Medjugorje story – a sporting passion

But does the vestment fit me?

Brother Columba roused the troops as the television froze for the umpteenth time in the Irish Centre in Medjugorje.

Just as an Irish rugby player was about to break through.

‘Let’s say a payer for an intercession to get the television working again,’ the good monk said.

Before he sashayed out of the bar in his brown robe his naval length beard being the last we saw of him.

Apparition Hill

Wish to God he hadn’t.

Brother Malachy had also asked Our Lady for Ireland to send the New Zealand All Blacks packing.

Maybe that too got lost in the transmission or Our Lady just isn’t that into her rugby (world peace and rosaries are more her thing).

But Ireland took a hiding.

In Vicka Visionary’s actual house

Thankfully we could escape up to Vicka Visionary’s house and Apparition Hill rather than pick over the bones of the humiliation.

We’ve got confessions and an invocation tonight as the Holy Show rolls on.

Oh, yes, I was to bring you news on Ivan Visionary’s chat with Mary last night on a rocky outpost near Medge.


Well, I was jostled to the point of stumbling and falling as I tried to catch a glimpse.

And there were lots of rosaries, Ave Marias and charismatic guitars and singing.

Before what I took for Ivan Visionary appeared with an interpreter who relayed to us that Our Lady had been among us.

It seemed she had enjoyed it too and wants ‘world peace’ and for us to say more rosaries.

I’ll be looking out for Br Columba tomorrow at St James’s Church.

He stands in front of the statue of St James the Apostle on the altar, and I can’t tell the difference.

And should he serve me communion I’ll maybe ask if he can come down to the Irish Centre and fix the telly.

The Liverpool v Manchester Utd game is on.

But please Brother no predictions.

For more info on Marian Pilgrimages marian.ie and flying with Aer Lingus Dublin-Split in Croatia with a two-hour coach drive to Medge www.aerlingus.ie.

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