V for Vegan

No cheap digs here about Vegans… just me flagging up World Vegan Day next month. Vegans get a bad name when it should be the very opposite. And like all things which we don’t know we tend to sneer. Elaine ‘Black Magic’ as I nicknamed her (I gave everyone on our walking trip a mantle […]

The New Pioneers: The Wild West

Roy Rogers had his Trigger, The Lone Ranger his Silver and Issy has… me. Hi ho! But no away. Issy is pulling to the right while my posse heads left. Great cowboy me. The outlaw will be safely out of Dodge before I even get a trot on. My home, home for today is on […]


Sante… say it before you take the glass to your lips and afterwards and raise a fat wallet to the host who has bought you the drinks. It’s Beer Day today. What do you mean that’s just another name for Saturday? Now that’s the way the Flemish toast. And in Ieper they go to Tom’s […]