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Cop a load of San Francisco

Its windy streets are ideal for car chases (think Steve McQueen and Bullitt), and you can see why when you cop a load of San Francisco with American Holidays?

San Fran famously boasts the Golden Gate Bridge, a gateway to explore Awesome Oakland.

Long and winding road: San Fran

But San Fran is. in truth, a gateway to a number of cool destinations.

Which is where AH come in with their multi-destination offers.

January Sales

Didn’t he do well? Michael Douglas

All backed up with their January Sale discounts.

Michael Douglas first came to our attention 50 years ago.

As the bulbous-nosed Karl Malden’s junior on The Streets of San Francisco.

And MD didn’t do too badly after bowing out in the final season to become a teacher!

By the time we got to Michael and Karl in 1972 our heads were already spinning from that car chase from Bullitt.

Bullitt proof

Fast car: The Bullittmobile

Frank spent ten minutes in his green Ford Mustang GT being chased by a black Dodge Charger 440 Magnum.

And took in Columbus Avenue at Chestnut Street, Chestnut Street between Leavenworth and Jones, Leavenworth Street at Chestnut and Kansas Street at 20th Street.

And, of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

Magnum opus

I can go fast too: Magnum PI

Talking of Magnums, of course, San Francisco is the gateway, albeit an aerial one, to the home of Magnum PI, Hawaii.

The moustachioed one, Tom Selleck, whom I was oft-mistaken for at the time, stomped his beat on the island of Oahu.

And that slice of heaven was also used for Hawaii 5-0 as well as Honolulu.

San Fran and more

Shirts required: The Hawaiian look

American Holidays offer a range of San Francisco multi-holidays with Vegas, or LA, or Seattle, or part of a Californian road trip.

Or with the 50th state, the Pacific idyll that is Hawaii.

All of which is reason enough to spread your wings.

And cop a load of San Francisco with American Holidays. And Hawaii.

Deal us in

Book ‘em Danno: Hawaii 5-0

You can see that here is a three-night in San Fran and a 15-night Hawaiian Princess cruise with flights from Dublin from €3355pp.

You’ll fly out from Dublin in October.

Book ‘em Danno!





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Enfin la fin de ban

Enfin la fin de ban but there’s nothing fun or sing-song about the announcement of the reopening of French borders (when/if it comes) I should have been skiing en France but won’t be.

Thankfully due to travel providers par excellence Ski France it’s been rescheduled for March and I may still get on the white powder (steady) then.

Never one to look un cheval cadeau in the mouth but is there not a whiff of opportunism about the timing with the February mid-term holiday market there to be milked.

Follow our lead

Sign of the times: En route to Val d’Isere

The current regulations are for those enter France from the UK required to show evidence of a negative coronavirus test taken within 24 hours before departure.

They must also self-isolate for 48 hours after they arrive and then take another test.

With the UK easing its own travel restrictions last week it doesn’t just mean easier access but also saves families money.

People who are fully vaccinated no longer need to take a coronavirus test before they arrive in the UK.

And they can take a cheaper and quicker lateral flow test rather than a PCR after they arrive.

The changes save a family of four around £300.

Off-piste? On an adventure

We will, of course, wait to see what the French have up leurs manches…

Saturday is the projected day for the doors to reopen.

But in the meantime we share the sentiments of Kuoni CEO Derek Jones who tweeted…

‘Holidays saved as France set to reopen borders for British visitors. Finally its time to dig out your ski gear ⛷.’

Crystal clear

Bobbling along: And I’ll stick to the blue runs

With all things skiing the tried and trusted Travel provider is the one we tend to go back to.

As it’s Val d’Isere that’s on my ticket I checked it out with Crystal Holidays

Now we all draw the conclusions we want so I skimmed over the boast of challenging slopes (they all are to me).

And I zeroed in on their claim of the best apres (I’m better at that).

For the uninitiated, Val d’Isere is a 300km area, shared with neighbouring Tignes.

