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What happened to the Mini Ms Mouse?

Did you see how Stella McCartney togged up Mickey’s lass which makes me wonder… what happened to the Mini, Ms Mouse?

Now nobody’s doubting Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter would have made it in fashion on her own.

Dublin housewife chic

Nightwear: Or any time wear

And, of course, nobody would mistake me for a fashionista but this Minnie Mouse does more like a north Dublin housewife or Killing Eve.

In her pyjamas and supermarket shoes.

Rather than in her iconic red and white polka-dot dress.

Macca and Macca: Paul and Stella

Minnie’s makeover is all part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for Disneyland Paris.

Whether it will make a blind bit of difference to excited kids (and big kids) when they meet their favourite characters we’ll see.

Because the most important thing is that Disney retains its place as the Happiest Place on Earth.

Twitter trolls

Hi-ho: Or low-low Peter Dinklage

You see it is being excoriated on the Twittersphere as The Wokiest.

Now let’s examine some of these brickbats…

And the Peter Dinklage-led complaint that Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is dwarfist.

Yes, it’s a caricature but they are portrayed as happy, hard-working and fraternal.

A little problem

It’s off to work they go: The Dwarves

Maybe Prickly Pete would prefer us to see dwarves portrayed as defensive as I witnessed myself.

When I bumped into them drunk (them, not me) in the pub My Father’s Moustache near His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen.

Historical characterisations of Disney films have also been put under the microscope.

And The Aristocrats, Lady And The Tramp and the Jungle Book are all now carrying disclaimers.

Song in our heart

It’s A Wonderful Day: With Disney

While The Song Of The South has been removed from streaming services.

That movie famously spawned James Baskett’s catchy Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah song.

Which we were treated to on the first morning of our Disney trip in Orlando.

Give it a lash: With Minnie

When Minnie arrived with her pals Mickey and Goofy.

And most importantly (and here’s what really matters most) hugged us.

And I defy anyone to gurn when that song is playing.

Your hand Ms Mouse

I don’t know whether I’d ask What Happened to the Mini, Ms Mouse?

But I’d hope she wouldn’t object to me kissing her hand.

We found this deal… four-nights, five-days, two-parks stay at the Hotel at the Hotel Cheyenne for mid-February.

In Woody’s Roundup Standard Room with one double bed and one standard room for under a grand (£977.44).

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