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Seven Dwarfs go Florida

And as we look forward to next year’s remake of the Disney classic Snow White, what about Seven Dwarfs go Florida?

Suppose it makes sense with the Sunshine State being home to Mickey, The Donald and all our Disney faves.

Of course, hi-ho, hi-hard-working miners need a break too.

And where do they go?

Well, Gamble Place, Port Orange, an hour north of New Smyrna Beach and Orlando.

And which is as you all know is where I should be now.

Worth a Gamble

House about that: The Seven Dwarfs Cottage

Gamble is, of course, that Gamble, of Gamble & Procter fame.

Included in the National Register of Historic Places, Gamble Place was once a rural retreat owned by James N. Gamble.

Guests can step back in time to experience the same pristine environment he found so inviting during the late 1800s.

The 175-acre nature reserve features a “Florida cracker-style” house named “Egwanulti” (a Native American word meaning “by the water”).

And the Citrus Packing House, the only one currently in existence in its original location in Florida.

A mine of information

Ya dancer: Snow White and her pals

But I digress, you want to know about the replica of the Seven Dwarfs Cottage.

And a Witch’s Hut and Dwarfs’ Mine Shaft too.

Now the Snow White remake has illicited a bit of a Woke reaction, fronted by one of the world’s most vertically-challenged actors.

Peter Dinklage (Elf, Game of Thrones, Cyrano) called the producers ‘f****** backwards’ for including dwarfs in the remake.

I guess he would object too at them being forced too work well into their Nineties.

Not to mention the damage mining does to the climate.

And this from someone who built his career on his dwarf character in GoT.

Warwick’s world

We dig this: The dwarfs

I take my lead more from the likes of Warwick Davies who as a dwarf sent up the challenges of dwarfism in Ricky Gervais’s Life’s Too Short.

And who is a fixture around Universal Orlando.

And who the Orlandans remember fondly from when he and the supersized Robbie Coltrane visited at the construction of Harry Potter World.

Now that brings us all full circle back to Orlando and the American Travel Fair, IPW.

We’ll gloss over the fact that they went ahead with it at all when they knew I couldn’t make it.

Our American friends

A little bit of love: Snowy’s favourite

Still, we’ll all be together again next year, God willing, in San Antonio, Texas.

And some of us before then at the US Soiree in Dublin next month.

For now though, hi-ho, it’s off to work we all go, me at my desk, while The Seven Dwarfs go Florida.





A No1 Finnday Funday

And for the fourth year running it’s the happiest place in the world, it’s a No1 Finnday Funday.

So what do we put Finland’s joy down to… all those icy dips and saunas?

Well, yes, according to the Finns themselves who credit their love of nature.

He’s started so he’ll Finnish

Roll in it: Finland

Heli Jimenez, of Business Finland, explained: ‘We appreciate the small things in our daily lives.

‘Such as sitting quietly on a bench and staring at the empty lake after a relaxing sauna session or taking a morning dip in the sea before starting the working day.’

If you now live in the frozen north of Britain, or Scotland as it’s sometimes called, then it’s a victory for chilly places.

Cry freedom

Happiest place on earth: Paula in Orlando

The UN World Happiness Report looks at perceived freedom, honesty, welfare, good health and generosity.

And a trust in their leaders which has been reciprocated over Covid with that ‘helping to protect lives and livelihoods during the pandemic.’

Now we’re all of us ambassadors for our countries when we live abroad.

And among my most treasured possessions is the Pleasure To Work With Award that hangs proudly on my wall.

From the Travel trade from my 13 years in Ireland.

And indulge me here but I’d lavish my own praises on unofficial Finnish ambassador to Scotland, and part-time Disney character Paula Murray here.

Among the friends from around the world who I got to meet through Ireland were those who also scored highly for happiness.

Happy talking

Walking on air in Copenhagen

Ireland themselves obvs and it will come as no surprise to our Paddy Party People that they come four places higher than the UK.

The Nordic and Scandi countries and be sure to know the diff.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway are in both alongside Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Danes and the Icelanders occupy second and third spots and Sweden and Norway seventh and eighth.

