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BlaQatar Friday

And with all roads (and flights) leading to the Gulf our Black Friday today comes as BlaQatar Friday with the world’s best airline.

Even as Qatar’s national team make a case for being the worst selection at their own World Cup.

Whatever has been said about Qatar the world is in love with their airline carrier with Skytrax naming QA the world’s best.

Hat’s off: To Qatar Airways

All of which has been good news for the army of fans who have been flying out to Qatar.

Not diverted by the fact that my own wee Scotland aren’t at the World Cup, we’re still promoting flights from here to Qatar.

With my local station, Edinburgh Airport flagging up their 12% off offers, all to be booked before November 30.

Final call

Whoaha Doha: In Corniche

So if you think your country will be in the final on December 18 you can fly out the day before and return the next day from £2176.65.

And if you look around you can bring your accommodation prices down.

We found the Tourist Hotel in Corniche, Doha on ebooking for two nights for under £400 ((£398).

If you’re not interested in the football (we accept all visitors here) then Jet2holidays are tempting us with their goodies.

With 5% to 50% off on selected hotels for a limited time.

Leaving on a Jet plane

Have skis, will travel: Val D’Isere

Now Jet2 might not be a high-end airways but they make no claims to be.

And they flew me seamlessly on my winter holiday this year to Val D’Isere in the French Alps.

They’re offering a range of winter holidays, last-minute getaways and summer holidays.

We zoomed in on their Jet2CityBreaks deal and happened first up on one of our favourite cities, Athens.

And the MET34 Athens where we’re told there’s 40% off the accommodation part of the holiday.

Situated in the Syntagma Square, you’re only 500m from the Metro Square.

Acropolis wow

Spoiled and ruined at the Acropolis in Athens

And just as importantly just a kilometre from the Acropolis.

And I know from my Greek odyssey that there are no more accommodating taxi drivers than the Athenians.

With the drivers (or maybe just the ones I had) giving me the option to pay whatever fare I thought the journey deserved.

Book by 23.59 on 29 November for travel dates up to 30 June.

And so you’ll get, say three nights for you and yours, for £1,178 in February.

Black is back

World in your hands: Qatar

There is no shortage of Black Friday deals out there so keep your eyes peeled and we will too.

So whether it’s BlaQatar Friday with the world’s best airline to see your team lift the cup.

Or you jet out with Jet2 on a cutprice deal for a budget break.




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World calling the Middle East

Qatar’s hosting of the Jules Rimet Trophy is a great pride for that Gulf state but also the greater region.. a chance to have the world calling the Middle East.

And here on your favourite site we have the contacts to relay to you what the Middle East are saying back.

From Jordan to Jeddah.

Camel and one: To Jordan with G Adventures

Following on from a certain meeting of minds in Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt…

The world of travel is ready to do its bit too.

They have outlines five sustainable trends to look out for in the Middle East’s travel sector.

And what that looks like is a concentration on sustainable trends.

Of green airlines, eco hospitality, sustainable attractions, locally sourced produce and forward-thinking government initiatives.

All to be pushed through and without all the double talk associated with COP27, at Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2023, at Dubai World Trade Centre from 1-4 May.

ATM’s theme for its 30th edition is ‘Working Towards Net Zero.

And tourism, as we all know, plays a major part in addressing climate change.

According to Sustainable Travel International, tourism-related activities account for
approximately 8% of worldwide carbon emissions.

Greener airlines

Electric Qatar? Flying high to the Gulf

Etihad Airways have been leading the way, having recently received the Environmental Sustainability Innovation of the Year award from the Centre of Aviation (CAPA).

For its progress towards net-zero targets and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Abu Dhabi-based airline expect to cut single-use plastic waste by 80% by the end of this year and is also on course to achieve a 20% reduction in passenger fleet emissions intensity by 2025.

And while Qatar’s national football team may be licking their wounds after their opening-day victory, its national airline is flying high (sorry)!

Qatar Airways is making significant progress towards lowering its carbon emissions through similar initiatives, such as waste reduction and water conservation.

Eco hotels and resorts

Abu Fhabi: Abu Dhabi

Our hospitable hospitality sector are also focused on saving the earth… and giving us a good holiday to boot.

