Flyday Friday – Aer Lingus at the double

Like my flight out to Croatia I’m running a little bit late… which is good news because it gives me more time in the Aer Lingus Business Lounge.

Don’t hate me.

Our national airline carrier is offering double Avios points with Holidays with Aer Lingus if booked before October 31.

It is the gift that keeps on giving… www.holidayswithaerlingus.com.

And talking of gifts they’re all over Christmas markets too. Check the website.

Although I confess that with it hitting 25C on my balcony in Medjugorje I’m not thinking winter right now.

Iceland, Niceland

For those of us of a certain age the only living, breathing Icelander we’d ever heard of was Magnus Magnusson.

I’ve started so I’ll finish. No, really, I will.

It helped too that the Mastermind host (ask your parents) went on to make Glasgow his home.

Which eventually brings me back to Icelandair’s offer of the Land of Fire and Ice.

And also onto the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

For this winter and next spring you can get Economy from Dublin from €135 and its business equivalent Saga Premium Class from €499 round trip.

And here’s a couple from its range of fly-on deals to the States.

And destinations I love, Denver snd Orlando… Go West and Aaawlando… Orlando, the rollercoaster capital and Why I love The Donald.

Denver from €319 for Economy and €1399 for Saga Class.

Orlando from €339 for Economy and €1499 Saga Class.

Travel period November 1-May 20. Excluding some Christmas and Easter periods.

Based on return trip.

Check www.icelandair.com/en.ie/flights/special-offer


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