Down on the Wicklow farm

Chris’s mum made the best lunch spread of sandwiches and home-made cakes.. voles not included. They were freely available though scuttling around the farmyard. Which is where Sean found a dead one and slipped it into Wee Jon’s doorstep sandwich. Conscience got the better of him though and he called a halt before Jon caught […]

This Sporting Weekend – Gaelic

‘Come on and I’ll take you to the football’ always got the Son and Heir out of bed. Nothing will probably compare to the time we were in Edinburgh and I told him to get his coat as we were off to see his beloved Liverpool. Understandably he thought we were off to the pub […]

We will delight them on the beaches

We’re all different and my elder brother would prefer to stay in the hotel in Ibiza rather than hit the beaches. My parents loved the beach and my Mum, in particular, loved to sunbathe. Me being the restless sort and never a strong swimmer I preferred a beach game. And I spent a week in […]