Give us this Day – poppy collections

They collect for everything at my church in Co. Wicklow but not poppies. Which is all part of the antipathy in some quarters in Ireland towards Remembrance Sunday. Because while it was born out of the trenches and is predominantly associated with the First World War. It also covers the of British and Commonwealth conflicts, […]

Hungry and Thursday – Sri Lankan curry

No, you’re not seeing things… that really is your Travel blogger (I get everybody, anybody else to cook for me) in an apron. This week’s hosts on the oul’ Travel circuit, G Adventures, set us all a challenge… make our own lentil curry at home. So they sent us of with this bag of lentils […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Scotland is Arctic

It can feel positively Arctic in Scotland so it should come as little surprise that Scotland is being billed as part of an Arctic cruise… with our old friends G Adventures. G Adventures will be hosting us tonight in Dublin to reveal more of their wares as part of their G Stock Live road […]

Give us this day: Jesus, John & Jordan

And the lesson today in Give us this day is from John 1:28 and tells the tale of Jesus, John and the Jordan. These things were done in Bethabara beyond Jordan, where John was baptising. John 1:28 Not here in Israel… But here in Jordan. Like all things in the Middle East there is a […]


Purple reigns, purple reigns… in Minneapolis, Barbados, LA. Everywhere. You heard it here first… the twin cities are THE American cities to go to this year. You can rock to Prince at his Paisley Park home just as I did with Di-Di, above, at Barbados Crop Over, visit great shopping malls, eat at top restaurants […]