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has partnered with Hotelbeds to help increase inbound travel while promoting green hospitality.

On a broader level, the Middle East is already home to a diverse selection of eco-conscious hotels and resorts.

Many of which have eliminated single-use plastics (a pet subject of ours from our trip to the Maldives).

Sustainable attractions and activities

Dubai Dubai do: Images of Dubai

Step up Dubai which boasts eco-adventures ranging from sustainable camping to
wildlife safaris in conservation areas.

Elsewhere in the UAE, Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, first developed for Expo
2020 Dubai and now located in Expo City Dubai, continues to wow guests.

With an immersive journey through forest roots and ocean depths.

Locally sourced produce

Paris of the Middle East: Beirut

The Middle East’s hospitality sector is making significant sustainability inroads through
the roll-out of sustainable food and beverage.

Dubai-based restaurant Lowe has focused on delivering delicious meals that have no detrimental impact on the planet since opening its doors in 2019.

Beirut’s Baron uses organic produce to create all its recipes.

While Abu Dhabi’s Sanderson’s uses corn starch in the manufacture of its eco-friendly food tubs and cutlery.

Top-down strategies

Hey man, Oman: And drive sensibly

And credit where where credit is due, our tourism leaders are showing their government what to do.

The Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) and Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) launched a new course earlier this month to enhance sustainable tourism offerings.

Available on Dubai’s innovative learning platform, Dubai Way empowers participants to drive water and energy savings.

Through effective green governance and procurement practices.

Elsewhere in the region, the Oman 2040 Tourism Strategy aims to improve
sustainability within the sultanate’s luxury travel sector within the coming two decades.

Arabian delights

Big hand: To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is also working to establish itself as a sustainable tourism destination.

Through projects that combine world-class guest experiences and environmental

Of course they are hoping that yields fresh interest in their country.

And they are pushing ahead with their goal to increase inbound tourism.

By 10 million visitors annually as part of Vision 2030.

And so it’s clear that while we see the world calling the Middle East, the Middle East is answering big time.



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Dublin to Tel Aviv Israel is real

Dublin to Tel Aviv Israel is real which is proof that if you keep the faith the Promised Land is always in sight.

And, unlike poor Moses on Mt Nebo, you can get there three times a week.

With El Al’s three-time weekly non-stop service up and running from March 26.

You know, the one they had planned for two years ago only for Covid to get in the way.

Flights are scheduled to operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, with a flight time of approximately six hours.

A story to Tel

Clap Clap: Artsy Tel Aviv

With you landing in Tel Aviv many will barely touch ground before they’re off to the Holy Sites.

But you would do well to tarry a while in Tel Aviv for a different Israel.

And mingle with the Beautiful People on the beaches.

They’re not the only pristine white attractions of Tel Aviv.

The White City

All white on the night: The White City

With the White City of Tel Aviv a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Where there’s a free tour every Saturday along the Rothschild Boulevard, located next to the city’s first kiosk and streetlamp.

Your guide will relay stories about the houses that line the boulevard and the people who lived in them.

And wax lyrical about the Bauhaus in the middle of the street.

That’s a Jaffa

No, not those: But Jaffas are the best oranges

Now back in the day we seem to remember it being called Jaffa Tel Aviv.

And that would be right with the modern-day thriving city built out of the old Jaffa port.

And, of course, the port remains on our radar for its definitive orange.

But this one: The old port of Jaffa

Which you can find all over the fruit, spice and veg markets, the most prominent of which is the Carmel Market.

Then there’s the Jaffa flea market, museums, artists’ studios and restaurants.

Which make up this magic new-old city.

So Dublin to Tel Aviv Israel is real and you’ll have a real good time in the real jewel of the Israeli Med.

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Istanbul for romance

There would be few bigger statements than asking a question on the Bosphorus which is why we all should look to Istanbul for romance.

And which is why I had lined up Turkey’s biggest city for my big moment.

Only for Malta to stand in for Istanbul though the harbour in Valletta stands comparison with anywhere in the world.

We did try to reach Istanbul with an extra on board, an 18-month-old, on an itinerary from Bulgaria.

But again, it got by us.