And what they lack in low drink prices which sees cruisers stay dry on on-shore excursions, they make up for in spirit.

And a smile on their faces

žCan I be trusted on a bike? In Amsterdam

Making up the rest of the top ten are the swish Swiss (4th) and the liberal Dutch (5th),

Tiny Luxembourg (6th) you can get around in a day while Israel (9th) isn’t called the Land of Milk and Honey for nothing.

While the New Zealanders (10th) will be doing the Haka in celebration at being two places above Australia.

It is though refreshing, much like the Nordic air, to see that it’s still a No1 Funday Finnday

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One’s a pancake and the other’s crepe

So for the day that’s in it a deep dive into why one’s a pancake and the other’s crepe.

The infantile smirking of English-speaking schoolboys at the similarities between human refuse and the continental delicacy aside it’s worth restating.

That pancakes are made with a leavening/raising agent such as baking powder while crepes do not.

Crepes are traditionally made with buckwheat flour.

All of which is just a roundabout way of flagging up this old dosser’s favourite pancake places and the crepe de la crepe of their near cousins.


Minnie break: With Minnie in Orlando

My, oh my, what a beautiful day that was, and is, in the Disney Four Seasons Resort Hotel in Orlando.

When Mickey, Minnie and Goofy bounce into breakfast.

And greet you over the top of the mountain of pancakes you are scaling.

And for snow effects you can go for icing sugar.

I prefer an avalanche of golden lava syrup.

Pancakes on the sea

You’re twisting my melons, man: Get me some pancakes

Flippin ‘eck, those cruise holiday buffets with Celebrity Cruises off Florida.

And the racks of pancakes you just can’t pass over.

Even if you have just hoovered up every cut of meat brought onto the ark.

And don’t be fooled by the fruit in the picture… that’s just for show.

A Dutch too much

Merci bien: The crepes

Now the Amsterdammers often have a special ingredient which lifts their crepes, and you, to a higher plane.

I don’t know what they had on theirs that freezing November day when the-then Miss F took me on a magical mystery tour.

After we found ourselves at a fork in the road and took the long way to Edam only to find it was their half day.

I reckon though I had cheese though maybe it was the sprinkles that made it a high old time in Old Amsterdam.

Nutty about Nutella

Spread it on: Nutella on your crepe

And for many the go-to spread for a crepe is Nutella but did you know that it is from Alba in Piedmont in the north of Italy.

It is, of course, a hazelnut spread but it also has 20 per cent palm oil.

You’re never far from either in Italy particularly when you’re hiking through the Lazio region on your way to Rome.

On your Via Francigena pilgrimage and you get stuck in an olive grove looking for small sticker signposts to La Citta Eterna.

Pancakes and crepes

Sweet: Pour the syrup on

So today being Shrove Tuesday, it is of course about pancakes.

Because that was the day back when we were all holier that you used up your eggs, milk, and sugar before your Lenten fast.

And around the world people will be munching, flipping, racing, getting dressed up and dancing (Mardi Gras in New Orleans).

I can’t vouch how good crepes are for flipping or racing but they are celebrated too on February.

La Chandeleur

Cut to the chase: The pancakes


By the French (you didn’t think we’d get through this without them).

National Crepe Day, or La Chandeleur, is a celebration that originated in the Land of the Gauls.

And it also originated in the Catholic church, landing exactly 40 days after the celebration of Christmas.

So yes, we are celebrating Pancake Tuesday today, but a word too for the not-so-humble crepe.

Yes, one’s a pancake and the other’s crepe.


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What happened to the Mini Ms Mouse?

Did you see how Stella McCartney togged up Mickey’s lass which makes me wonder… what happened to the Mini, Ms Mouse?

Now nobody’s doubting Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter would have made it in fashion on her own.

Dublin housewife chic

Nightwear: Or any time wear

And, of course, nobody would mistake me for a fashionista but this Minnie Mouse does more like a north Dublin housewife or Killing Eve.

In her pyjamas and supermarket shoes.

Rather than in her iconic red and white polka-dot dress.

