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Canaries song of the black beach

Now that we can, let’s sing a song again, a Canaries song of the black beach.

Now Canarian beaches strike up the image for many package holidaymakers of the south of Tenerife.

But the west and the north are more dramatic and less busy.

Life’s a beach

By hook or by crook in Tenerife

Now you may have thoughts on other indoors sporting matters this weekend.

But if you are like me and live by the beach your mind may drift off to foreign sand.

All of which is why we’re sharing here great Canarian beaches.

And a shout out here to experts on all things Tinerfenos, Michael and Niamh.

Sing for Canaries

Saltire In Tenerife

I’ll place a particular emphasis, of course, on specifically Canarian beaches which you don’t really get elsewhere.

Tenerife is renowned for its black beaches on account of its volcanic terrain.

And yes, golden sand between your toes is the idyll.

But they don’t tell you that the sand sticks to your toes and gets everywhere.

Which you don’t get with black sand…

And kids (and the big kids among us) love to make a black sandcastle.

Black is back

Lanzarote rocks!

Playa de las Arenas, on the West coast, and Playa Jardin, on the north coast are to be recommended.

Black beaches too are a staple in Lanzarote, La Gomera and El Hierro.

El Golfo (so they’ll have sand traps) in Lanzarote…

Santa Catalina in La Gomera (and get someone to whistle to you).

And Playa Del Verodal in El Hierro (and remember to search for El Hierro inside of you).

Tbe Way to go

And the prize at the end

A water-swept black beach at the end of a walk around the cliffs and volcanic hills of the Canaries is a realisable oasis.

Just as well then that our friends at Canariaways include a stop there in their itinerary.

It truly is a walk through the ages.

And we’re happy to sing s song, a Canaries song of the black beach.


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