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All roads lead to rum in Barbados

My Dear Old Mum and Dad took a bottle of Jamaican Black Heart rum in a suitcase when they used to visit us in the UK.

It had been their exotic indulgence and I grew to love the sticky sweet drink too.

All roads lead to Rum and today I was back in its birthplace, Barbados.

Virtually… with my friends from the Barbados Tourist board who, in truth, have spent more time on my shores than me on theirs.

There have been the two unforgettable trips Let’s rumba in Barbados and My kiss with Rihanna and hopefully more to come.

Particularly as they are trying to lure me there with their Barbados Welcome Stamp.

The stamp allows you to work there remotely for free for 12 months.

And who do we have to thank? Mia Motley, of course, the Prime Minister of Barbados.

I first came across Mis when my old West Indian Aberdonian pal Jevan brought me to a rally for her when she was the leader of the Opposition

Where, of course, there was rum and Soca and an inspiring speech from Mia.

And with my pal Cheryl, queen of Barbados

And with my pal Cheryl… ‘Miss Carter’

Now the remote work which let’s face it we’re all doing would be better from a Bajan beach.

At the moment we’re all allowed in but will get tested and if we fail we’ll have to self-isolate.

And all the gang are here

Mia is still working out the details and when the Stamp will kick in.

But I don’t see why I couldn’t do this on the Platinum Coast with a Green Monkey or Rum Punch in my hand.

And because I’ve been drinking rum then here’s a cocktail recipe from my occasional series Jocktails

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