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EU Freedom of Movement and Mdina

Sure aren’t we all Europeans (sore point!) anyway, and thanks to my old pal Vincent for flagging up EU Freedom of Movement and Mdina.

I’d challenged the €5 charge mooted for Venice and as is our wont here we’ve been sharing our own experiences where we are.

And guide par excellence and photographer without peer Vincent has clued us up.

On the debate that raged in Malta regarding The Silent City.

The city was populated by Phoenicians in the 8th Century.

And it grew to three times its present size, taking in neighbouring Rabat.

Saint’s island: St Paul

It also plays a key part in the St Paul story.

When the apostle was shipwrecked on Malta in 60 AD, the governor of Melite, the Romans’ name for the island, greeted him.

And in return, he cured his sick father.

And unsurprisingly the locals took to this new religion and stayed with it ever since.. 

Keep it in the family

It’s oh so quiet: Mdina

Mdina was the capital of Malta throughout the Middle Age until the arrival of the Order of St John.

And his story is all around one of Europe’s great cities, Valletta in 1530.

There was a revival in the early 18th century and several Baroque features were introduced although it didn’t lose its medieval character.

It remained too the centre of the Maltese nobility and religious authorities.

And property is largely passed down from families and from generation to generation.

On the whole it retains a calming quiet feel which freezes it in time and which marks it out as The Silent City.

You’ll want to check out the ruins of the Domvs Romana, with several well-preserved mosaics, statues.

And other remains and the podium of a a Temple of Apollo.

Not the answer

The Maltese Archipelago: And an earlier Jimmy

The argument is that overtourism is threatening that.

But again like the Venice debate this strikes me as anti-libertarian, and my fear is that who would make money out of this.

And whether it would all go back into the protection of the site as it will no doubt be argued.

Malteser Vincent tells us that the Mdina charge idea was largely shot down.

But that the 300 residents have a concession.

They are allowed to drive their cars into the city while non-Mdinaites need a permit.

Bubbly Bugibba 

And that would be me: Malta, ya dancer

Malta, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, was where I made a certain young lady the Happiest Woman in the World.

When I bent down to tie my shoelace.

And she screamed yes.

Back then we were both working for the newspaper arm of Thomson.

And as well as Malta being highly recommended we got a discount.

We’ve stayed loyal to TUI, its successor ever since, and have never been let down.

And so, without further delay, let us offer you four nights self-catering in the Sunseeker Holiday Complex in Bugibba.

For £177pp, down from £191pp.

You’ll be leaving London Gatwick on Monday, March 7.




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