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A Kenyan tribal elder as a souvenir

Most of us make do with a fridge magnet but Siobhan Byrne Learat brought back a Kenyan tribal elder as a souvenir.

Now Ireland is a much different (and better) place than in 2007 when Kasao Learat first came to Ireland.

It was around the time I embarked on my own 13-year residency in Ireland.

Unforgettable: Elephants in Namibia

And I am reminded of a sign in a DART (or train) station which read..

‘The big problem with this country is too many pasty-faced people.’

A shared experience 

Our of Africa: With Kasao, and Meseret from Ethiopian Airlines

I was one of those pasty-faced people in the assembled group when I first met Siobhan and Kasao in Dublin.

And, of course, he stood out in his tribal garb.

But also for his warmth, wisdom and fun, although Siobhan will be happy to know I wasn’t checking out his bum!

You couldn’t help inspecting Kim Kardashian’s, the influencer boasting the most famous derrière in the world, either.

Back in the day when Kim and Kanye West were rumoured to be honeymooning in Ireland we searched for leads.

When we should have known that when it comes to high-end hospitality Siobhan and Kasao’s Adams & Butler are the go-to people.

Kim’s story

News hounds that we are, we did track down Kim and Kanye to £18,000 a night Ballyfin, Co. Westmeath.

Where my intrepid friend Emma Byrne happened to be staying with her then boyfriend Dan.

And had to wipe her eyes when Kim squeezed that rear into her chair next to her at breakfast.

People come in every shape, size and colour and you never know who you’ll discover (or bump into) and where.

Only that it will be a helluva ride.

I was offered an eye up to the keyhole of the window of the world Siobhan is offering… in Namibia.

But because of my own inadequacies with modern technology I missed out on Adams & Butler’s webinar on the South-West African country.

Welcome to Namibia

Mrs Fix-It: Siobhan

Mrs Fix-It to the rescue with this vid.

Now it would take all the time in the world, which we don’t have, to run through all the options Adams & Butler offers.

But both in the UK & Ireland and around the world you’ll get the best in experiential travel and interaction with the locals.

And a Kenyan tribal elder as a souvenir!


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