My Sporting Weekend – Washington Nationals

No, I’m not trying to avoid mentioning the Rugby World Cup Final… or the British Commonwealth Cup as I prefer to call it. There aren’t many sports, to be fair, that are truly universal and can really claim to have a ‘world’ cup. Baseball falls into that sphere with the World Series being an all-American […]

Holidos and don’ts – time flies in the US

One of the great joys of going on holiday is never having to worry about what time it is. Until you do. After all they’re on a different clock. Which means you have to factor that in to your new daily routine. The first thing to do is change the time on your watch. Don’t […]

OneRepublic: Rockin’ all over the world

There is nothing quite like a song to transport you to a time a place, a person, in your life. I always make a point of claiming a song from everywhere I go and make up playlists when I go home. It helps me hold on to that place that little bit longer. And bring […]

All gone to look for America

It’s that time of the year again… when I head off to America’s Travel fair to meet my friends from the Fifty States and report back to you on all that’s on offer. This year it’s Disneyland in Anaheim. Americans come in all shapes and sizes, and isn’t that wonderful? Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, […]