It is well served for long blues (mais oui) and reds.

And not-so-confident skiers can stick to the greens (phew).

Or head over to Tignes to find some easier blues to practise on.

Apres ever after

Apres days: I can rock them with the rest

I need few lessons in the post-ski party, having learned my trade at the Whisky Muhle in Soll with Topflight.

And I’m glad to see that in Val d’Isere it’s recommended to hit up La Folie Douce in your ski boots to apres-midi live entertainment.

So we’re advised to follow the après vibes to Cocorico at the bottom of the lifts.

And end the night with DJs and dancing in Dick’s Tea Bar.

Deal us in

Have skis will travel: I’ll be back

Crystal have seven nights from Saturday 29 January self-catering at the Residence La Daille, departing from London Stansted and going to Chambéry.

It comes in at £494pp which comes in at £988 which is a discount of £302pp.

You’ll be two minutes’ walk to the lift, have a mini-market and bakery nearby.

And you can treat yourself to some spa time at the neighbouring Hotel Samovar.

Now I’m all about the indulgence and when I do get out there in March, it’ll be the high-end chalet life for me.

So bravo as we say enfin la fin de ban.

But as I’ve been here before from Africa, to Europe, to America all in the last 18 months.

I’m fervently praying to Le Dieu.

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Stand up for the Stans

As the eyes of the world, the ones that aren’t on Novak Djokavic and Australia, are focused on Kazakhstan today we’d like to stand up for the Stans.

I don’t have to tell you that there are seven in Central Asia…

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Some we know better than others.. I was schooled in a Pakistani area of Glasgow.

Afghanistan instantly conjures up war but boasts history and culture galore and Kazakhstan is more than the land of Borat.

And some know the Stans better than others.

Such as my cousin’s husband, a health administration professional who is only the Aga Khan’s go-to-man when it comes to managing hospitals in the Stans.

And so when the news feeds told us Kazakhstan was the size of Western Europe I was able to impress my circle.

Silky smooth

You dancer: And you can learn what it means too

It also helps to be on speaking terms with Wendy Wu and her team who know Asia like the back of their hands.

And maybe to have done your homework,. although Joanna Lumley’s The Silk Road is the sort of assignment I would have loved at school.

So if you’re a fan of turquoise domes, yurts and the Silk Road read on…

Wendy is offering a 12-day tour of Uzbekistan from £2,885pp Classic Group Tour which is a saving of £405pp going out on either Friday, April 5th.

Uzbeki the uzbest

It’s not all traditional: East meets West

Our old friends at Turkish Airlines fly to Tashkent from London (from £452), Birmingham (£496), Manchester (£524) and Edinburgh (£511).

So what makes Uzbeki the uzbest?

You’ll kick off in Tashkent, where you’ll remember from Joanna’s show the magnificent Metro station.

And, yes, it knocks the Tube and Glasgow’s Magic Roundabout into the ha’penny place.

Above ground you will marvel at the Khast Imam Complex, home to the Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre.

With Turkish Airlines’ Onur in Istanbul

And the Chorsu Bazaar, a vast open-air market found in the heart of the old city.

Khiva is one of the country’s oldest cities so if you’re into old monuments (Mrs M clearly is) and historical Islamic universities you’ll get your money’s worth.

Joanna sought out a man who’s been making sheepskin chugirma hats for centuries, if you’re looking for a souvenir to go along with your fridge magnet.

Talking of which, you’ll want to earn your bread when you’re there…

So why not seek out a traditional Uzbek bread-making class.

Alexander… it’s great

Greek is the word: Alexander loved it here

Like Joanna, you’ll get to check out Samarkand.

It’s only one of the world’s oldest still-inhabited cities, and its centrepiece is Registan square.

And it has the recommendation of none less than Alexander the Great.

Samarkand’s architect Tamerlane is buried in the Gur Emir Mausoleum which you’ll tick off your list.

