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Barack and Barbados and me

He was crestfallen to have missed me at the Waldorf Astoria… we were all there, Barack and Barbados and me in Edinburgh.

We know that the former US Pres, who was staying there while attending COP26 in Glasgow, can throw some shapes.

And he would deffo have enjoyed steel pannist David ZigE Walcott and singer Philip 7 and their band.

The Bajan Safari

Cheryl amour: With the wonderful Cheryl Carter

Billed as the Bajan Safari, the cream of Scottish Travel limed, dined and danced the night away.

And had Obama not turned in for the night it would have been Barack and Barbados and me.

We were, of course, looking forward to next month’s inaugural Virgin Atlantic flight from Edinburgh to Bridgetown.

Home of rum: Mount Gay in Bridgetown

Now even if I had wanted to stay incognito there was little chance as my old escapades in Bim continue to follow me.

And MC Marc happily picked me out as his stooge among the tables to flag up the merits of the Crop Over and Foreday Morning carnivals.

And urged the guests to check out the pictures, and, of course, I’m happy to reprise and oblige.

Barbados parties

Blending in with the Bajans: In Barbados

From my Crop Over and search for Rihanna.

Of course the Bajan party added a lot of colour and warmth on their trip to Edinburgh with Caribbean kilties and dreadlocked dudes.

Mixologist Alex Chandler shook up a storm with his rum punches, talking through the process with a voice as rich and sweet as anything in the glass.

Any trip to the Caribbean should include pushing yourself forward on any cocktail and culinary demonstrations.

And I’m always the first in the queue to push myself forward both in Bim and also in Tobago.

Woah, we’re going to Barbados

Scotland, yes, really: With Dwayne in Scotland region in Barbados

Virgin Atlantic is flying twice a week through the winter season from Edinburgh to Bridgetown from £417.

Woah, we’re going to Barbados again!

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