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Jocktails: The Bajan Monkey

They’re not called cheeky for nothing… the Bajan Green Monkeys that is.

And the Bajan people, to be honest.

But you’ve heard me talk about them before and I will again.

The Bajan Green Monkey is indigenous to Barbados, brought over to the Caribbean as pets during the African slave trade.

Firstly, the colour.

Their fur is actually brownish grey but it’s their highlights of yellow and green which give them their green hue.

You’ll see the green monkeys crouching in the trees near your resort, checking you out.

And in glasses on the bar amid a plethora of fun and funky and well-dressed cocktails and equally fun and funky bartenders.

The green monkeys were out in numbers at Club Barbados , the friendly couples hotel which neighbors the stuffier Sandy Lane on the Platinum Coast.

Don’t worry, though. They’re not in the least bit threatening unless you’re a piece of fruit.

And you’ll likely get a selfie with them.

But what you shouldn’t do is give money to those hucksters who have green monkeys on leads down at Oistin’s tourist trap.

Flag it up and they’ll get chased on.

And so now to a Monkey cocktail.

What’s your poison?

How to make it

The Bajan Monkey:

White rum.

Pineapple juice.


Pour over ice. And you’ll notice I’ve not given measures.

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