As well as the necropolis Shah-i-Zinda and the magnificent Bibi-Khanym Mosque, hailed as one of the most impressive in the Islamic world.

Any trip to a Muslim country wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a Bazaar.

And having taken in the Grand Bazaar with Turkish Airlines in Istanbul, I’d be onto you if you missed out.

Try the bustling Siyob Bazaar in Samarkand… a trip to a traditional factory to learn about silk paper making.

And the wines that have been enjoyed here for centuries.

All the more reason to Stand up for the Stans.

Although after all that shopping and drinking you’ll need to lie down.




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Goodbye to pre-departure tests

If a week’s a long time in politics then a day’s an absolute lifetime as we say a tentative goodbye to pre-departure tests.

The UK and Ireland are not exactly throwing their doors open… we still have to put those little sticks up our nose.

But it’s enough to see punters bombarding their travel agents for summer holiday ideas.

Special agents

Ruby do: With Ruby in Barbados

Our holiday providers have reported business up 150%.

With operators at the likes of Jet2Holidays (flash sale) and Barrhead Travel here in Scotland glued to their phones.

A kinda Christmas come late.

For us Caribbean converts in Scotland (I’ve always been a believer) there has been a rush.

To get on the new Virgin Atlantic Edinburgh to Bridgetown, Barbados route.

While old favourite Tenerife (and why not take in the north and west of the island too) is also seeing brisk business.

State of redemption

Acting Goofy: And a big dog in Disney World In Orlando

The Oo Es of A is always a dream destination with Orlando warming up nicely with a whole raft of attractions.

See you there in June (although I’ve jinxed that on so many occasions I’m loath to name it in case I can’t claim it).

While start spreading the news, New York is among the dream destinations we are lining up as our big comeback holiday.

Now if you’re a UK/Ireland hopper like me then you’ll always favour going through Dublin for your transatlantic trip.

You skip pre-clearance you see.

Aer of optimism

Stairway to US heaven: Brohna Tinnelly and Sean Ryan at the steps of an Aer Lingus plane in Dublin

Our old pals at Aer Lingus are always front and centre with their deals.

Ireland’s national airline carrier has a January Seat Sale.

They have two million seats on sale including up to 20% off European and UK* travel.

As well as flights to North America from just €169 each way as part of a return trip.

And as they reminded us when I was over in Dublin for our American Thanksgiving catch-up their VeriFLY app takes all the work out of it for us.

That way you can upload your Covid-19 related documentation required for your destination,

And that way all of your Covid documentation is verified before travel.

Ya dancer: Ryanair seat sale

As usual we’ll bring you the best deals and destinations right here.

And with that in mind Michael O’Leary and Ryanair never miss out on the opportunity to seize the moment.

And they are offering 100,000 seats from €16.99.

Politicians watch out

Edinburgh Airport Covid rules

So let’s say a tentative goodbye to pre-departure tests.

Safe in the knowledge that politicians being politicians then they’ll likely change all the rules next week.

Let’s not let them.

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Here We Goa Cristiano

Here We Goa Cristiano. Ronaldo, R7, has been put on a podium in India’s Portuguese outlier.

Yes, we’ve been here before, with statues a bit of a hobby horse of mine.

Funny, because there are too many of these with empirical British generals and not enough of the gee-gees themselves.

Although racecourses are the exception.

And who else would have pride of place at Aintree, Liverpool, home of the Grand National than Red Rum?


Cristiano Ronaldo, of course, is a football thoroughbred who his native Portuguese have had on a podium for years.

All of which our tour guide par excellence Jose Madomis made clear early in our visit to Portugal Centro.

Although The Scary One has never knowingly been told who she should defer to… Signore Ronaldo or Mourinho.

The first statue

Honed and toned: Cristiano in Madeira

The Portuguesers know his value, of course, and closer to God is He.

