Flyday Friday – Virgin vs plastic

Are you a hoarder? It sounds like one of those American TV ads… call this number for a money back guarantee if you’re not truly satisfied. I have more toothbrushes, combs, earplugs, eye masks and pens than I know what to do with. And bags in which to hold them. And it’s rightly getting up […]

Portuguese portcullises – Castelo de Almourol

Medieval castles are all wrapped up in our imagination with damsels in distress. And ever the knight in shining armour I am always there to protect my lady’s honour. We’re in Castelo de Almourol in the middle of the River Tagus in Portugal. It is our wedding anniversary week. And this is without doubt the […]

Give us this Day – Christ in a cross-dress

I’m going to ask my parish priest if we can put a skirt on Jesus. No, it’s not heresy. This is actually what they do in Tenerife. Which if you’re a regular visitor to this blog you’ll know is where I spent a few days last week. The church in question is San Cristóbal de […]

Flyday Friday – Emirates and the Rugby World Cup

I’ll be conflicted when Scotland face Ireland in the Rugby World Cup on September 22 in Yokohama as I’m of the Irish-Scots variety. But I’m thinking that a draw would suit both just fine. One thing is for sure that when it comes to the party then the Scots and the Irish will be clinking […]

Hungry and Thursday – Tenerife potatoes

Who’d have thought an Irish travel party would be so interested in potatoes… or that the Tinerfeni, or inhabitants of Tenerife, were too? But we are, and they are too. There is much that is unique about these people… And I have been giving you snippets in my few days on the Canaries Island. With […]

Vegging out in Tenerife

There are some strange bedfellows, that’s for sure, some foods that should never be seen on the same plate. I mean courgettes and pretty much anything, or really anything that allows courgettes air time. You can also mention brocolli, aubergines, leaks, lentils and most pulses in the same breath. So the good folk of Tenerife […]

Tenerife and Scotland wave the same flag

O Flower of Tenerife When will we see… No, I haven’t been on the vino, only I have. Or been out in the Midday sun. Guilty too. But I could be home, if it weren’t for the 30C temperature, the humdreds of volcanoes, 11 microclimates and rainforest… Need I go on. It’s just that that’s […]

It’s low-fare Lingus… from €39.99

Without rules what would we be? French. I love comedian Al Murray, the Pub Landlord. The thing is that some don’t because they don’t get the joke… the exaggerated flag-waving Little Englander. And, of course, like many comic creations, Al is very different from his stage act. He is actually a Second World War buff […]

This Sporting Weekend… Andy Murray

It’s not surprising that Andy Murray has had to have his body reconstructed from spare parts. Because it’s not easy carrying the sporting hopes of an entire nation, Scotland, on your back. And yes, we know he’s also British. But, of course us Scots love to joke that the English media call him British when […]

Surfing the seas in Barcelona

Only one man walks on water in Barcelona. He’s everywhere – in every shop window, on the backs of every family of tourists. Or parading his skills before 100,000 worshippers at the cathedral of football, the Camp Nou. Only on the day I visited the Spanish city, he’s not. The ubiquitous Lionel Messi is back […]