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WTM Holiday Snaps and Dr Jane Goodall, a true world leader

It’s taken a pandemic for us all to sit up and start listening to our elders (and betters) like Dr Jane Goodall.

Animal conservationist Dr Goodall was, and always is, deserving of a live audience to hear her impart the knowledge of more than 60 years in Africa.

And who doesn’t want to listen to a woman who can talk to the chimpanzees… who let’s face it make more sense than our political leaders.

And she would have had it too at the World Travel Market in London had it not been for the pandemic.

Bruce Almighty

Bruce Poon Tip, founder of our old friends G Adventures, asked the questions we wanted to put to Jane.

And, of course, the answers will be when we can get out again to her beloved Tanzania and the other natural beauties G Adventures take us to.

And live better alongside those with whom we share this green Earth and its blue seas.

You know too that we like to be the leaders of the Travel pack too on this site and love to get as close and personal as we can with Africa’s finest… in South Africa, et al.

Dr Goodall runs a project Roots & Shoots encouraging children to implement practical positive change for people, animals and the environment.

Which is a good place to start at WTM where this year the watchword is sustainability.

You truly do come to envy those two and three-toed sloths from Costa Rica.

They are a true symbol of the Pura Vida (Pure Life) code.

Ten-toed humans

Which makes ten-toed humans the happiest people in the world and its other species pretty chilled too.

Nowhere has more Vida than the Amazon and Brazil contains more of the Amazon than any other country.

It is, of course, now wrestling with higher Covid rates than most places in the world.

But with the Pfizer vaccine, among others, on the horizon and at the forefront of every conversation at WTM, the Brazilians are planning ahead to bring us all back out.

When we can see for ourselves how they are dealing with the various challenges facing the Amazon.

Now seeing that Michael O’Leary is waiting for us, and he waits for no man I’ll need to keep my islands of the world for our next chat.

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