As I found out when I saw his beach towel for sale among all the Our Lady mini-statues in the Marian site of Fatima.

And while Cristiano is lauded on mainland Portugal he is venerated in Madeira, the island off Africa, where he was born and raised.

And where the first Cristiano statue went up.

Cristiano Goanaldo

Indian culture: In Goa

And we’re thinking here that this coastline region of India is made for Cristiano.

We don’t know if in fact he owns any of it but needless to say he should be able to afford a good bulk of it.

Vasco da Gama, named after the explorer, is its capital.

And with its Portuguese culture and architecture you’d be forgiven for thinking you were still in Iberia.

For those who like to mark landmarks (guilty!) next May 30 sees the 35th anniversary of Goa becoming India‘s 25th state.

Get us there

Child’s play: In Goa

All major airlines fly from the UK and Ireland to Madeira, it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes, and our old friends at skyscanner quote £46 with Ryanair.

And we’re advised that TUI provides direct flights from London Gatwick to Goa for a return from £551pp for February.

Here We Goa Cristiano.




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Storm Barra and island it’s named after

After a first year and summer away at University I was told in no uncertain terms to get back for Christmas with my family instead of going off with friends… all of which comes to mind with Storm Barra and island it’s named after.

Its Ireland’s turn to take over the alphabet of storms that are coming our way in Britain.

Unbeknown to me we’re in a mini-union with the Netherlands and Ireland (nobody tell the Brexiteers?).

And we’re flagging up storms with user-friendly and cuddly names.

Why Ireland have chosen Barra I’ve not got to the bottom of yet as it’s a Scottish island.

It may, of course, be named after Northern Ireland’s popular TV weather forecaster Barra Best, and be a hands across the border gesture.

Though quite what Irish fashion maven and weather forecaster Evelyn Cusack had to say about that.

And the fact that Eunice (who?) has got the ‘E’ I’d hate to think.

Anyway, back to the Irish storm alphabet, and apologies for not name-checking Arwen at the start of this round.

And again quite what the half-elven daughter of Elrond from Lord of the Rings has to do with Ireland is again a hole in my knowledge.

Life’s a Scottish beach

Sands of time: Barra beaches

Back to Barra and it is only the fifth most scenic airport in the world.

Behind my Dear Old Mum’s beloved Donegal and some others.

Barra though lays claim to being the only regular beach runway.

It is served by Loganair and our browse found a return ticket from Glasgow to Barra from £71.99. The view and landing is free.

While landing on a beach means you can wear your flip-flops, if you’re an eternal optimist.

Having done the old seaplane in the Maldives, I surely must bookend it with the beach landing.

We’re pleased to see the Vikings are still coming with routes from Scandinavia.

Of course, you can also reach the island by the arterial Caledonian MacBrayne ferry, universally known as CalMac by Gaels and Barra lovers.

The Vikings were here

Call goes out: To the Vikings

And while we’re here why Barra?

And some more flesh on the bone of Storm Barra and island it’s named after.

Because the Vikings were here and named it in Old Norse barr and ey, meaning rough island.

And by Vikings I mean Viking, with the ancient Grettis saga telling us ‘Omund the Wooden-Leg’ was the first to pitch up.

Although I imagine he had ‘Scariur The Evil Eye’ there too to keep an eye on him with all those sheep around.

The Vikings ruled Barra as part of its Southern Islands, or Suðreyjar, from the 9th century through to the 13th century, bar a short period when Somerled declared independence.

Barra has only actually been part of Scotland since 1266 as part of the Treaty of Perth and the payment of a large sum of money.

Priceless Barra

Castle on the sea: Kisimul

And if you’ve been to the Western Isles’ most southerly island (stay with me here) then you’ll know it’s been money well spent.

Money, in fact, isn’t the most important currency on the island, if the following story is anything to go by.

Ian MacNeill leased the stunning Kisimul Castle, off the coast of capital Castlebay, in 2000 out of patriotic fervour, to VisitScotland for 1,000 years… for £1 and one bottle of whisky per annum!

