Holidos and Don’ts – the aisle seat

You know that annoying dude who won’t shut up on your long-haul flight or falls asleep and their head flops near to your shoulder. No, it’s not me, and by the way I’ve noticed you’ve been getting a wee bit bold. Well, the answer is an aisle seat. I won’t go into the tale of […]

My Sporting Weekend – US YouTube boxing

You Tube used to be a schoolboy insult that often preceded an invitation to fisticuffs. And a ‘square go’ down by Blythswood Street in Glasgow. Now it’s the domain for everything. Including an invitation to, yes, fisticuffs with YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI fighting on paid television in Los Angeles tonight. Of course, it […]

Snoop Dogg and me acting the goat in California

I don’t think Snoop Dogg was talking to me but the ladies were. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, as his Mammy christened him, was entertaining us in the way only he could. Standing on the pristine Huntington Beach in Southern California playing us a set of his tunes and standard party hits. While smoking a funny […]

Give us this Day – LA’s gospel choirs

My family teased me when I was young as I stood by the side of the choir trying to be one of them. The choir that is. I lack nothing in enthusiasm but everything in vocal range. The same today, on both counts. My love of choirs has only grown the older I’ve got. And […]

All the world’s my stage

I’d envisioned myself in the romantic lead role for my acting debut. Not as Plooky (that’s Scottish for spotty) Jack in The Northern College’s production of The Slab Boys in Aberdeen in 1984. I was hardly likely to catch the eye of the ladies there! Unimaginably my performance didn’t reach the ears of Martin Scorsese […]

Holidos and Don’ts: When in Rome

Do like the Romans… or the French. Or the Americans… or the Asians… it’s Holidos and Dont’s: When in Rome. These are the foreign customs that catch us out, but the trick is forearmed is forewarned. And play it safe. Back in the day when I was going to Italian classes I tried out an […]

Surf City U(Who)SA?

Surf City U(Who)SA? http://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/07/16/surf-city-uwhosa/ — Read on jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/07/16/surf-city-uwhosa/ The Travel blog that makes waves. Which American city is Surf City USA? From your Travel Editor of the Year.

Surf City U(Who)SA?

This is right up there with Dublin and Cork, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Madrid and Barcelona, Melbourne and Sydney. It’s the battle of the Surf Cities USA, Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach in Southern California. And it was reignited this week when I met the delegates for Santa Cruz at the Visit California Roadshow at The […]

My weekend with Marilyn

Goodbye Norma Jean! So, this is where Marilyn finally found her rest from the lascivious attentions of the manipulative men who hounded her to her death. Unisignposted and in an unassuming square at the back a Los Angeles office block lies the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, But who’s this lying next to her? Only […]