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The Princess’s Medallion Man

Tales here from the Princess’s Medallion Man.

Have you ever stood in the middle of a ship and not known which end was fore and which was adt?

And then walked 15 minutes in the wrong direction.

Aye, aye Cap’n

That’s half an hour you could have spent much more productively, and enjoyably.

Have you ever wandered around aimlessly, full of bladder after poolside cocktails.

Not wanting to look an eejit by asking the way to the nearest toilet? Or to your room.

Captain’s log

Then I, Medallion Man, am here to help.

No, I’ve not gone all Seventies bling on you…

This is the simple new OceanMedallion key that will open up a world of opportunities on all five of Princess Cruises‘ ships in Europe.

I roadtested Ocean Medallion on board Crown Princess when it stopped off in Dublin Port at the weekend on its route around the British Isles.

And I can say I have finally found somewhere in this confusing world of ours where I won’t get lost…

I did though misplace my medallion on a couple of occasions.

In the big chair

Don’t worry, they’ll replace it for you although, of course, it would be helpful if you kept it attached to the band around your wrist, or neck.

Because they go everywhere with you.

So how does it work?

Well, you swipe your medallion off the computer maps of the ship and all her activities.

They are placed next to the lifts on all the decks (or floors). Equally you can hook them up with the app on your phone.

And what else do they do?

Well, you can order food and drink from the comfort of your cabin, and also out in the lounges and book an evening’s entertainment.

Medallion Man meddling

And you can check on where your partner is at any time.

If you want space though, and which of us married personages doesn’t at times, then you can do that too.

If you’re worried that your kiddie-winkles will disappear on you?

Well, our majestic maritime mistress has that covered too. The kids won’t be able to turn it off.

And, of course, the OceanMedallion is available to every passenger included in the price of the cruise.

And not forgetting – it also opens the door to your room!

I’ll touch again on what else is to love about Princess here and what’s on offer.

But my own Princess is calling so the Princess’s Medallion Man will have to get back to you.

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