Holiday Snaps – Yoga around the world

I’ve just returned from Austria and Germany, as you know, after a Topflight hike around the Tirolian hills, with a 20-strong walking party which included some yogi. No, not the smarter than the average bear type, but yoga teachers. And take a bow Red Flash, below, Black Magic and Hot Yoga Hilary. Which, of […]

Strictly Jim Dancing – with Judy Murray

Start Daaaaancing… the new season of Britain’s favourite television entertainment show is back. And already there’s a big talking point. Jamie Laing has had to pull out after injuring his foot in the group dance which left him unable to walk. Leaving us all wondering two things: Who will the awesome Oti now dance with? […]

It’s low-fare Lingus… from €39.99

Without rules what would we be? French. I love comedian Al Murray, the Pub Landlord. The thing is that some don’t because they don’t get the joke… the exaggerated flag-waving Little Englander. And, of course, like many comic creations, Al is very different from his stage act. He is actually a Second World War buff […]

Holidos and don’ts: kids on holiday

You can’t live with them… you can’t leave them behind on holiday. Your kids. One of the biggest stress points on holiday is the need to entertain your children. Which does not come cheap. I mean you have to feed and water them, and they’re not like plants, these guys are always grazing. I’ve no […]

This Sporting Weekend… Andy Murray

It’s not surprising that Andy Murray has had to have his body reconstructed from spare parts. Because it’s not easy carrying the sporting hopes of an entire nation, Scotland, on your back. And yes, we know he’s also British. But, of course us Scots love to joke that the English media call him British when […]

Let’s dance

Put on your red shoes (or blue suede) and dance the blues. Thrust onto the dance floor at the Tourism Fiji evening at the Morrison Hotel in Dublin the other night got me thinking of how many times I have been put in that situation (shrinking violet that I am). So to […]