Party on the Bosphorus

When I eventually did get to the crossroads of Europe and Asia it was on my own.

On my own but with party people… those revellers being an Irish travel group.

And we all know where the Irish goes the craic goes with them.

Lie back and think of… Istanbul

And when you’re in the Turks’ town and their waterway then a boombox is what’s needed.

But, of course, you need a base, and a romantic one at that if you bring your sweetheart with you.

And The Peninsula Hotels have you very much in mind as can be seen by the launch date for their new hotel.

Launch date

Hammam bam: The Peninsular

So why not choose Istanbul for romance for Valentine’s Day?

Guests can avail of a Valentine’s Day launch B&B offer of €1,050 per room per night.

And that’ll include a €100 credit towards dining, spa and wellness.

And comp airport pick-up for all suite reservations.

The big welcome: The Peninsular lobby

With Turkish Airlines and its state-of-the-art Business Lounge in Istanbul Airport is who to use.

If you can extricate yourself from the luxury surrounding you.

So if you’ve a question to ask and you want to make a statement on Valentine’s Day…

Then it’s Istanbul for romance.





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Baby, you’re a firework

Baby, you’re a firework, come on let your colours burst… as they might have sung back in 1605 to mark Guy Fawkes Day.

Well because we’re fortunate enough that Katy Perry lives in our age.

Then that’s what we all do when the sparklers, rockets, Catherine Wheels and Roman Candles fizz through the air.

In the UK in those areas where people don’t celebrate the burning of Catholic traitors or have got past 17th century history.

And just like a light show then today, Guy Fawkes Day, is a national fireworks spectacular.

Of course, not everybody, the passing of a queen apart, is obsessed with British history.

So we’re taking a look at where and when the world lets their colours burst.

Fire Eid

Sparkling: Eid

Eid, the Muslim world: And as you would expect in the land of the world’s biggest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai reachest highest in the Muslim world for Eid.

There are also numerous shows and music concerts and the amusement parks go into overdrive.

Jewel of India

Light up: Diwali

Diwali, India: Now if we in Britain think that our skies are spectacular at this time of year.

Then it is nothing compared to India.

Diwali, the festival of light, has just been dimmed for another year.

But not before India lit up the heavens in style.

And the Indian diaspora around the world did the same as we’ve touched upon.

But we’re advised again that Amritsar and its golden temple shines brightest.

Disney lights

Da Mouse games: Disney

Disney (Orlando and Anaheim and around the world): Now while the cow is sacred in India, its Da Mouse who is the holiest of holy in Disney.

Fireworks are a staple at Disney where you can enjoy their nightly shows Four Seasons of the year…

Or whichever hotel you stay in.

Or when you stroll down Main Street USA you can sit on a grassy bank.

And take in Mickey in Da House or Potter magic.

And Christmas lights

Let there be light: Rio

South America: Now the party-loving Latin Americans aren’t the types prepared to wait for the new year to set off their fireworks.

It’s probably down to the weather which allows them to set off ‘little volcanoes’ firecrackers or sparklers known as ‘little stars’.

Fountains of light are also created in villages made of large collections of these ‘little stars’.

With Roman candles favourites over turkey sandwiches and pineapple juice in the evening.

Be a part of it

Let the ball drop: Times Square

New York’s New Year: And while we all have our traditions and claim ours is best.

And the Scots have their own name for New Year’s Eve.

Times Square, New York is the place to be for their famous Times Square Ball Drop.

We all have Adolph Ochs, owner of the New York Times, to thank.

And designer Artkraft Strauss (no, really).

Held annually on December 31 since 1907, and across a bunch of feelgood seasonal movies.

So, I think we can all agree, baby you’re a firework… all year around.



Diwali fireworks

And there will be Diwali fireworks tomorrow around the world following the damp squib of the Covid years.

Granted that India put on a party last year as they moved out of restrictions but this year will feel like a normal Diwali again.

Diwali marks a special point in the Hindu cycle and also in my lifespan as a paid scribbler, a Diwali festival being the first story I covered for a newspaper.

A five-day festival starting, it takes place on the night of the new moon and so corresponds with the end of the harvest around mid-October or early November.

