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Turning Gardenese

And our Japanese Garden business is going so well that we’re downsizing. Bonsai… we’re Turning Gardenese!

With my own little Charlie Dimmock venturing into the gardening business herself there is a constant flow of plants to our home.

And pots, clippings and books scattered around.

Mountain excitement: Fuji

So it’ll not surprise you to know that we’re zooming into a Japanese gardening special from our friends at Travel Department.

Frances, our flower

Horticulturist Frances McDonald, an alumni from Ireland’s National Botanic Gardens, is running us through what’s made in Japan.

Frances has been leading garden tours for 25 years home and abroad and has compiled TD’s tours for this year and next.

Big in Japan: Pagodas

We learned too to love our Japanese gardens living in Ireland’s Garden County, Co. Wicklow.

And its piece de resistance, the Japanese Gardens at Powerscourt.

Cherry Blossom

Frances, who leads many of the tours herself, is a blooming marvel with her knowledge of all things flowery.

And that obviously at this time of the year means the Sakura.

O flower: And we’re in the pink

Cherry Blossom, to you and me, which heralds the arrival of Spring.

TD offers a 12-night Gardens and Sights of Japan holiday departing in March 2022. From €512pp.

You’ll take in the ancient city of Kyoto with its memorable gardens and temples.

You’ll overnight near Mount Fiji and visit the seaside town of Kamakura to see more foliage and the Great Buddha.

Pink rain: Keep falling on my head

Tokyo may be skyscrapers to you and me but TD will guide you around its wondrous gardens.

The showcase of which is the Imperial Palace East Garden.

Flower arranging

You’ll also visit Happo-en for Ikebana (flower-arranging) and a traditional tea ceremony.

You can’t go to Tokyo, of course, without going on a shopping spree (I’d live to regret that).

Sakura serenade: Across Japan

The Asakusa Kannon Temple, one of the oldest shopping areas of Tokyo is your go-to.

So that’s our evening sorted tonight.

Or Sakura Sadie’s… I’ll catch up later after I watch 22 men run after a ball on the green, green grass of a football pitch.

While she’s Turning Gardenese.


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