Walk this way

Blooming lovely: The Hebridean Way

Like all our remote areas our tourism chiefs have jumped on them to promote walking routes.

And despite being in a chain of islands, Barra is no different, and is part of the Hebridean Way.

Whether you need to take your swimming gear or not but you can check out the island hop from here up to the northernmost isle of Lewis.

Call of Nature

Sunny days ahead: For Barra

Seal Bay is pretty much what it says on the tin.

While Cleat on the east of the 23sqmile island is where you want to go if you’re a surfer.

It’s probably a bit safer to be a historian (guilty) and The Dualchas Heritage Centre has all Barra’s rich history.

Whisky galore

Drams come true: On Barra, where Whisky Galore! was shot.

So we’ll all take shelter this week (I hate the old newspaper phrase ‘batten down the hatches’).

And we’ll reflect on Storm Barra and island it’s named after.

And perhaps if you are going to be homebound (hello?, we’re back in Covid lockdown territory again).

Then you can order an oul’ favourite book, Compton Mackenzie’s Whisky Galore!, to occupy you.

Or watch the Ealing film.

Celtic society: With Barra boy Andy, Iona, South Uist’s Martin

Basically, it pinches the true story of when the SS Politician ran aground off Barra’s neighbouring island Eriskay in the Second World War.

With a cargo including 28,000 cases of malt whisky as well as other trade goods headed for Jamaica and New Orleans

The locals from the two islands, one protestant Great Todday (Eriskay) and one catholic Little Todday (Barra) have different reactions to the whisky and cash shipwrecked off their islands.

Smiler: My old pal Finlay and my gang.

Of course if you know modern-day Hebrideans you’ll know whisky is the religion which unites both catholic and protestant.

And much was drunk by my friends that Christmas which is why I’ll be toasting The Hebridean, my old friend Finlay.

I trust he will be on Cloud Nine up in Heaven now with his dram. Slainte Big Man.



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Strain of Britain’s trains

Holidos and don’ts goes off track (what’s new there?) with a vent on a national disgrace… the strain of Britain’s trains.

I mean it shouldn’t be this expensive to attend a Christmas party in London.

It’s not as if you’re circumventing the globe.

I mean, it’s only a 403-mile expedition between the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, and the English/British capital.

And just four hours, 40 minutes on the old hail and rain.

Train drain

Rail downer: It’s Bean and gone

But book a train for a fortnight’s time, Thursday, December 16, on LNER to go out midmorning (10am) and get an overnighter (12.05).

And it’ll set you back £145.10 if you’re lucky enough to get the few remaining special offer tickets before they’re swallowed up.

And your bed for the night for your 10hr 13mins trip Sir/Madam is a cramped seat.

Plane savings

Take it Easy: Easier by plane

Compare that with a flight out with EasyJet for those dates and you’ll get change out of £100.

Still dear, yes, but why cheaper than the train.

Alternatively you can take the coach.

Now a detour here down Memory Lane when I took an overnighter down to London and back.

I’ll reach you by coach

Coach me if you can: Topdeck

For a Topdeck Munich Beerfest reunion.

My sole motivation was to renew a holiday romance with a South Australian, Di.

Only she didn’t turn up at our Leicester Square rendezvous.

But did turn up on the night with her Scottish boyfriend.

Still, it wasn’t the coach’s fault… and I’d take it again.

There are, of course, new transport businesses on the road and new booking platforms.

Omio way to go

With Matteo in Bergamo Alto

Omio are now the way to go.

As I found out the last time I circumvented our politicians’ Travelstapo curbs on us going to the continent and visited Bergamo.

And I’ve done the homework for you here too for getting around the UK and brought you a return coach trip Edinburgh to London for £44.12.

And you’ll save in not having to book a hotel room with two nine-and-a-half hourer overnighters on the bus.

