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Tobago Chocolate Tea

Let me introduce Carion Baird-Job. She’s going to show us how to make Tobago Chocolate Tea.

Or as Carion puts it Chaclit (or chocolate to us) tea.

Now Carion will make your tea with a song in her heart ‘There we go to To-ba-go.’ (hint to the Scary One).

Drink it in

With SLM and Marsha in Tobago

Now I’ve had the pleasure of sampling Cocoa Tea myself where it’s best… the Caribbean.

And the Tobago Cocoa Estate which definitely knew which buttons to press with me with its LAURA chocolate.

Choccies away

My cup of tea

Although I didn’t see much of the complimentary chocolate they gave me

As my own Laura, Daddy’s Little Girl. bagsed that once I got home.

Auntie Ali and Uncle Kenneth at the Blue Crab

Now don’t take my recommendation or theirs (although do, really do).

A month before I chilled with the Tobagonians in the last months before Covid left its sour taste in our months.

Estate of the nation

And the Tobago Cocoa Estate was rightly celebrating its Silver at the World Chocolate Awards in Guatemala.

Friends of Tobago

And there’s a working assignment we’d all put down what we’re doing to attend!

So why is Carion sharing the secrets of her chac-lit tea?

Well, it was to mark World Chocolate Day which if you missed it was earlier this week.

Who are we kidding? Nobody needs to tell us when it’s Chocolate Day.

Best bar none

Fruits of the Caribbean

Every day is Chocolate Day!

Food and wine travel is a way of life for many of us and we have all explored kitchens, breweries and distilleries.

Irie Tobago Chocolate Tea

And include among them chocolate factories.

Whether it’s the factory at the centre of a village built for the Cadbury’s workers in Bourneville, Birmingham.

Hershey’s in Pennsylvania or out in the woods of the Tobago Cocoa Estate ‘tis sweet.

And Tobagp Chocolate Tea looks as sweet as  it comes.






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