Give us this day… it’s St Anthony’s teeth

There are more than a few old relics in my church (and yours)! Steady! I mean holy relics. Our own church has a new old altar which has come to us via the local monastery. Please don’t tell my parish priest that I lost concentration when he was telling us the history but it’s very […]

Vegging out in Tenerife

There are some strange bedfellows, that’s for sure, some foods that should never be seen on the same plate. I mean courgettes and pretty much anything, or really anything that allows courgettes air time. You can also mention brocolli, aubergines, leaks, lentils and most pulses in the same breath. So the good folk of Tenerife […]

Tenerife and Scotland wave the same flag

O Flower of Tenerife When will we see… No, I haven’t been on the vino, only I have. Or been out in the Midday sun. Guilty too. But I could be home, if it weren’t for the 30C temperature, the humdreds of volcanoes, 11 microclimates and rainforest… Need I go on. It’s just that that’s […]

Holiday Snaps – Is it Pee for Prague?

It is one of the world’s great statues and on a similar theme to the better known Manneken Pis in Brussels – the Prague statue ‘Piss’. You’ll no doubt go to the Astronomical Clock when you’re there and it is worth it, although hellishly busy. But you should have a ‘Piss’ stop at the statue […]

Moanday morning – it’s cats v dogs

You’re either a cat person (and my kind of human being) or a dog person (and probably not). No doubt if I google it I’ll be able to find out what a cat person is and what constitutes a dog person. Equally there’s bound to be some kerching mug, plate or tea towel saying why […]

Hungry and Thursday – Spanish pulpo

Now this one’s got legs and will run and run… it’s Spanish pulpo, or octopus! Walking the last leg of the Camino with involves you getting a car ride from Santiago airport to Sarria 100kms away. My driver speaking little to no English and me poco Espagnol it was a long journey. Broken up […]

Moanday Morning – the weather

The world’s greatest comedian Billy Connolly argues that there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes. I rarely get it right though, wearing far too many layers. While our youngsters wear too few, and hardly ever raincoats. Welcome to Ireland, the only country I know where you regularly need to […]

A neat Segway

It’s 20 years old this year and it’s still making progress… albeit at 15kph. One of the daftest (but enjoyable) forms of leisurely transport, it feels like the Segway has been with us way longer than that. I first got on a Segway four years ago on the island of Gozo in the Med and […]