Holiday Snaps – Winter sun

I know I’m wishing the seasons away but it’s time to plan for winter sun. Yes, we know that the sun comes out 360 days a year (sorry 350 days a year). So that’s a virtual guarantee of good weather. Although it would be just my luck to be there when it does rain. Let’s […]

It’s low-fare Lingus… from €39.99

Without rules what would we be? French. I love comedian Al Murray, the Pub Landlord. The thing is that some don’t because they don’t get the joke… the exaggerated flag-waving Little Englander. And, of course, like many comic creations, Al is very different from his stage act. He is actually a Second World War buff […]

We will delight them on the beaches

We’re all different and my elder brother would prefer to stay in the hotel in Ibiza rather than hit the beaches. My parents loved the beach and my Mum, in particular, loved to sunbathe. Me being the restless sort and never a strong swimmer I preferred a beach game. And I spent a week in […]

Flyday Friday – Madeira

The mother-in-law has been asking where to holiday. I thought a single fare but I’m not that brave. And then changed my advice to Madeira. The Bamba (the kids couldn’t say Grandma) has something of the green fingers about her. So she’d love lush Madeira. Madeira’s flora and fauna benefit from the volcanic ash on […]

Holiday Snaps

I love an oul’ festival…. they’re almost always not what you expect, and even better too. Take for example the Festival of the Trays which too me conjures up an image of people banging beer trays over their heads. It used to be popular in the Seventies and was featured in one of Esther Rantzen’s […]