Monday Saver – €1500pp Maldives

Vanessa is one of those contagious spirits who convert you to their cause through their enthusiasm and dedication. Of course, I ought to have been doing more then without anybody having to tell me. But German Vanessa awoke me to the perils of plastic pollution in the ocean when I visited the Maldives. I swear […]

Holidos and don’ts – time flies in the US

One of the great joys of going on holiday is never having to worry about what time it is. Until you do. After all they’re on a different clock. Which means you have to factor that in to your new daily routine. The first thing to do is change the time on your watch. Don’t […]

Moanday Morning – Ubers

We’ve embraced many a German word into the English language… doppelgänger, kaput, kindergarten, wunderkind UND rucksack. And my own favourite schadenfreude which was used perfectly in a meme after Germany had beaten hosts Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup… ‘If only the Germans had a word for schadenfreude’. On the road to nowhere And, […]

Holiday Snaps – Florida for family fun

There’s nothing quite like a kid squealing ‘again, again’ as you turn a whiter shader of pale after coming off a rollercoaster. And how is that they can hover up the Big Florida Breakfasts too and still not have it rumbly in their tumblies on the rides? I was that soldier on the Orlando rides […]

Padova – city of frescoes

As calling cards go, it does the job – simple, functional and just what is needed if your stock painting will be halos. With a swish and a brush of red paint Giotto di Bondone had announced himself to the Papal envoy with his freehand circle. And within a few years he would announce himself […]

Give us this day… it’s St Anthony’s teeth

There are more than a few old relics in my church (and yours)! Steady! I mean holy relics. Our own church has a new old altar which has come to us via the local monastery. Please don’t tell my parish priest that I lost concentration when he was telling us the history but it’s very […]

Holiday Snaps – Winter sun

I know I’m wishing the seasons away but it’s time to plan for winter sun. Yes, we know that the sun comes out 360 days a year (sorry 350 days a year). So that’s a virtual guarantee of good weather. Although it would be just my luck to be there when it does rain. Let’s […]

Holiday Snaps – Cruise extra

Because Cruiseday can’t always wait until Tuesday. Princess Cruises has announced its Canada and USA packages for next summer and autumn. Which gives holidaymakers a choice of 17 cruises, visiting 18 destinations on seven itineraries. Princess will have three ships in the region with voyages from seven to 24 days. The 3,660-guest Sky Princess […]

Holiday Snaps – Carnegie’s Pittsburgh

The next time you visit your library you might bump into Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie? Doesn’t he have something to do with music and the Carnegie Hall in New York.? Yes, but the great industrialist and entrepreneur helped fund more than 2,500 libraries in his time too. And his name may well be inscribed on […]

This Sporting Weekend – Solheim Cup

Golfing widows were a staple of Ronnie Corbett and Tom O’Connor stories. Female drivers too – in fact it was probably the same lame joke. Of course women are just as able to hit a wee white ball into a wee hole, sometimes even more able. Wednesday afternoons for my Dear Old Dad and Mum […]