Genghis can In Mongolia

Easter is traditionally the time to visit the relatives and nobody has more than the world’s biggest ever seed carrier… yes, if anyone Khan, Genghis can in Mongolia.

One in every 200 men alive today are said to be related to Oul’ Genghis.

And being of the swarthy and beardie variety I daresay I’m one.

And so Ghengis is probably due a visit from his great-great-great-great etc (phew!) grandson.

The Grand Pavilion

It’s in the beard: Genghis Khan

Our friends at The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts international dream providers have given us a prod about Mongolia reopening for international tourism.

Mongolia no longer require any Covid testing, quarantine or self-isolation for tourist arrivals.

And that is regardless of age or vaccination/recovery status.

Pavilion are steering us in the direction of the annual Genghis Khan Retreat in the Mongolian Steppe and Pavilions Mongolia.

There’s more to it than just putting on your best shouty voice and aggressive stance you know.

The Pavilions Mongolia is now accepting bookings for the Genghis Khan Retreat, from 20 June – 30 August.

Another string to my bow

Service with a smile: Mongolian living
Guests booking a Curated Journey: Into The Wild at The Pavilions Mongolia can look forward to four days of channelling their inner Khan.
And that means thundering across the spectacular Okhorn valley on horseback and mastering the legendary Mongol bow.
You’ll kayak down the Okhorn river and camp on the great plains in a luxuriously equipped traditional ger.
Now if I am indeed one of Genghis’s spawn then that would explain my derring-do around the world.

Horse whisperer me

Get a gallop on: Genghis country
And I am sure I am ready to step up from my ride around the Colorado Plains with Issy to a Mongolian chaser.
And my whitewater rafting expertise (clinging on to the side of a bath tub!) will hold me in good stead for Khan kayaking.
Mane man: On Issy in Colorado
Curated Journeys: Into The Wild give you four nights’ accommodation and all meals at The Pavilions Mongolia with activities and excursions.
From $2400pp (approx. £1835pp)
For further information and reservations, email
Yes, if anyone Khan, Genghis can in Mongolia. And BandanaKhan!

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