Macca and Macca: Paul and Stella

Minnie’s makeover is all part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for Disneyland Paris.

Whether it will make a blind bit of difference to excited kids (and big kids) when they meet their favourite characters we’ll see.

Because the most important thing is that Disney retains its place as the Happiest Place on Earth.

Twitter trolls

Hi-ho: Or low-low Peter Dinklage

You see it is being excoriated on the Twittersphere as The Wokiest.

Now let’s examine some of these brickbats…

And the Peter Dinklage-led complaint that Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is dwarfist.

Yes, it’s a caricature but they are portrayed as happy, hard-working and fraternal.

A little problem

It’s off to work they go: The Dwarves

Maybe Prickly Pete would prefer us to see dwarves portrayed as defensive as I witnessed myself.

When I bumped into them drunk (them, not me) in the pub My Father’s Moustache near His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen.

Historical characterisations of Disney films have also been put under the microscope.

And The Aristocrats, Lady And The Tramp and the Jungle Book are all now carrying disclaimers.

Song in our heart

It’s A Wonderful Day: With Disney

While The Song Of The South has been removed from streaming services.

That movie famously spawned James Baskett’s catchy Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah song.

Which we were treated to on the first morning of our Disney trip in Orlando.

Give it a lash: With Minnie

When Minnie arrived with her pals Mickey and Goofy.

And most importantly (and here’s what really matters most) hugged us.

And I defy anyone to gurn when that song is playing.

Your hand Ms Mouse

I don’t know whether I’d ask What Happened to the Mini, Ms Mouse?

But I’d hope she wouldn’t object to me kissing her hand.

We found this deal… four-nights, five-days, two-parks stay at the Hotel at the Hotel Cheyenne for mid-February.

In Woody’s Roundup Standard Room with one double bed and one standard room for under a grand (£977.44).

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Happy Quacksgiving Day

And the most famous Donald on Earth is certainly celebrating today because duck isn’t on the menu.. Happy Quacksgiving Day everyone.

We all know about the Other Donald, the one with the tuft and the big mouth who doesn’t make any sense.

I’m more interested in My Donald though – Donald Duck – and of course we go way back to when we had a quacking time out in Disney World in Orlando.

Me and my Duck: With Donald

And if my luck holds out then I’ll be dancing with the duck next year at the American Travel Fair, IPW, next year.

But many of us can’t wait until then and have been working with Visit USA to get out there before then.

So, it’s just as well then that our old friends, Ireland’s national airline carrier are there to help us.

Aer we go to Orlando

Fly the Flag: Aer Lingus to the States

From this Saturday customers will be able to travel directly to Florida, following the lifting of travel restrictions to the US earlier this month.

From this weekend, Dublin to Orlando will operate three flights per week to connect families, friends, and business in the run up to the holiday period.

This weekly schedule of direct flights to Orlando will fly on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday with fares starting from €169 each way, including taxes and charges.

Those looking to visit the Sunshine State can avail of the great Black Flyday offers on flights to the US with Aer Lingus.

Flyday Friday

I’m in charge: Your next President

You’ll get €100 off return fares to North America and €200 Business Class fares to the US (travel 1st January to 31st May 2022). Book by November 30.

With 13 direct routes between North America and Ireland, including New York, Chicago, Boston, LosAngeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Washington, Seattle, and Philadelphia, offers, which run until November 30.

That includes €100 off return flights to North America and €200 off return business class tickets.

They’ll be valid for travel from 1st January to 31st May 2022. And remember there’s pre-clearance.

Very VerifLY

Fly with me: And Aer Lingus

Now if you want the best advice on how Aer Lingus flies then it helps to have access to the people who fly us.

And fortunately I am and they gave us the rundown on how they, and us, travel these days.

And their super-duper VeriFLY travel pass app.

Most importantly… Aer Lingus customers cannot check-in online ahead of flights to/from the USA unless they use VeriFLY.

The app allows users to upload and ensure that their travel documentation is checked and approved before travelling to the airport.

This will allow customers to get their online boarding pass and go straight to bag drop/boarding gate, and avoid queuing at check-in.



