They hail from China, herald in the New Year, mark the burning of a Catholic traitor and are banned in southern Ireland. And fireworks will be lit all over the UK tonight to commemorate the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. That was when a group of disenchanted Catholic noblemen attempted to blow up […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Scotland is Arctic

It can feel positively Arctic in Scotland so it should come as little surprise that Scotland is being billed as part of an Arctic cruise… with our old friends G Adventures. G Adventures will be hosting us tonight in Dublin to reveal more of their wares as part of their G Stock Live road […]

This Sporting Weekend – Solheim Cup

Golfing widows were a staple of Ronnie Corbett and Tom O’Connor stories. Female drivers too – in fact it was probably the same lame joke. Of course women are just as able to hit a wee white ball into a wee hole, sometimes even more able. Wednesday afternoons for my Dear Old Dad and Mum […]

Saturday night’s all right… for Ryanair

Message to Michael O’Leary… I watch the football on TV on a Saturday. I think you’ll understand although tonight it’s not your beloved Manchester City but that pesky Liverpool side. Who seem the only team who can give you a game. Just so you know though about my schedule the next time you extend your […]

Dog days… It’s International Dog Day

Right, just to address a false impression, particularly on this International Dogs Day. I don’t dislike dogs. I probably prefer cats but there are some doggies I have fallen in love with. The first was Dinky, the Welsh corgi at Shovlin’s guesthouse in Narin-Portnoo, Co. Donegal. A real prince of dogs, his is the breed […]

Happy Monday – Greyfriars Bobby

I’ve been a bit of a misery around the house being between jobs… hence my Moanday Mornings. Let’s flip it then and start the week with a Happy Monday. I spent a morning last week pulling nails out of wooden boards… well, if it was good enough for Jesus. I was down at the Mens […]

Flyday Friday – Flying the flag

When an airline pulls out of a route it merely opens up the market for another, and who can blame Aer Lingus for putting their hands up? While recognising the challenges for everyone in the aviation industry, our national airline carrier was quick to flag up its product in the wake of the Norwegian news. […]

The Hebridean

Finlay, my Hebridean pal smiled as we recalled how the religious girls in the flat upstairs would stamp on the floor when we’d hold one of our late-night parties. ‘Ah, Jim, they never stood a chance.’ His giant frame was more stooped, his melodic voice more of a whisper now, but it was the same […]

King of the castle: Edinburgh

They’re on many a holiday itinerary and group activity and I’ve probably racked up more castles in my 53 years than Richard the Lionheart, and a fair few racks too! I’ll kick of this series where Robert the Bruce’s nephew Thomas Randolph kicked out the English. Edinburgh Castle It’s the castle I know best… we’d […]