Cruiseday Tuesday – pedalloes and fireworks

Come what may, April would be late or go in the wrong direction – she was delightlfully ditzy and I felt I had found my kindred spirit. April may have had an excuse on account of her diabetes which made her drowsy but she never used it as an excuse. It all came to a […]

Holidos and Don’ts – the aisle seat

You know that annoying dude who won’t shut up on your long-haul flight or falls asleep and their head flops near to your shoulder. No, it’s not me, and by the way I’ve noticed you’ve been getting a wee bit bold. Well, the answer is an aisle seat. I won’t go into the tale of […]

Moanday Morning – Self-service

And we’ve been had. I don’t know when and I don’t know where but it turns out that Modern Man has to serve ourselves. But isn’t the whole point of serving that somebody else does it for you? And that brings me to the other great con of our age, Do It Yourself. You do […]

When the Berlin Wall came crashing down

Wall, huh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again. With apologies to Edwin Starr but this piece of graffiti on the wall on the prom beach outside our family home in Portobello, Edinburgh comes back to me today. On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. For FiftySomethings, and […]

Holiday snaps – TUI blue-sky thinking

I’ve always had a soft spot for TUI as they grew out of Thomson’s which had a newspaper arm, who gave me my first job and my first holiday discounts. TUI which gave us the dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and putting us in the middle and is now branding a range […]

Give us this Day – poppy collections

They collect for everything at my church in Co. Wicklow but not poppies. Which is all part of the antipathy in some quarters in Ireland towards Remembrance Sunday. Because while it was born out of the trenches and is predominantly associated with the First World War. It also covers the of British and Commonwealth conflicts, […]

Holiday Snaps – Cruise extra

It’s in midwinter that we start looking to the new year and where we’ll go, and for many of us that’s a cruise. And that’s what Celebrity Cruises were thinking too when they invited us all out to the Ivy in Dublin To talk about their 2020 vision, and the launch of Apex. […]

My Sporting Weekend – US YouTube boxing

You Tube used to be a schoolboy insult that often preceded an invitation to fisticuffs. And a ‘square go’ down by Blythswood Street in Glasgow. Now it’s the domain for everything. Including an invitation to, yes, fisticuffs with YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI fighting on paid television in Los Angeles tonight. Of course, it […]

Flyday Friday – days at the airport

We’ve become so blasé about airports that it’s hard to imagine that back in the day folk would actually go there for a day out. We did, when the Son and Heir was a toddler. These days he has women, beer and football for fun. Now, I’ve spent more time than the next man or […]