Holiday Snaps – Arbeit Mach Frei

Bunk beds were an adventure for children… a chance to lean over the top and chatter to your pal below through the night.

To lower it to a whisper when your Mum or, even worse, your Dad would yell through the door for you to go to sleep.

The top bed was always the one you’d grab. If it was your house you got it.

So too in Auschwitz… it was always better to be on the top bunk because malnutrition loosens your bowels.

And you wouldn’t want to be on the bottom bunk when that happens.

Now this blog is unapologetically light-hearted and irreverent but equally it is obsessive about history.

And some of it has rubbed off on The Son And Heir.

Who has visited one of the two places in the world I have longed to go… the other is Jerusalem for similar and also other reasons.

And who regaled this story to a hushed family gathering.

Auschwitz is the natural companion destination to Krakow, itself replete with history,

And the home of one of the Greatest Men of the 20th Century, Pope John Paul II.

All of which brings me onto this Click&Go offer www.clickandgo.com to Krakow.

5* Krakow from €219pp in November.


And because we should always mark it… lest we forget.

Here are my memories of the World War 1 battlefields… In Flanders fields. And www.gtitravel.ie, GTI, the Group Travel Specislists.

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