The train refrain

Bandanaman and the Bandanettes In Denver

So the bandana and the man stayed home while my Croatian friends had their Christmas party in the Embassy in London.

All within the restrictions too if our one- law-for-us government is watching.

So what then do I do with the sell from HolidayPirates survey.

It says that more than three in four Brits would travel by train if there were more direct destinations and connections.

Whether it’s some post-Brexit British is best loyalty to our trains or whether it’s always been a misplaced patriotism.

Swiss trains

Comfort: Swiss trains

But for anyone who has travelled on subsidised continental trains like in Switzerland will testify they’re cheaper, more efficient and faster.

Guess though we’ll keep buying our government sell and keep putting up with the strain of Britain’s trains.

Deals, Ireland

Craic Friday

And my friends in Visit Northern Ireland and Tourism Ireland can have this one… Craic Friday. For the usual consultancy fee, of course.

As promised more Black Friday offers (and like all the best Fridays they stretch into the weekend).

It’s always nice to share your favourite hotels with your friends.

Dublin’s delights

in with the fixtures: At the InterCon

And I’m glad to have passed on the charms of my favourite Dublin hotel, the iconic InterContinental in Ballsbridge, with my old pal and multi-award winning Travel writer Yvonne Gordon.

Yvonne has been editing an international guide book and dropped in on Nicky and his staff at the D4 institution, just next to my old stomping ground.

You’ll save 25% off their best flexible rate and enjoy:

A spacious deluxe guest room or a choice of luxurious suites with many with balconies.

And a special recommendation here from my own mermaid who rave about their 14m heated indoor pool and relaxation area.

And their 10% off ESPA products.

There’s limited time to book through Friday, December 3.

And the offers are for stays between Monday, November 29 this year and September 4 next year. And book three days before arrival.

Lusty helpings

Lusty Beggers… can be choosers

And you’ll have lusty helpings all right with the famous hospitality in Northern Ireland.

The deliciously named Lusty Beg Island Resort in Fermanagh is giving you 40% off a B&B courtyard stay for two for £105 per night.

Or book two nights B&B courtyard for two for £265 and receive. £70 voucher to use during your stay.

The offer is open from January 1 to March 31 and is open through tomorrow.

Donegal Mammy

Search and replace: That couple could be you

And, yes, no dip into Ireland can be complete without a namecheck for its northernmost county… my Donegal Mammy would never forgive me.

The scenic Harvey’s Point, set in the idyllic surroundings of Lough Eske and with the Bluestack Mountains as a backdrop, is just where you want to be at this time of year.

Or any time, to be fair.

Now if you book your gift voucher online before midnight on Monday you will get a 10% discount.

That’s towards the stay offers or can be used to enjoy an Afternoon Tea or a meal in the Lakeside Restaurant or Harvey’s Bar and Terrace.

So, even though it’s Saturday, I make no apologies for giving you Craic Friday.

That’s  Irish logic for you.




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Back in Black Friday

Now that we’re all travelling again my take on today’s saveathon is Back in Black Friday.

And Wu have we got some deals for you?

And with Wendy Wu you know that she will bring you the world.

Simply book one of our selected fully-inclusive group tours with just a £99 deposit per person and your partner Flies FREE on any departures in 2022 or 2023.

And if you’re travelling solo you can enjoy the same savings with 50% off you airfare.

And Wendy’s generosity doesn’t just stop at that. She’s including a free Airport Lounge Pass with every booking.

So without further AWu.

Wu deals

Shape of things to come: Japan

Japan –  Save up to £350 per person

Southeast Asia – Save up to £300 per person to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and more

Central Asia – Save up to £400 per person to Uzbekistan, Georgia and the Silk Road

New Zealand – Save up to £350 per person

South America – Save up to £400 per person to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina

Far East – Save up to £300 per person to South Korea and Taiwan

Middle East – Save up to £250 per person to Egypt,and Jordan.

