Give us this Day – poppy collections

They collect for everything at my church in Co. Wicklow but not poppies. Which is all part of the antipathy in some quarters in Ireland towards Remembrance Sunday. Because while it was born out of the trenches and is predominantly associated with the First World War. It also covers the of British and Commonwealth conflicts, […]

Flyday Friday – days at the airport

We’ve become so blasé about airports that it’s hard to imagine that back in the day folk would actually go there for a day out. We did, when the Son and Heir was a toddler. These days he has women, beer and football for fun. Now, I’ve spent more time than the next man or […]

Toast Turkey

Cumhuriyet Bayrami. Or Happy Turkish National Day. OK, I’m a day late with Turkey turning 95 yesterday but what’s a day between friends? I’m sure they’ll forgive me for my belated birthday wishes. I first fell in love with Turkey 16 years ago when our air hostess on our flight out to Bodrum mistook me […]

Holidos and don’ts – my airport manifesto

I’m back in Munich Airport on Sunday… I feel I never left. My luggage didn’t. Well, maybe not didn’t, but certainly a good day after I got back to Ireland. Hey ho, that I can handle, there were after all seven of us in the same boat if I can mix my metaphors. I feel […]

Atoll tale – the Maldives

It’s a good drying day on Kuramathi but then every day is… the temperature rarely dips below 28 degrees at any time of the year. And so I’ve got the spare togs and towel hung up on the clothesline by the outdoor shower. Wet after my early morning swim in my infinity pool which overhangs […]

Cool for cats – International Cat Day

Oh fur he’s a jolly good fellow… it’s International Cat Day. I think you can always judge a person and a society on how they treat their animals. I was taken on my recent travels in Istanbul by just what a high podium Istanbullers put their cats on. The Grand Bazaar is an explosion of […]

No statues were harmed in this movie

No statues were harmed in this movie — Read on This is your pilot speaking… what happened when I took control on a Turkish Airlines flight. In the Travel blog that goes higher and faster.

Holidos and don’ts – packing tips

She’s the Wonder Woman who sews me up and sends me on my way… and very occasionally I come back with everything I left with. And I’m getting better. I’m also prompted by RTE reruns of the sumptuous Silk Road by the even silkier Joanna Lumley who agrees about the importance of multi-compartment purses and […]