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Remember, remember 8th of November

Remember, remember the 8th of November when there will be fireworks in America when the US allows us all back in again.

As soon as I’d taken the decision to park Vegas, which hosted a very successful American Travel Fair ) without me (imagine!) thoughts turned to Orlando.

Then again they always do in the winter, with Orlando the most visited destination in the US.

And with theme park holiday events and outdoor shopping with flights/hotel packages starting at just £729.

Now the theme park capital of the world has been spinning throughout the year for American visitors.

And now that we can return, it promises to be even better than it’s ever been.

So let’s have a scoot around Disney, Epcot and Universal Orlando.

Walt Disney Resort

Ears looking at you Mickey: Disney time in Orlando

Beginning 8 Nov., Disney Very Merriest After Hours will debut at Magic Kingdom Park.

Running for 24 select nights through 21 Dec. from 9pm. to 1 am.

It is the separately ticketed, after-hours holiday event which will bring festive food and drink offerings, dance parties, nighttime spectaculars.

And “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade.” And my pal Donald will be front and centre, no doubt.

Epcot Festival of the Holidays

International family: Epcot

The Epcot International Festival of the Holidays (26 Nov. to 30 Dec.) takes guests on a global holiday celebration.

With costumed performances, seasonal food throughout 11 World Showcase nations.

Along with wondrous sights, sounds and flavors of the season celebrated by cultures near and far

Universal Orlando Resort

Ticket for Murty: The magic bus

Grinchmas at Universal’s Islands of Adventure (13 Nov. – 2 Jan.) will bring holiday charm to Seuss Landing with The Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular.

It’s a live retelling of the classic tale starring the Grinch.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ (13 Nov. – 2 Jan.) will bring festive decor to both Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida.

Guests can cap off their evening in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade to enjoy “The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle”.

It’s a spectacular transformation of Hogwarts castle with a stunning projection.

Macy’s Balloons

Ogre madness: I’m the one on the right

Universal’s Holiday Experience featuring Macy’s Balloons (13 Nov. – 2 Jan.) is a festive walk-through experience bringing Universal Studios’ guests closer than ever to larger-than-life Macy’s balloons and colourful Christmas floats.

With all our favourite characters from Shrek, Madagascar and Despicable Me, along with Santa.

SeaWorld Orlando

During SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration(12 Nov. – 2 Jan.), over 3 million sparkling lights will shine throughout the theme park.

Festivities include live performances, seasonal food and meet-and-greets with Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

And entertainment like the Winter Wonderland on Ice.

So remember, remember the 8th of November… and the fireworks to come this winter in Orlando.


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Bonjour Mickey enfin

For those who have missed out on a summer holiday the mid-term break takes on extra significance… so it’s Bonjour Mickey enfin.

Mickey et amis have been waiting patiently for nous retour at Disneyland Paris.

And our old friends at Click&Go are bringing us back together again.

Click, you’re on camera

Minnie break: With Ms Mousr

Click&Go have three nights at Disney Santa Fe for a family of four departing October 23 with flights from Dublin.

And that’s a saving of €287.92. And tickets for the park are included.

All of which allows us to reflect on an American in Paris, Monsieur Mouse.

An uneasy alliance

Yes, it got Goofy: With ma pal

Mickey isn’t typical in being an American embraced in France.

With a frosty relationship having built up in Gaul land towards the Americans over the years.

It wasn’t always the case.

The French stood four square behind the rebels during the American Wars of Independence.

And George Washington’s great friend, the Marquis de Lafayette is honoured in his city Washington DC.

With his statue in Lafayette Square within sight of the White House.

Sons of Liberty

Laddie Liberty: In New York

The French and the Americans revelled in their self-proclaimed status of trailblazers of liberty.

And the French gifted the Americans the Statue of Liberty to mark the 100th year of American independence.

The Americans repaid the generosity in twice coming to France’s aid over two world wars.

Over to Donald

I am not worthy: With Donald at Epcot, Florida

So where did La Bromance go wrong?

