Two lips from Amsterdam

Mwaah! Some couples have Venice, some Rome, others Paris… we have Amsterdam. Amsterdam was the first holiday myself and the Scary One went on. And we managed to survive a row in a lift. Me getting a whitey in a brown cafe and cramp after a 25-mile bicycle ride. Which incidentally should have been only […]

Hungry and Thursday – Dutch delicacies

There’s more to Dutch food than just tulips! Come again? Yes, the tulip as well as being the most beautiful flower in God’s garden also kept the people of the Netherlands alive during the Second World War. When the desperate Dutch beset by famine in the Hongerwinter of 1944-45 started boiling the tulip bulbs to […]


Purple reigns, purple reigns… in Minneapolis, Barbados, LA. Everywhere. You heard it here first… the twin cities are THE American cities to go to this year. You can rock to Prince at his Paisley Park home just as I did with Di-Di, above, at Barbados Crop Over, visit great shopping malls, eat at top restaurants […]