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I’m off… to see Our Lady. This time in Medjugorje in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

We get together every now and again, Our Lady and Me, as you’ll know…

Like a couple of years ago in

Fatima. And Secret Portugal

And, no that’s not her, but one of the nearest things to her.

Maria dos Anjos, the niece of the last Little Shepherd of Fatima.

Who will pray with you to Our Lady from the porch of her house.

Fatima still feels unsullied by the commercialism that stalks Lourdes

But look hard enough, maybe have a word with St Bernadette.

And you will find some moving symbolism.

Like these candles carved and engraved by members of the same village or community…

Of course the most poignant part of any Marian pilgrimage is seeing those who come here for an intercession.

And here is my tribute to them The Lourdes prayer.

I’ll tell you how I get on in Bosnia and any message Our Lady and her intermediaries have for us.

On my Marian Pilgrimages trip to Medjugorje.

But I’m off to a decent start. Bridie, a veteran of two trips a year since 1991 advised me to find my own path.

And I won’t get lost.

Before I went into the wrong lane at customs and she had to rescue me.

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