Holiday Snaps – Carnegie’s Pittsburgh

The next time you visit your library you might bump into Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie? Doesn’t he have something to do with music and the Carnegie Hall in New York.? Yes, but the great industrialist and entrepreneur helped fund more than 2,500 libraries in his time too. And his name may well be inscribed on […]

Tobago… ready, steady, goat.

My Dear Old Mum would sometimes chide me for being a bit of a giddy goat. Nothing much changes, she’s still my Dear Old Mum, although a year older, and dearer, on Saturday, while I’m even giddier and even goatier… With white hair hanging from my chinny-chin-chin. We’ve had some travels, me and Mum, and […]

Give us this day: Jesus, John & Jordan

And the lesson today in Give us this day is from John 1:28 and tells the tale of Jesus, John and the Jordan. These things were done in Bethabara beyond Jordan, where John was baptising. John 1:28 Not here in Israel… But here in Jordan. Like all things in the Middle East there is a […]

Holidos and don’ts – packing tips

She’s the Wonder Woman who sews me up and sends me on my way… and very occasionally I come back with everything I left with. And I’m getting better. I’m also prompted by RTE reruns of the sumptuous Silk Road by the even silkier Joanna Lumley who agrees about the importance of multi-compartment purses and […]