Well, it may very well have been the fault of an interfering Scot (no, non moi).

But Groundskeeper Willie out of The Simpsons who called the French ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys.’

On account of them not supporting the US in their invasion of Iraq.

Not that things got petty or anything for the then Republican Chairman of the Committee on House Administration.

Bob Ney renamed the menu in three Congressional cafeterias Zut Alors.

A common language

Magic Kingdom: Fireworks

Thankfully our favourite animated figures act like grown-ups.

And Mickey, Donald and their pals chose Paris to set up their European home.

Perhaps it’s the common language they share.

Bonjour Mickey enfin.



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Donald Duck Day is a quacker

Eider expect your party is in full swing already because… Donald Duck Day is a quacker.

Our beloved Donald first waddled onto our screens on this day back in The Wise Little Hen.

And oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… we’ve been loving his company ever since.

The Four Cabbaleros

I first met The Original Donald when another was trying to steal his shade back in November 2018.

He Disney half look good

Donald was wintering where we all want to make for, Florida.

While, of course, Donald has homes all over the world.

I am not worthy

And I followed him from Orlando to Anaheim.

And danced away with the Three Caballeros.

Of course while today is about the Donald I’ve taken my duck fun wherever I find it.

The Duckmaster

So when the Duckmeister invited us to the Duck Parade in Memphis, well I was there in double quack time.

Rib a dub duck

I’ve been hooting my quacker today, lining up my Northern Ireland Hastings ducks in a row and getting ready for my party.

So don that duck suit, waddle around the house and watch your Donald Duck films.

Me? Being of the Scottish variety be celebrating with my people, the McDuck clan.

The McDucks are, of course, from a rich lineage going back to the ancestral home of Dismal Downs.

Near the village of MacDuich somewhere in Rannoch Moor.

The McDucks

With the main duck on The Walk of Fame

We owe it all to the union of Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck and gave us the genius creation of Scrooge McDuck.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’ll get a smile out of old Scrooge.

On this day because Donald Duck Day is a quacker.


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I’m a Kissimmeeass

What breeds do you get when you cross a Kissimmee Zebra and Horse? A Kissimmee Zorse? A Zebra and Donkey? Me, I’m a Kissimmeeass!

Now if you want high-brow culture then you’ll sometimes get it on this site…

But if you want infantile hybrid humour then that’s guaranteed.

Zorses and Zonkeys were the talk of the day when our friends from Kissimmee in mid-Florida came a-calling again this week…. they’re old friends.

Is it a Zorse, is it a Zonkey?

As were sloths and alligators and any manner of creatures that laze in trees, slide through water and walk on two logs supping on Safari Slushys and Florida Freezes.

That’s us humaneee types of creatures.

And the Safari Slushy is a pineapple, mango, passion fruit, cream of coconut slushy and the Florida Freeze a shake which boasts layers of ice cream with safari slush. Yummmmmee!

Vacation capital of the world

Images of Orlando

Kissimmee, which is only 23 miles from Orlando is the type of place which just sounds fun.

It is known as the Vacation Capital of the World with 50,000 rentals.

And each one is tailored to your needs…

For me (the big kid in me) that’s Character Breakfasts with all our favourite cartoon friends, and great pirate theme bedrooms.

Light up, light up

And why are they great? Because they aaaaarr!

I really should be working there but failing that I’ll take the family (God knows we deserve a break).

Get us back out there

Action stations

The Kissimmee folk tell us too that while the local market has picked up in good style.

As Covid restrictions are eased they are all desperate to have us British and Irish back.

And not least because we are so houseproud of their properties.

Now Kissimmee naturally has a tie-up with Disney so you’ll get a chance to enjoy two Magical Places when you visit.

And maybe see a Kissimmeeass or two.


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Rainy Days and Songdays my Oscars favourite songs

In no particular order, and for the day that’s in it, it’s Rainy Days and Songdays – my Oscars favourite songs.

It was something daring, I guess, to award a Best Original Song at the Academy Awards in 1934.

But it was probably a dancing shoe-in for Hollywood superstars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ The Continental.

