Cruiseday Tuesday – the Greek islands

There are 6,000 to pick from… so there’s no disgrace if someone mentions their Greek island which, of course, you’ve never heard of. We all know the well-known ones, Corfu, where 25 years ago next week Mrs M embarked on her life of joy (or marriage), Crete, Rhodes… I’ll throw in Kythera (ky-where-a) which is […]

Holidos and don’ts: kids on holiday

You can’t live with them… you can’t leave them behind on holiday. Your kids. One of the biggest stress points on holiday is the need to entertain your children. Which does not come cheap. I mean you have to feed and water them, and they’re not like plants, these guys are always grazing. I’ve no […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Transatlantic

My three Irish uncles had tried Glasgow but swapped it for New York (each to their own). Glasgow had, in fact, rivalled New York as a shelter for immigrants in the 19th Century. And especially Italians who had mistaken it for America’s biggest city when the ship stopped for refuelling on it’s way there. It […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – rivers of dreams

There’s an old Irish ballad which proffers that only the rivers run free. Not getting into that just now, but the gentle rippling of rivers do make us feel free. Life has stopped me from taking up the many invites to go on a river cruise but I shared my invitations by commissioning others. And […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Grand Canyon

Yes, I know it’s inland. I haven’t lost my marbles. Go cruising this Cruiseday Tuesday and also enjoy Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. That’s what is offering. It’s a 13-nighter with a cruise on board the Carnival Cruise Line ship Inspiration, going from Los Angeles to Catalina Island and onto Ensenada, Mexico. They’re billing […]

Cruiseday Tuesday: Rhine country

Cruiseday Tuesday: Rhine country — Read on River of dreams… sail away with your Travel Editor of the Year and Cruiseday Tuesday. Uniworld River Cruises in Rhineland, Royal Caribbean’s special allure and Princess Cruises and the Canaries.

Cruiseday Tuesday: Rhine country

Cramped up in a booze bus to the Munich Beerfest in a tailback of traffic it certainly looked like those river cruise ships were certainly a more relaxed Germany holiday. I’ve found as the years have glided by that Uniworld River Cruises are the way to amble along the river. I was particularly taken on […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – My Princess

It’s a couples’ dream… cruising. The lingering glances over dinner, the dancing, the spectacular shows, the moonlight walk on the top deck. Of course, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t occasionally disagree. I find the best advice is the one She gives: ‘When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you.’ So cruising […]