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Iceland – land of fire and skiing

Iceland, the land of fire and skiing? Because you’d never want to be skiing in a land of fire and ice.

We don’t immediately associate Iceland with skiing despite there being great opportunities.

Our friends at Icelandair are always flagging up new sides to Iceland and thank Thor that they do.

Snow under your feet

And there’s also an internal carrier in Iceland (who knew?)

Iceland excels in off-piste skiing which I stumbled on…

When I accidentally veered into a black run in Austria… Soll Mates and

The resorts’ names are as challenging and fun as the skiing itself.

The mountains to yourself

So, let’s try Iceland’s highest mountain, the 6,923ft Hvannadalshnjúkur, for the experienced skier.

Or visit Eskifjordur in the ‘Alps of the East Fjords’ where sits Oddsskarð. It is known for its Easter Festival.

And you can enjoy Reykjavik before hitting the two resorts that lie less than a half-hour drive from the capital.

And attract snow-loving city-dwellers.

Blajfjoll is the larger option, Skalafell is also popular.

Now I’ve got you in the mood for quirky ski destination let’s return to an old fave, Colorado… Go West and

On the right tracks

Winter Park Express at Winter Park, Colorado:

This is the only ski train in the USA, taking passengers direct from Denver Union Station direct to the slopes of Winter Park in just two hours.

Running on select dates until March 29, the Winter Park Express features ski and snowboard storage.

As well as a lounge car for those wanting to start the apres early.

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