Dance away

If Fred and Ginger were around today then they’d glide easily down the fabled stairs of the Dolby Theater.

But they are there out front in the Walk of Fame.

All of which we can channel, and which every waiter dreams of aspiring too, in Los Angeles and his environs.

The Continental is one of my Oscar favourite songs and set the standard for every Best Original Song to come.

And in truth for every Over the Rainbow and White Christmas there is a Chim-Chim-Cheree and an I Just Called To Say I Love You too.

Gong with a song

The standard is off the chart which is why the usual Fab Five becomes a Top Ten this week for My Oscars favourites.

10 When You Wish Upon A Star, Pinnochio (1940): 

Pure Disney, and what’s wrong with that.

But this is the craftmanship of Florentine Carlo Collodi so let’s give the Tuscans a shout-out as ‘anything your heart desires will come to you.’

Take it away Cliff Richards as Jimmy Cricket.

9 Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Song of the South (1947): 

One of Disney’s more forgettable films and ‘containing outdated language’ though I just dwell on the Deep South music.

James Baskett’s deep anthem is about as happy a song as you’ll ever hear.

And in a cutesie overload Mr Bluebird’s on James’s shoulder too. Everything truly is satisfactual!

8 Three Coins In The Fountain (1954): 

No me neither, nor the singers Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire and Jean Peters who each sang the titular song.

But anyone who has ever been to the Trevi Fountain in Rome will either hear someone singing it there while throwning coins over their head into the water.

Or they will be encouraged to do so.

Singing Cowboys

7 Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969):

And if you love the Wild West  then you’ll love the scene where Paul Newman (Butch) and Katharine Ross (Etta) mess about on the bicycle in Utah.

And Burt Bacharach’s velvety lyrics and BJ Thomas’s smooth delivery set it all off.

6 The Time Of My Life, Dirty Dancing (1987): 

The beauty of a good song is trying to recreate it in your bedroom which is what hairbrushes were made for, although Patrick Swayze’s quiff just came naturally.

But if you truly want to channel your inner Johnny and Baby then you’ll want to get out to Lake Lure Inn & Spa in North Carolina.

And have Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes on the boom box.

5 The Streets of Philadelphia (1993): 

You’re probably exhausted after that (I know I am) so let’s slow it down with the Boss’s evocative and powerful Streets of Phladelphia.

Of course, the actual streets of Philadelphia aren’t as gut-wrenchingly emotional as this song and are actually fun-packed as this vid shows.

Better still if you go to Philly the City of Brotherly Love, and find out for yourself.

Drum roll please

4 Born Free (1966): 

And another to pull on your heartstring with the story of Joy and George Adamson, played by real-life couple Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers.

They released Elsa the Lioness into adulthood and released her into the wilds of Kenya.

All of which brings back warm memories of meeting our lioness out in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

And yes, I sang Matt Monro’s classic in my head then… I didn’t want to stir my lioness.

3 White Christmas, Holiday Inn (1942):

Many of us are probably unaware of Irving Berlin’s inspiration for the best-selling song of all time (I was).

Berlin, a Jew, who didn’t celebrate Christmas had all the more reason to get maudlin on December 25.

His three-week-old son died on that day in 1928. Bing Crosby gives it a timeless uplifting feel.

2 Over The Rainbow, The Wizard of Oz (1939):

And the ultimate in what Daddy’s Little Girl so beautifully puts it, a Happy Sad Song.

And layering on the sentamentality it was the first movie my Dear Old Mum saw in her nearest big city, Derry.

She recalls the switch from black and white to colour seemed like magic to an 11-year-old country girl.

A country girl like Kansas lass Dorothy.

And the winner is…

1 Moon River, Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961): 

Tiffany’s in New York is no more magical than any other jewellery store methinks.

But perhaps that’s because I’m an alpha male bloke, while Breakfast to me is a bagel.

Put them together though and Breakfast At Tiffany’s carries you off to a wonderful escapist world.

It’s the adventurer in me andyou had me Audrey Hepburn at ‘there’s such a lot of world to see.’

So these are my Oscar favourite songs. Now what about you?