Cry for Argentina, Maradona esta muerto

Descansa en pas, Diego Armando Maradona, GOAT RIP.

There are few deaths of people you will never meet which leave you instinctively uttering Wow out loud.

Forests will be cut down for newsprint and rivers of tears shed for the Argentine legend.

So I won’t analyse his life or career. Best check out the excellent Maradona documentary for that.

Rather I’ll pick out five places which will always be synonymous with The Greatest Player of All Time.

Argentine tango

Earning his stripes: Maradona at Boca.

Buenos Aires: The little Maestro was so good he made his debut at just 15 for Argentinos Juniors and graduated to star for Boca Juniors.

I unearthed this Boca tour which includes a match and where The Wee Man’s spirit looms large all over the place.

Bravo Barcelona

Barca hero: Maradona at the Camp Nou.

Barcelona: And a fitting theatre for the Latin legend in the making.

He may only have played 40 times for Barca and got into a kicking match which wouldn’t have looked out of place in Mixed Martial Arts.

A Camp Nou tour is a pilgrimage for every football fan and his picture adorns its halls.

While it is fitting that the man whom he passed the baton onto is fellow Argentine and Barca legend Lionel Messi.

Napoli Amore

Blue is the colour: Maradona at Napoli.

Naples: There are silhouettes of people caught in mid-movement from the volcanic eruptions from Pompeii with less longevity than Maradona.

Diego transformed a provincial but passionate club into two-time Serie A winners and UEFA Cup victors.

Again do the stadium tour to find out how Diego championed the Napolese.

Mexican wave

Hands up, I’m Diego: Against England in Mexico

Mexico City: And the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City will always be Maradona’s greatest stage.

Where his Hand of God and Goal of all-time from the World Cup of 1986 against England are frozen in time.

Club America and Mexico play their games there and this tour of an 84,000 capacity ground will eat a large part of your day.

But should you get the chance to get out on the pitch then you have to do your Hand of God leap.

Glasgow belongs to Diego

Star in stripes: Diego Maradona and John Wark.

Glasgow And not just because Maradona was a Scotland hero for what he did to England.

An 18-year-old Diego Maradona starred for World Cup holders Argentina at Hampden Park in 1978.

Where he’ll get a nod in the Hampden tour.

When this 12-year-old was taken uniform shopping with his Mum while his brothers saw the sporting birth of a legend.

And now I’ll never meet him, or him me!

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