Offer ends Monday 29 November. Book online or Call 0808 2580 600.

Sandals in the Windies PtI

Here’s to Sandals: And Barbados

Sharing is caring and I’m either full of Christmas spirit or just too damn kind.

Because i’ve passed over a place on the inaugural Virgin Atlantic flight from Edinburgh to Bridgetown so a Barbados virgin can get on board.

No, not one of them, but a work colleague who has never been to Bim like Bim Jim has.

It was luxury all the way with Sandals then and we have remained pals with the swanky hotel chain keeping me abreast of all their offers.

Like their Black Friday Flash Sale which offers customers the chance to save an extra £100 off your next Luxury included holiday with code BF100.

And so you’ll get change out of £2,000 at £1,949pp for seven nights at Sandals Royal Barbados for travel on September 22.

Where you’ll stay at the South Seas Crystal Lagoon Club Level Barbados Suite with Balcony Tranquility Soaking Tub. Including flights with Virgin Atlantic, of course.

Sandals in the Windies PtII

Of course the question you constantly get asked when you’re in a Caribbean island is which is your favourite.

To which you need to answer… I’ll tell you when I’ve been around them all.

Jamaica has to be next on the horizon and I’m always happy to flag up Scotland’s island in the sun. 

Sandals Ochi comes in at £1,399 for seven nights. You’ll be staying in a Butler Village Poolside One Bedroom Villa Suite. And again our friends at Virgin will be flying you there.

Book by midnight on November 30.

Yes, now we’re travelling again, I’m all behind the Back to Black Friday.

And I’ll give you more of our favourites over the weekend.  



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Happy Quacksgiving Day

And the most famous Donald on Earth is certainly celebrating today because duck isn’t on the menu.. Happy Quacksgiving Day everyone.

We all know about the Other Donald, the one with the tuft and the big mouth who doesn’t make any sense.

I’m more interested in My Donald though – Donald Duck – and of course we go way back to when we had a quacking time out in Disney World in Orlando.

Me and my Duck: With Donald

And if my luck holds out then I’ll be dancing with the duck next year at the American Travel Fair, IPW, next year.

But many of us can’t wait until then and have been working with Visit USA to get out there before then.

So, it’s just as well then that our old friends, Ireland’s national airline carrier are there to help us.

Aer we go to Orlando

Fly the Flag: Aer Lingus to the States

From this Saturday customers will be able to travel directly to Florida, following the lifting of travel restrictions to the US earlier this month.

From this weekend, Dublin to Orlando will operate three flights per week to connect families, friends, and business in the run up to the holiday period.

This weekly schedule of direct flights to Orlando will fly on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday with fares starting from €169 each way, including taxes and charges.

Those looking to visit the Sunshine State can avail of the great Black Flyday offers on flights to the US with Aer Lingus.

Flyday Friday

I’m in charge: Your next President

You’ll get €100 off return fares to North America and €200 Business Class fares to the US (travel 1st January to 31st May 2022). Book by November 30.

With 13 direct routes between North America and Ireland, including New York, Chicago, Boston, LosAngeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Washington, Seattle, and Philadelphia, offers, which run until November 30.

That includes €100 off return flights to North America and €200 off return business class tickets.

They’ll be valid for travel from 1st January to 31st May 2022. And remember there’s pre-clearance.

Very VerifLY

Fly with me: And Aer Lingus

Now if you want the best advice on how Aer Lingus flies then it helps to have access to the people who fly us.

And fortunately I am and they gave us the rundown on how they, and us, travel these days.

And their super-duper VeriFLY travel pass app.

Most importantly… Aer Lingus customers cannot check-in online ahead of flights to/from the USA unless they use VeriFLY.

The app allows users to upload and ensure that their travel documentation is checked and approved before travelling to the airport.

This will allow customers to get their online boarding pass and go straight to bag drop/boarding gate, and avoid queuing at check-in.