And it being darker earlier then Diwali focuses on lights or deeps/lamps and fireworks.

Diwali is just a box of chocolates

Dance away: Diwali

Diwali crosses the cultures and religions of the Subcontinent with different derivations depending on the region you visit.

And so for those of us who aren’t Indian what we want to know is how to party like an Indian.

Go local and if you are invited, deffo join a family’s festivities in Delhi, Mumbai, or Jaipur to see first-hand how they celebrate.

And the form is to take a box of Indian sweets or chocolates as a thank you gesture.

The magic lamps

Light up, light up: The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple in Amritsar in Punjab is on the itinerary of most travellers to India.

And Diwali is a glorious time to visit, for the brilliant fireworks display and innumerable lamps.

Varanasi too is right up there for Diwali watchers and the the ghats (steps down to the bathing waters) and diyas (lamps).

You want to see a community puja (worship), then visit Kolkata to see the goddess Kali in neighborhood pandals (cloth and bamboo structures) across the city.

Mumbai mix

Get on your bike: To Mumbai

There’s a real Mumbai mix in that city’s air with the night sky aglow with paper lanterns called kandeels.

While if you like scary effigies then Goa-goers can enjoy the sight of giant effigies paraded on the street.

India, of course, still remains on the radar after my largesse got the better of me when I was editing in Ireland.

And I sent a couple of very different colleagues there in my place as guests of Incredible India.

Indian treat

Candle in the India: And a message of hope

One for World Yoga Day… and she tied me up in knots with the organisation, while playing the diva along the way.

And a more deserving candidate whose professionalism saw him manage to extricate himself through the idiosyncracies of Indian bureaucracy to deliver a sumptuous review.

I wouldn’t though like to bring either up as this is a time of peace and Diwali fireworks.

Where, of course, I travel I usually find my peripatetic parents have gone before, latterly with Saga travel.

And my Dear Old Mum has strode forth to take on whichever local activity is before her, while alas my Dad was grumbly in his tummy, here with Delhi belly.





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Japan for old times’ sake

And the cherry blossom will look even better this year as the Land of the Rising Sun reopens again… Japan for old times’ sake.

See what we’ve done there… sake as in meaning purpose and sake (pronounced sakky) as in rice wine.

All of which I got a taste for, breaking the boxes with Japanese friends at a kimono-adorned wedding in Islay, off Scotland.

And a hankering to see first hand.

Brad in Japan

Fare play: Brad in Bullet Train

As we all knew already but have been reminded of by Brad Pitt the bullet train is the way to get around.

Although remember that that film is just a gangster romp, and the Japanese really are very friendly.

Our own pals and Far East specialists Platinum Travel have put together some itineraries which highlight the best of Japan.

Land at peace

Made up in Japan: Tokyo

Embrace the timeless tradition and modern spirit of Japan’s iconic sites, from the neon skyline of Tokyo to foodie Osaka.

Spend the night in a traditional ryokan.

And take a peace pilgrimage to Hiroshima.

And enjoy genuine Japanese hospitality in the mountain hot springs village of Kotohira.

Learn how local artisans make Japanese washi paper in the UNESCO village of Gokayama.

Enjoy a kaiseki lunch near Kyoto where you will learn about local customs.

Circle of trust

Cherry on top: Cherry blossom

And what I’ve learned from my Japanese friends here is that making a circle with your hands above your head is your go-to.

It’s sake OK and when I do get out to Japan I’ll be trying it out for myself.

Platinum have 13 days from €6,225 during cherry blossom season.

It includes 12 breakfasts, three lunches, one Be My Guest, one welcome reception, one farewell dinner, one regional dinner and four dinners.



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Anyone for Raducanu and Maldives

So where has Britain’s sporting darling gone… well, anyone for Raducanu and Maldives?

Emma I think it would be right to say can do with some time out of the spotlight.

And that is what last year’s US Open tennis winner is getting with her engagement in the Indian Ocean atolls.

Emm-meet and greet

Oh OK then: Emma’s invitation

Emma will share her skills and pro tips with guests at Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences on Baa Atoll from 25 October -2 November.

Emma will give a 60-minute tennis clinic at the resort’s jungle-clad, US Open-standard tennis courts.

