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Valentine’s Day motorcar

I was supposed to have spent today with Fran, Marine, Elizabeth, Yolanda, Jo, Stefania et al in Dublin… but instead this is a tale of a Valentine’s Day motorcar.

You’ll remember that I extolled the benefits of bunking down in the airport.

Well, if only I’d taken my own advice instead of grabbing the opportunity of a few hours in bed and the kind offer of a 5am lift.

Broken-down Bryn

Slowly does it: Uncle Bryn

Alas the Uncle Bryn car (copywright Gavin and Stacy) died on the motorway and so I’m drinking bovril in North Berwick.

When I should be coiffing wine in Dublin.

Sitting in a broken-down car on Valentine’s Day though gives you plenty of time for your imagination to wander.

Jim like it hot

You can call me Al: Mr Capone

To Chicago, 1929 when seven members of the Windy City’s North Side gang were executed by Al Capone’s henchmen.

As it happens I got the inside story from a Chicagoan (if that’s what you call them) in the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

Joey The Lips (OK I made that name up but it helps with the story) regaled the guide and our Vegas party about what happened at Lincoln Park garage.

Between George ‘Bugs’ Moran’s boys and Capone’s crew.

And throw in a couple of ‘cops’ among the shooters and you have all the ingredients for classic Mob movies.

And Marilyn

Lying with Marilyn: In LA

The best of which, of course, is Some Like It Hot when a couple of jazzmen witness it.

And then have to get outta town by dressing as ladeees to join the touring all-female band.

Including the oh-so-sweet ukulele playing and singing Marilyn Monroe.

Rent a gang

Dirty job: The Valentine’s Day Massacre

Chicago, being Chicago, makes the most of its Mob history with guided tours par excellence.

Where goons dressed up in Twenties gangster chic and rattling off the patois keep you entertained.

Guilty as charged: But in Monaghan not Murdertown

Of course, we got the AA to drop off the car at our garage and scampered.

I’ve made a lot of friends in this Travel business (now today most of whom are visiting Dublin).

But there’s been the odd enemy and they might be waiting.

To take me out of circulation and my Valentine’s Day motorcar.



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