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Flyday Friday – days at the airport

We’ve become so blasé about airports that it’s hard to imagine that back in the day folk would actually go there for a day out.

We did, when the Son and Heir was a toddler.

These days he has women, beer and football for fun.

Now, I’ve spent more time than the next man or woman at airports.

Probably because of the odd missed connection.

Or missing bags or waiting for connections, or rebooking tickets, or waiting for connections.

If you get stuck in an airport these are the ones you want to be stranded in:


Carnival time: With Dee-Dee at Crop Over

It’s baking hot, early evening in Barbados, and I’m in a snaking queue which isn’t snaking…

But we’re under an open canopy.

In the line are a motley assembly of all shapes, sizes and colours:

Returning Bajans, second generation Caribbean-English, white holidaymakers and Oompah-Loompahs.

One young woman stands out, a voluptuous mixed-race high-haired blonde-headed figure just in front.

Of course, me being me, unlike Laura, I didn’t see the board our host was holding up and so was last man left at the airport.

Early Angie, Laura Disorder, Hayley the Soca blogger, Ab Fab and Big Jim

Panic set in, as it often does, but through a combination of the friendly staff and my hosts I was soon in a car.


Being driven to Turtle Beach By Elegant Hotels on Barbados’s south coast. Happy Days!

Where Laura (or Laura Disorder as I came to call her) was holding court.

Yorkshire’s finest, Laura, the CEO of House of Coco high-end lifestyle magazine, has just got engaged at the top of the Empire State Building, New York.

Irie, or well done Chuck!

And here’s that unforgettable Barbados adventure Let’s rumba in Barbados.


Rocky Mountain High

I didn’t think I’d be back spending so much time with Eats No Meat and Freckled Face when I climbed off my flight from Dublin.

But then I did have eight hours to kill at Denver International before my return flight to Dublin.

Miles better

Which gave me plenty of time to reacquaint myself with the Native Americans in the photographic exhibition.

Now if you’re going to be stuck in an airport anywhere this is one of the more scenic ones anywhere.

Where else can you play crazy golf on the roof in the apron of the Rocky Mountains?

Until it starts raining of course.

The only downside is the price of drinks at the bar but hey, ho, that’s airports everywhere.

Here’s more on that adventure in the Mile High City Go West and Colorado…


Drive-in: Istanbul Airport Turkish Airlines business lounge

Of course eight hours is no way enough time to enjoy Istanbul Airport’s Turkish Airlines’ Business Lounge…

Because you have to eat and drink, have a massage, eat and drink, have a go on the golf driving range, eat and drink, go to the cinema, eat and drink.

And have a kip.

Although be careful not to miss your connection.

On second thoughts don’t rush! And here’s Istanbul for you…


Toast to Schiphol

It’s been my good fortune to have a connection through Amsterdam,

It’s been my even better fortune to get to stay in the Netherlands’ biggest city.

The first thing that strikes you about Schiphol is the shops, restaurants and bars.

A masterpiece

In many airports they are branded, serve insipid takeaway quality food and sell stuffed toys and trinkets.

In Schiphol you can get authentic Dutch and international food, real Dutch keepsakes.

While being Dutch they value their beer… the Cafe Rembrandt, or ‘Schiphol’s living room’ is designed to look like a canalside cafe.

This being Amsterdam it is infused with East Indian influences, so try the chicken satay.

The Heineken Bar is every rugby fan’s dream while there is, of course, an Irish bar, Murphy’s.

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s, nay the world’s great cities…


And this is one of the world’s great airports…



Oi, that’s my garden

There are some airports that have special considerations because of their very special destination.

Lourdes is one and the Tarbes-Lourdess-Pyrenees falls into that category.

Lourdes is second to none in caring for those who come here for Marian intervention and carry particular ailments and disabilities.

There are care rooms, specific medical facilities and bedrooms to cater for their every need.

This being France, of course, there is a proper restaurant with the best gastronomy.

And here’s my tribute to Lourdes and the Pyrenees… http://The Lourdes Prayer



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