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Chiva-Som unThai those knots

It’s been a pain in the neck working from home so thankfully we’ve got Chiva-Som to UnThai those knots.

Chiva-who? Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand.

And Zulal Wellness Resort y Chiva-Som which is set to open in Qatar in late 2021.

And they are offering complimentary live online wellness classes.

So we can look forward to up to eight classes a month, all starting from next week.

You’ll be treated to virtual exercise programmes and self-training tutorials.

And there will be talks on nutrition, family wellness and indigenous wellness practices.

All of which are designed to help participants achieve their goals.

And we all need that as we suffer with lockdown and social distancing.

TAIM healing

Now as every day is a schoolday we’ll be immersing herself in Traditonal Arablic and Islamic Medicine or TAIM.

And I have delved into the healing powers of hamams so I’m a convert.

Hamam bam: Istanbul

Zulal will be the world’s first hub for TAIM.

It’s a 360-degree approach to healing sourced from Islamic medicinal historians and herbalists, and mind-body therapy.

First up on Wednesday is Self-stretch for Office Syndrome at 9am (GMT +1).

A bit more on what they do (from their manual).

They apply ergonomic principles to workstations to help prevent and alleviate a variety of conditions, such as back and neck pain.

They insist that small adjustments and simple stretches can help blood circulation in the body.

And it means that muscles are never in a state of atrophy for too long.

A history of wellness

A helping hand: Or is she badgering him?

Chiva-Som has been offering holistic wellness therapies for the last 26 years to guests worldwide.

And now the launch of Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som continues this commitment.

The online wellness instructors will teach new strategies and techniques and offer supportive advice and personal feedback.

To see the monthly schedule and register visit its Facebook page or contact reception.

Now for many of us wellness and pampering is an indulgence that helps make a holiday.

But there are those out there, like my old friend SLM and her yoga Nidra, who can come into your house via Zoom.

And leave you with that feeling of rest and recuperation.



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