty.

And Kipling agree and this is what they say about our old stomping ground.

Well, they want us to get on your guided bike and take in the castle… well, every good city has one.

Trinity College and the Guinness Storehouse are also must-visit destinations.

While they also suggest the Archaeology Museum, Natural History Museum and Museum of Decorative Arts.

In fact we’ll take it from here and point you to the definitive guide to Dublin… that’ll be us here.

Exceedingly good Prague

On the King Charles Bridge in Prague

You can find the other Solo Female Traveller top tips right there on Kipling.

And we’re glad to see our favourite Prague is on there… and we’d recommend good walking boots and a spare liver.

But here’s an idea, work your way through the list… starting with Ich Bin Ein Hamburger.