She will also attend a meet-and-greet and just like any other 19-year-old is excited about going out to the teardrop isles.

She said: ‘I’m delighted to discover the Maldives for the first time. I will have an amazing time there.’

Kings and queens of court

Off Pat: Rafter is a fan

Baa Atoll has become something of a magnet for the cream of tennis.

With former World No. 1s Angelique Kerber and Pat Rafter and Olympic gold medallist Sasha Zverev and Davis Cup winner Viktor Troicki all gracing its courts.

And those of us who have been out to the Maldives have always been mighty glad to have an alternative to water sports.

Because as enjoyable as they are, if like me you weren’t born with a snorkel in your mouth scuba diving doesn’t come naturally.


Lounging around: In Kuramathi

And you’ll be glad for a game of football or cricket with the staff as I did in Kuramathi.

And cool down later in your own infinity pool.

All of which should appeal to the jet set tennis player.

Something of which I got to know when we signed up for a Judy Murray masterclass in Quinta do Lago in Portugal.


Bandanaman is coming: Emma

And that’s the beauty of it for us and the scrutinised tennis star, here’s an escape from the humdrum of home.

Anyone for Raducanu and Maldives… I know I am.


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A cup of cha for the Queen

The Queen Mum liked her gin, Princess Margaret her Champagne, Prince Charles his Cherry Brandy but we suspect it was a cup of cha for the Queen.

The QM’s drinking holes counted racecourses up and down the country, Mags the Caribbean and especially Nylon Beach in Tobago and Chuck the Isle of Lewis.

For the Queen though it was her many palaces around Britain.

And especially those where she spent most time relaxing… Windsor, Balmoral and Sandringham.

So if you want to toast her memory this weekend raise a cup with that most British tipple, tea.

And add to the 100 million drunk by Britons every day, almost as many as are queueing to see the Queen’s coffin.

The Royal cuppa

Take a seat: The Willow Tearooms

Britain’s love affair with East Indian tea began in royal circles with a hangry 7th Duchess of Bedford.

Anna’s answer was to take tea served with light snacks which became the phenomenon of afternoon tea.

The fashion took hold throughout the land and onto our doorstep in Glasgow, the Second City of the Empire.

Queen tea: And is that a tea cosy?

With the Mackintosh Tea Rooms which celebrate the high-chaired furniture and interior decorations of the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

And that’s just the cup of tea for more modern home furnishing British institution Cath Kidston.

With Cath kindly giving us a tea-potted history of cha around the world.

Crowning glory: Cath Kidston in Southampton

Of course all the tea in China isn’t all the tea in the world but it was where we first got the taste.

When Emperor Shen Nung went for a seat under a Camellia sinensis tree in 2737 BC.

The story goes that a few leaves fell into his boiling drinking water to try the accidental infusion and tea was born.

There’s more to this tea

Tea in bed: OLCOTE in Sri Lanka

His tea rituals he mapped out in Ch’a Ching (Tea Classic), the first book about tea written during the 8th century.

Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian in its philosophy, Chinese tea ceremonies are centred around peace, mindfulness, and appreciation.

And as many as the tea leaves in a cup, their most famous ceremony is the kung fu tea ceremony, sometimes known as gong fu.

Of course the tea we all know and love in the UK is from the Jewel in the Crown.

No, not the curry house.

But where Our Little Corner of The Earth, or OLCOTE, the hotel retreat of my old Sri Lankan-Irish force of nature Tess De Kretser will pour.

Take the floor: Bewley’s in Dublin

But from Assam in India, and Ceylon, which we all know as Sri Lanka.

If the British love their tea then the Irish love their tay double.

Ya Corker: Lafayette’s in Cork

Only be sure to know which brand to order where…

So that’s Lyons in Dublin where it must be Bewley’s Oriental Cafe on Grafton Street and Barry’s in Lafayette’s in Cork.

Rockies tea

The benchmark: Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Just like cats and dogs we’re told that you’re one or the other, tea or coffee.

Only we’re both, and even in the cwaffee-loving Oo Es of Eh, or especially, tea can be a delicacy.

