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Northern Ireland where Your Daddy’s Your man

And a wee (well everything is wee in Northern Ireland) apology to my friends in that part of the world for overlooking them in Five Irish beaches.

So in an effort to redress the balance and because it’s the nearest place abroad that I can go without being quarantined on the way back, I give you Northern Ireland.

For Father’s Day.

Benchmark: With the Son and Heir in Belfast

Now the Murtys have been all over this part of the island and not just the present iteration.

The patriarch, ‘er me, took his first steps in this scribbling business at the Belfast Telegraph as an intern and got offered my first job on the Coleraine Chronicle.

While the Son and Heir studied at Queen’s before spending a year working in Belfast.

Weaving a tapestry

We were though merely following in the footsteps of weaver Patrick Murty of Co. Armagh who had come to Glasgow in the 1770s.

All of which blether brings me onto this offer around Giants Causeway around where we spent a family holiday.

And walked across the Carick-a-Rede rope bridge with the Son and Heir, now a full head taller than me, on my shoulders.

Bridge too far? The famous rope bridge.

When Daddy’s Little Girl came along we sailed the seas across to Rathlin Island and against advice she ate a chocolate bar and fizzy pop and was sick.

The Lighthouse

Of course she and her brother bounced back and we cycled up to the lighthouse. Good memories and a perfect place to lock down.

So without further adieu offers us, among a range of other goodies…

Enjoy Rathlin Island

A sail at sunrise to catch your own breakfast on the Causeway Coast; Catch & Sea, and you’ll set sail from Portrush Harbour into the rising sun over the Mull of Kintyre and Rathlin Island.

You’ll get a rundown on the history of the area and the cave where Robert the Bruce took inspiration from a spider reweavung his web – to try, try, try again.

Catch of the day

You’ll take your catch to a local chef.

They will lay out a home/-cooked breakfast with your fish as the centrepiece.

This offer is by voucher at a competitive 365pp, £35 per chold (ages 6-16). See 

Crowning moment: Game of Thrones

At the risk of irking my friends in the north there are a bunch of other offers to report including Game of Thronesie sites.

But I’ve got a couple of weeks to prompt my kiidies until June 21st so I will return to this.

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