As we found when we rocked up in the Rockies and discovered the links between Boulder, Colorado and Dushanbe, Tajikistan .

Another cuppa: Dushanbe

It’s 35 years since the Mid-West of America and the Mid-East of Asia hooked up.

And they built strong foundations from the off with architect Lado Shanidze leading more than 40 artisans in several cities of Tajikistan.

To create the decor for the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.

Tea for me: In Boulder

Including its hand-carved and hand-painted ceiling, tables, stools, columns, and exterior ceramic panels.

Like the best artists our Tajik pals have carved their names into the teahouse’s history.

With Manon Khaidarov and Mirpulat Mirakhmatov, who helped reassemble the tea house, in signing their names in the ceiling.

A message carved in the ceiling reads “artisans of ancient Khojand whose works are magical”.

All of which you can dwell on when you’re sipping your Chai.

Colourful ceramic

Colour me good: Engraving

Eight colorful ceramic panels, created by Victor Zabolotnikov, grace the building’s exterior and display patterns of a “Tree of Life”.

And that’s enclosed by a mihrab motif (a niche in a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca.

Did we mention the Seven Beauties? Och, you’ll just have to get out there to find out for yourself.

We have to get back in the queue… we left it to get a cup of cha for the Queen.


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Mauritius Treasure Ombre Ombre

It’s what every family needs now to get through the winter, a cache of hidden goodies and here’s where to find it…Mauritius Treasure Ombre Ombre.

Probably not the clarion call used by the pirate La Buse whose horde you will be hunting, but go with us here.

To the Bon Ombre region in the south-west of Mauritius.

La Buse would know his way around the Bel Ombre region he once plundered.

And this Bandanaman who could be a member of his pirate crew.

Pirate games

Ahoy there: La Buse

La Buse (Buzzard) was thus named for his speed of thought.

The story goes that he hid one of the biggest treasures in pirate history 300 years ago, estimated at over £1 billion.

And left behind a cryptogram behind with clues to its whereabouts.

Ombre offer families the chance to unearth the treasure.

The adventure starts with a riddle left with his jailer: “My treasure goes to whoever can find it” and follows with some clues.

Hat’s the boy: Bandanaman

Participants follow in his footsteps and roam the four corners of the Bel Ombre region, by car and on foot, in search of his colossal fortune.

Players will have to be observant and inventive to be the first to find the sacred treasure.

And it is reasonably priced at Rs 2250 for adult and child.

A hole lot of fun

Water marvel: Mauritius


Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is a staple of the adventurous Irish traveller and fave American cousins.

And the Mauritians are the kind of family-friendly people who will make your clan feel right at home.

Now we’re always tempted to get sporty wherever we go, following the maxim, go where the locals play and pray.

In nearby islands, the Maldives that means football and cricket with the Sri Lankan staff.

While in Mauritius it’s golf but with a twist… Kazino Golf where there are prizes on every one of the nine holes of the course.

Food for thought: The restaurant

And where the holes are bigger so even duffers like me can sink some putts.

It’s worth taking this fun seriously, of course, as the prices include complimentary nights at Heritage Resorts’ hotels.

While there’s also lunch at Le Chateau de Bel Ombre, a cocktail at C Beach Club and complimentary green fees up for grabs.

Priced at adults Rs 2500, children Rs 1250

Meet the locals

Snap the pigeon: The Pink Pigeon

You want to get out and meet more of the locals… then they are aplenty.

The wild deer, pigs, monkeys, fruit bats and birds such as the rare echo parakeet and pink pigeon.

There is an opportunity too to swim in a tropical river basin.

And enjoy traditional Mauritian games and listen to the guide’s stories around a campfires.

And savour a picnic of typical Mauritian dishes. Price : Adult – Rs3200 Children (5-12 yrs.) – Rs 2000.

OK, so to stay, it’s all going to cost you about the price of heating your house for a weekend this winter.

It’s a deal

Hole lot of fun: Mauritius

Stay at Heritage Le Telfair: Prices start from £347.00 per night in a deluxe seaview suite including breakfast.

Based on two adults and two children under 12 sharing the suite in January 2023.

All of which you’ll be able to pay out from your scavenge with Mauritius Treasure Ombre Ombre.